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  1. I have had my balloon in for 11 days and I still feel terrible. I am taking my medications when I am supposed to, but I swear I don't get any relief. My stomach hurts all day long and now my back has started hurting. I can't seem to eat more than two to three bites and then I feel like I might throw up. Is this normal? Am I going to feel better soon? I am honestly considering having the balloon taken out. I don't feel like myself anymore and have no energy for anything. Feeling sad...
  2. I have had my balloon in for 8 days now and I feel like crap ALL the time. I am taking my medications just like the doctor told me to, but I don't feel normal and barely get any relief. My stomach feels bloated all day long and I feel nausea most of the day. I was told that the hardest days were the first 3 or 4, but no one ever mentioned it going past that. Anyone out there have the same experience? Any advice? P.S. I have lost 5lbs so far.
  3. Thank you so much for the detailed information! Would you mind sharing with me how long you have had the balloon and how much weight you have lost so far? Are you happy with it? Thank you!!
  4. Hello, I am scheduled for my balloon on 8/29 at 8 am. Any advice? Anything that I should be aware of? I am getting the balloon after canceling my gastric sleeve back in May. I decided not to go through with it because I just felt like that surgery wasn't right for me. My BMI is now 31. Thank you all!!
  5. Gastric Balloon!

    1. KristenLe


      @NPRI Best of luck with your surgery!!!

  6. NPR

    Orbera insertion next week!

    I am scheduled for my balloon on 8/29 in Tijuana with dr. Ponce de leon. I too am excited and nervous, but I feel better about this than the gastric sleeve.
  7. The truth is that I backed out. I was afraid and didn't end up doing it.
  8. Hello! I am considering the gastric balloon after not being able to go through with the sleeve back in May. Did anyone get theirs done in Tijuana? I need to locate a doctor out there that does the procedure. Any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!! Nancy
  9. Thinking of getting the balloon...

  10. Sigh... The last time i posted here I was asking everyone for prayers because I was on my way to Tijuana, Mexico for surgery. On my way there I started to have serious second thoughts about the surgery and I decided that the surgery just was not right for me. My BMI is 30.4 and I could not justify going through with it. The changes to my life style would be life changes that I didn't feel were right for me. I felt as if I could try harder on my own to lose the unwanted weight without having to have the surgery. The hair loss that happens to some and the life time of Vitamins just did not feel right for the 30 or so pounds that I need to lose. I may not be successful in my weight loss journey, but I feel this is the best choice for me right now. This is in no effort to sway someone from having surgery, or to criticize anyone for doing it. I understand and applaud those that have it and because of it are happier. I wish all of you luck and I thank you for being there for me when I needed it. NPR
  11. Okay, guys I am scheduled for tomorrow morning (5/27) at 7 am. I have been so nervous and afraid and have even considered canceling today, please pray that all goes well for me. I should be back home by Monday. Thank you all!!
  12. I am scheduled for surgery this Friday and I am freaking out. I am scared that something terrible will happen to me. I had a heart halter monitor and an echo (ultrasound of heart) done two weeks ago and everything came back normal, but I am still freaking out and worried that i wont make it. Sorry I know I am being dramatic, but I can't help it. Anyone out there feel the same? Any advice? Sincerely, Freaking out!
  13. Hello, Did any of you take time off from work that extended to short term disability? How long and any of you have your surgery in Mexico and still got your disability approved? I know that I will need the time off that goes beyond what I have left in my sick and vacation, but I am nervous about not getting the disability approved because the surgery was in Mexico. The forms for short term disability ask what type of surgery and the doctors address. Sigh... Anyone experience this?
  14. NPR

    1 Day Post Op

    I am scheduled for Friday and I too have been very anxious and second guessing my decision. Congrats to you and I wish you a speedy recovery! Nancy