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  1. So I havent been on here for a while but decided to post today. I lost 120 lbs with my lap band and had virtually no problems. It was a slow but steady weight loss and I have been very happy with it. Then about 2 weeks ago I started to get Very Sick where I could not keep anything down. Lo and Behold I managed to slip my band. Not an experience I would like to live through again. I seen the Dr. at 2 pm on Friday and was in Surgery to have it fixed by 5 pm that night. I stayed in the hospital overnight and was out by 10 the next morning. It was a quick stay at the hospital and I seem to be recovering very quickly, but now I have the fear in my mind of my band slipping again. I would love to hear from anyone that may have went through the same thing to see and see how you handled it. It's really been an emotional journey for me and I really cannot imagine my life without my band. So if anyone else has been through this and has some ideas how to get over the fear let me know
  2. Maybe you need to call around and see if there is another Dr. that you can see..My Dr. Only Charges $55 for a fill that includes the office visit. So maybe you need to find a Dr. that is willing to work a little better with you and that may be a little cheaper.
  3. I too was told to stay out of the swimming pool and hot tubs for 6 weeks after my surgery. They wanted the incisions to be completely healed so as to not risk infections.
  4. I have always heard 3 bites of Protein to 1 bite of Carbs or Veggies but never just 3 bites of food per meal.
  5. My surgery took 1/2 hr and I had to stay in hospital overnight. Not because I had any problems just cuz that is my Dr's Requirement. I was up and moving around the day of surgery though.
  6. Hi all, I havent been on in a long time and now I guess I am needing some encouragement I was banded 11/18/2008 and have lost 52 lbs. I am at a point right now where I am thinking about have some liquid taken out of my band as it is a lot harder to keep stuff down. I am frustrated by my weight loss as I feel like I should have lost more. I go to curves at least 3 times a week and really watch what I eat. I occasionaly have something I shouldnt but its not an everyday thing like it was before the surgery. I think my biggest problem is learning how to cope with Stress. If anyone has any great stress relievers I would love to hear them
  7. Dr. Holloway performed my Surgery in November of 2008. I would recommend him to anyone. He has the best bedside manner I have ever seen. You will always leave his office with a smile. You can go in feeling depressed and leave feeling happy
  8. tmbowe

    Approval from Aetna finally

    Without the weight from 2007.. You may run across some issues.. Did you ever go to a quick care or someplace where they may have possible weighed you.. If not you need to make sure you submit a letter stating that you were not seen by a dr in 2007 but you are submitting 2006 and 2008. Just make your letter as detailed as possible.. They accepted my pregnancy weight for 2006 so I am sure they will accept whatever you can come up with.
  9. tmbowe

    approved by Aetna

    what all did you do on your 3 month diet.. I have a week left on mine and want to make sure I didnt miss anything

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