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  1. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Vaping Nicotine Free before Surgery

    I quit smoking for my surgery May 5 was my quit date and I haven't touched one since. I used Chantix and I use Vaping. However after investing $25 in the Vapor set up without nicotine my son told me about Popcorn Lung which is caused by Vaping check it out. So I quit vaping right away. Plus I have 2nd stage COPD. Good Luck with quitting!
  2. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Premier Protein...

    Oddball out I really like the Strawberries and Creme Premire Protein shake. Walmart now as the bananas and creme it is pretty good. There is one that is so much better tasting and more protein. That is Pure Protein but not what you can by in the store I order it on-line 35 grams of protein and they have several flavors. http://shop.pureprotein.com/Cookies-n-Cream-Shake--35g-protein/p/PPR-168906&c=PureProtein@Drinks
  3. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Liquid Multivitamins

    My Dr. suggested I use Centrum multi-Vitamins chewables. They are okay. You can get some chewables on Amazon also for bariatric patients.
  4. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Pre Op Liquid Diet -- Feeling very weak :(

    I am only on day 4 and I feel weak and yucky. My son said take Vitamin B-12 but I already do a prescription of it. It was all I could do to make myself exercise last night.
  5. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Conflicted- Holding off Surgery for work?

    I agree with your husband. Your health has to come first. If you are not healthy then you won't be able to do a good job. My Dr. said 6 weeks as well. I might take 3 weeks off and work from home 3 weeks. But the more I discuss with everyone and the Dr. it is strongly urged I take the full 6 weeks. I have rushed recovery on other surgeries due to work and family, which didn't turn out well for my health. You have to take care of yourself!
  6. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Week one after surgery!

    I am scheduled for July 25th, I am 4 days into the pre-surgery liquid diet. I understand how you feel. I am completely losing my appetite then at other times feel like I am starving.
  7. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Marijuana and Life after Bariatric Surgery

    @@trackerchik - Congratulations on you WLS and quitting smoking! I am 7 weeks smoke free
  8. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Marijuana and Life after Bariatric Surgery

    I don't smoke it haven't in years, my sons do. I am all for legalization even thought I don't partake. It is ultimately your own choice. I agree you are not an addict, I do believe people can become addicted, I watched my sister and now my sons but it is no different than any other addiction some people do others don't. I agree though if it causes you to get the munchies (which it did for me when I was young) I would say not to until you are much further along and stronger. But that is just my opinion.
  9. Jene't Carver Hagood


    Mine was submitted on a Friday and within a week I think it was the following Wednesday they had the approval on mine I have BCBS of Michigan.
  10. Fresh or concentrate Apple juice on an empty stomach in short time sends me to the bathroom with everything moving in a liquid fashion keeps working too for a couple of movements. Works when my stomach isn't empty but not as fast and as well.
  11. Jene't Carver Hagood

    VSG July 5th, looking for buddies

    Congratulations!!! I haven't had mine yet hopefully July 18th. I am using unjury for power and Premire Protein and Pure Protein for pre-made Protein drinks. I love both of them they are great... Pure Protein has a banana one that is so very good.
  12. Congratulations!! Mine is hopefully 7/18!
  13. Jene't Carver Hagood

    Getting VSG in August at the age of 54

    I am 56 years old and praying I will have my surgery on July 18 this year. I too had questions about doing this at my age. But I have devoted my life to raising my family. My husband is supportive, my children are as well. I am sure my grandchildren would be also but they are too young to understand. I one of my four sons is worried about me having yet another surgery (many for various health and joint issues). He is afraid I will die, but the high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, COPD, sleep apnea, liver disease etc any could cause me to die. Some quickly others long slow and painful. No thank you!!! I have a chance to being a new stage of my life getting healthy and I am going to do it.
  14. Jene't Carver Hagood


    I am trying to get mine schedule for July! I had done everything I need to and my pre-op appointment is July 6th! Praying all goes well and I will have surgery on July 18th!!

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