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  1. I had my first consultation with my Bariatric surgeon today. I said I would prefer a sleeve but that maybe a bypass is better for me because it seems to have a better long term outcome with keeping the weight off. He said that both procedures have the same long term weight loss it’s just up to the patient to eat right. He also said that you cannot stretch out a sleeve. The one that really surprised me was when I said that I have reflux and I don’t want a sleeve to make it worse, we’ll he told me that both can give you reflux and that I’ll just be on Prilosec either until it resolves or forever because it’s perfectly safe. What is everyone’s thoughts on all of this? He did elude to the thought that he only does bypasses on extremely large unhealthy people.
  2. Imortalcandy

    Bathroom problems since December sleeve

    You have had this issue since BEFORE your surgery? I would see a GI doctor and get a colonoscopy, whatever is going on has nothing to do with your sleeve GL
  3. Imortalcandy

    Will I be able to keep working

    Thanks for the responses I'm not in a union but I'm in emergency surgeries all night long and there is no one to give me breaks or anything, I literally go from one room to the next with no chance for a drink or anything (break room quite far away) An accommodation would not work on my shift since there is no one to give me a break so I would have to stay out of work until I could go without drinking for 10 hours at a time
  4. Hi everyone, I'm hoping someone can help me with my predicament. I work an off shift in an OR so it is just me and one other person I work with. I work 10 hour shifts and often work all 10, like I can't pee, drink, eat, sit, ....nothing. I'm very anxious about how this will work after surgery since I'm supposed to drink every 15 minutes, I don't want to make myself sick or end up in the hospital from being so dehydrated and not eating. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. Imortalcandy

    Anyone interested in finding local pals?

    I'm in York PA Hoping to be sleeved in February! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App

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