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  1. Diana_in_Philly

    Woman starting at over 300lbs weight loss success

    I'm 3+ years out and can't remember specifics, but I can tell you I'm down 150 pounds and fluctuate between 152-160 most weeks.
  2. Diana_in_Philly

    Any advice pre-op

    Get your head in the right place. Start working through why you are doing this and what your goals are. Use the time before your surgery to get your head in the right place - protein first. Water always. Make peace with the things you won't be able to eat frequently going forward. (I'm 3+ years post op - I can pretty much eat anything, but I pay a price for it. For example, I had a submarine sandwich from a place I loved after a fencing tournament this weekend and my stomach was upset for three days.) If you need to see a therapist about your relationship with food, do it now. Surgery is a tool to jumpstart your weight loss. The hard work will be up to you after the honeymoon phase. Best wishes.
  3. Diana_in_Philly

    Has anyone else felt this way?

    FWIW - 5'3", 55 years old at time of surgery. 3rd surgi-versary in a few days (8/23). Highest weight- roughly 300+. Current weight - about 162. Lowest 152 after contracting e coli. I told only my immediate family (two teen daughters and husband.) I did not tell my mother or my sister (mom died without knowing and sister still doesn't know). I am NATIONALLY RANKED as a fencer now in my age group in two weapons (foil and saber). I can deadlift 240 and back squat the same. Getting your head in the right place is the biggest issues. Learning to deal with emotions without food is huge for most of us. Finding an exercise you love is important. Tell who you choose, or not. But I can tell you that this made a mammoth difference in my life. Best wishes to you.
  4. Diana_in_Philly

    OLDER peeps (50+) exercise

    I have about 10 extra pounds of skin/fat that are going nowhere and I work out like a demon. I fence (as in en garde) 6-7 hours a week, do a cross fit type class three hours a week, work with a personal trainer 1 hour a week and do pilates and yoga another 2 hours a week. Every other weekend I am fencing competitively. I have a pouch. Nothing is going to do anything about it until I have plastics. If I tighten my abdominals under it you can see the six pack that is there, but that fat and skin is going to have to be surgically removed. You can tighten up the muscles, but that won't cure the giggle.
  5. Diana_in_Philly

    Lifting heavy

    I work with a trainer and do a Crossfit type Olympic Lifting class three times a week. I'm a 58 year old woman (5'3") who weighs about 152. I can deadlift and back squat 240. I can bench about 110. Overhead Press about 80. I'm not going for the physique, specifically and as a post-menopausal woman, I'm not going to build muscle like a man, but can you see definition - damn straight you can. I'm also a nationally ranked fencer (as in en garde) in both foil (22) and saber (37) in my age group. Yep. You can do it. In fact, tonight, I went to pick heavy things up and put heavy things down because I was in a crappy mood. Throwing metal always makes me feel better.
  6. Diana_in_Philly

    Challenging yoga dvds

    Try a service like Daily Burn. It's around $10 a month and you get new workouts, literally, daily at all levels. They give you a one week trial for free. Until I joined a gym, I used it for Pilates.
  7. Diana_in_Philly

    Random bruising

    I fence (as in en garde) starting about a year post sleeve. When I had my mammogram, I had so many bruises that the tech asked me if I was safe at home!!!
  8. Diana_in_Philly

    sick of protein shakes..

    Try collagen based proteins or a vegan protein. Good Luck.
  9. Diana_in_Philly

    sick of protein shakes..

    Are you lactose intolerant? It may be that you are using whey protein. Change the type of protein you are using.
  10. Before surgery 300+. Currently, 152. 5'3". So 180-210 would be 60-70 percent of my body weight. I look really stupid below 150. My body fat is under 30% and I haven't had plastics yet. I dead lift and back squat 240. I'm 58 years old, three years out and nationally ranked as a fencer in two events.
  11. Diana_in_Philly

    Help me trouble shoot my morning latte

    Torani makes a whole line of sugar free coffee-house syrups. I have a station set up in my house. It's amazing what you can do - Chocolate protein powder, caramel syrup an 1 TB PB2 - Snickers. Want to up your fiber - add some chia seeds. Too thin - couple of tablespoons of oikos triple zero. The possibilities are limited only by your own tastes.
  12. Diana_in_Philly

    Help me trouble shoot my morning latte

    Iced cold brew frapp at home One cup cold brew coffee. One Premier Protein Caramel Shake. One squirt sugar free chocolate syrup. Ice. Blender. Same thing can be done with caramel, vanilla or chocolate protein powder and Fairlife Skim. Fairlife Skim - 13 g protein 80 cal Protein Powder 23g protein 110 cal. Coffee - 0 Sugar Free syrup 0 protein 5 cals. Ice 0 So you've got roughly 200 calories and 36g of protein plus your morning joe. I still do this a couple of days a week. I'm 3 years out.
  13. Diana_in_Philly

    Do you guys feel normal? Long Term Sleevers

    I probably had GERD before my sleeve, but didn't take anything for it. To be honest, I can live with taking Protonix and vitamins for the benefits I've gotten.
  14. Diana_in_Philly

    Do you guys feel normal? Long Term Sleevers

    I'm 3 years out next month. I feel so much better than normal. I pretty much eat what I want (within limits) and give myself the option of the occasional slice of pizza or small plate of pasta. I still take a PPI for reflux and my vitamins. But what I can do now that I couldn't do before when I was 300 pounds: I'm ranked 22 among women in my age group in foil fencing (as in en garde) NATIONALLY I'm ranked 37 among women in my age group in saber fencing NATIONALLY I can deadlift and back squat 240 pounds. I can clean and jerk 75 pounds. If I had the plastics done, you'd see the six pack. I'm in the best shape I've ever been in during my adult life. Do I have a cocktail once or twice a week? Sure Do I eat popcorn occasionally? Sure But my weight is stable around 152 with about 25% body fat which is pretty darn good for a post menopausal woman who has lost 150 pounds. Do I know I have a sleeve - sure - if I try to eat too much or eat too fast I'm reminded. But that doesn't happen very often.
  15. Diana_in_Philly

    Talking about WLS with children

    My girls were 13 and 16 when I had my VSG. They had watched me struggle with my weight for years. I explained simply what the surgery was, why I was having it (to be healthy and be there to see them grow up, get married and have kids if that's what they choose), to be able to enjoy things with them that I couldn't and to try to put off having my knees replaced. (They knew very clearly about my history of knee issues.) There were some questions. One was very supportive, the other not as much, but that has more to do with their personality types. You have to approach them in a way that works for them given their fears/concerns. I left plenty of time for them to ask questions or not. My girls were mostly concerned about the actual surgical procedure and anesthesia for me, but in large part that's because I've handled quite a few medical malpractice cases in my day and they would hear me talk about those issues. But they also know as a result I'm very picky about what doctors and hospitals treat me!
  16. I'm three years out next month. I'm down 150 pounds. I compete in a sport at a national level and I'm in my mid 50s. When I went to the "final" stage, I was a bit scared too. My days are easiest if I keep my diet simple -so I've developed a routine, but I feel free to eat almost anything occasionally. Breakfast - either a protein shake with fruit and milk in it or greek yogurt with fruit and a tablespoon of granola Lunch - grilled protein of some kind (4 ounces) with a salad with about a tablespoon of dressing Dinner -whatever I make for the family. Tonight it was a 6 ounce pork chop baked with some barbecue sauce on it. If I'm working out alot (which I do) I increase my carbs so I don't cannibalize muscle. It will take some time to find what works for you, but don't be scared Try one food at a time and see what happens. I still can't really eat pasta - maybe 1/4 cup and then I feel like crap for a day or two but sometimes the craving is strong. Take your time. Don't be afraid. Do it one step at a time.
  17. Diana_in_Philly

    RP strength Diet template

    Check with your insurance - my insurance covered the RD visits as she was in network - it was just an office visit co pay. Well worth the $40 in my book. I saw here about 4 times.
  18. Assuming your surgery is going to be laparoscopic, you will likely be in the hospital one night and then home. My surgery was on a Tuesday. I was discharged Wednesday around noon. Slept most of the day at home Wednesday because anesthesia takes a crap ton out of you. Thursday, I got up and did my morning routine and started on my shakes, sipping through the day and napping. Friday - I worked from home for the day. Saturday, I went grocery shopping *but everyone else carried stuff and a kid fro the store loaded the bags into my car. Monday, I was back at the office from 9-3 - left early. Other than help with lifting things the first couple of weeks (e.g. laundry, etc.) I didn't need help at home. But your mileage may vary. I'll be 3 years in August.
  19. Diana_in_Philly

    New Podcast for Bartiatric Fitness?

    I don't listen to many podcasts (mostly due to time), but I'd be interested. Personally, I had a very hard time finding a sports dietician who understood my issues as a bariatric patient and the issues I was grappling with in terms of building muscle and replacing fat. The biggest scare for me was having to increase my carb count in a day because I was literally cannibalizing muscle by not eating enough carbs with the working out I was doing. I'd be interested to see where this goes.
  20. Diana_in_Philly


    FWIW - I'm sitting around 155. A normal BMI for me would be in the 125 range which is just crazy for my body type - always has been - I'm very busty and have always had thick thighs (I was a figure skater). Right now, my body fat is down to about 25% and my muscle mass is increasing. I have not had plastics. I lift to support my fencing (as in en garde) I'm nationally ranked in my age group (50-59). I'm 5'3". I can deadlift 240 and back squat the same. I can overhead press 80 lbs. (Upper body stregnth has been my issue.) I have done a clean and jerk at 80 and a ****** at 70. I am toned. Am I a bit muscular - sure - but I'm never going to see 15% body fat again - I've had 2 kids, been through menopause and haven't had plastics. I was over 300 at my highest weight. I wear size 6 Levi's (without stretch) and size 6 workout pants. I'm still really busty - but down to a 36DDD from at 42H. I don't care about the number, but how I feel and look. And right now, I look pretty damn good. (As in I get checked out at the gym all the time.) It's really about you and how you feel in your skin.
  21. I don't worry about the programming - that's why I do the cross-fit/olympic lifting class 3x weekly - that's up to the trainer I pay for that. He knows way better than me. But the technique and form coaching is key. As for nutrition - I met with an RD who works with athletes but has also worked with bariatric patients - so she understood my situation. We upped my carbs from about 70g daily to about 110g daily because I was cannibalizing muscle on work out days. (Which is pretty much 6 out of 7). Also, I try to down a simple protein shake within 30 minutes after a workout - just protein powder and water or a muscle milk thing because replenishing the protein immediately after the workout is important. So far, so good.
  22. Diana_in_Philly

    Egg drop soup on full liquids?

    I loved (and still do) egg drop soup early on but beware - there is a lot of sodium so you may find yourself retaining water the day after -- but it is still one of my favorite things.
  23. Diana_in_Philly

    Restriction Feeling 2+ years out?

    I'm almost 3 years out. I eat about 1500 calories a day because I work out like a maniac (I'm a nationally-competitive fencer in my age group so I work out either doing weight lifting or fencing 2 hours a day 6 days a week.) If I weren't working out like this, I'd probably eat about 1000 calories daily. Here's what my 1500 calorie days sort of look like Breakfast - Skyr Icelandic Greek Yogurt with Granola Factory Granola and 1/2 c. fresh strawberries Lunch - 4 ounces of protein (chicken usually) and about 2 cups of green salad stuff with 1 tablespoon of dressing Afternoon snack - Protein shake made with A2 milk, handful of frozen tropical fruit and protien powder Then I usually have my workout from 6-8 or 7-9. Dinner - 4 ounces protein and a serving of a green vegetable. Sometimes, I'll add a carb - like half a baked potato. I vary what I eat with the following macros - 115g protein, 115g carbs. I can usually eat no more than 4-5 ounces of protein at any given time and then I'm not hungry for a while. If i have eggs in the morning, I'll scramble 2 eggs with a bit of taco cheese and have one piece of whole grain toast. My stomach still makes it very clear when I over-eat. Your mileage may vary.
  24. About me... HW 300+ Gastric sleeve - August 2016 CW 152 - haven't done body fat analysis in a while and haven't had plastics so I'm sitting around 28% Age 57 - female  Lifts currently Squat - 235 on the road to max at 250 in 2 weeks Bench - I don't DL - 235 on the road to max at 250 in 2 weeks I take an Olympic Lifting/Crossfit type class 3x weekly. I lift to support my passion - fencing. I'm ranked 23 among US women age 50-59 in foil and headed for my first ranking in saber in my age group. I'm ranked 33 among women over 40 in the US in foil and #16 on the list for the Veterans World Cup Team (so 12 people have to get hurt or die before I can go.) I fence about 7-8 hours a week and compete almost every weekend. I do reformer based Pilates for an hour a week and work with a personal trainer another hour a week. We are working on building my upper body strength which is lacking. I can't quite bench 100 pounds yet and can probably do a single overhead press of about 100, but not sure.
  25. "For instance, loose skin, saggy breasts and Hair loss. Has anyone ever experienced any of these and if so, how did you deal with it? Is there anyway at all to prevent these things from happening?" Hair loss - happens as your body reacts to the extreme quick weight loss. It goes on for a couple of months and then it stops and your hair comes back. I don't know anyone who has avoided it. It's temporary. You don't say if you have kids, but if you do, your boobs already sag. Will this make them sag more? Yep. Any way to avoid it. Stay fat. But if you are going to have surgery, nope. As for loose skin, that depends on many things - age, ethnicity, skin condition, amount of weight loss. I have some flab flapping around, but I lost 150 pounds. I wear those flaps like a badge of honor. I haven't had plastics. I'm about 3 years out from surgery and the mother of a 19 year old and a 16 year old. My boobs would have been sagging anyway because - GRAVITY. So, you don't need to go under the knife again. Get your head in the right place about why you are losing your weight. Adopt the plan early and exercise to the extent you can now. Best of luck.

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