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  1. I can't really chime in on the weight gain thing because I really didn't gain much at all with my last pregnancy (he's 4 months old now). I gained a total of 8lbs but it fluctuated up and down consistently. Some weeks I would gain 5-6 lbs and others I would lose it all. The baby was 7lbs 6oz at birth so technically I actually lost weight during the pregnancy when you consider water, blood and placenta weight on top of baby weight. I really wasn't able to eat a whole lot because of my sleeve and I was sick the entire way through (was similar in my first pregnancy prior to my surgery but this one was way worse). However, I can tell you that if you can breastfeed and pump, you should TOTALLY do it.... I'm still losing weight and I'm sure it's from breastfeeding because my appetite is fine now. Keep in mind that being pregnant doesn't mean you have to eat a lot more. In fact, I ate a lot less because most of what I did manage to eat... didn't stay down!
  2. Lizardlady

    What were your pregnancy signs??

    My breasts were actually MORE sore with my pregnancy after weight loss. My first son I had at 19 and didn't notice much breast tenderness or soreness or even sensitivity but THIS time it happened early and very noticeable.
  3. Lizardlady

    Nicotine test

    Wow, my surgeon actually let me keep vaping. I specifically asked him and he said it's fine. I asked because there was a part on one of the papers I had to sign for surgery where I had to agree not to smoke and I didn't sign it. I vaped right up till I walked in the hospital for surgery. No issues but maybe there is a reason for it?
  4. Lizardlady

    Would you do it again?

    Yup! I would absolutely do it again. As scared as I was pre surgery, it was mostly all just in my head. 2 months should be more than enough for you to be feeling better. As far as throwing up..... well it does happen and even now something may not sit with me well but it's usually something that I probably should not have eaten in the first place and I immediately feel better after. Even if I threw up every day, it would still be worth it for me. You have to be willing to take the good with the bad and weight the pros and cons for yourself.
  5. Your post makes me feel much better. I definitely do not want to cheat all the time. I want to be successful so I'm hitting the "reset" button and doing a liquid diet just to make sure I don't fall off the wagon from the past few weeks of splurging. Even with all of the "bad" things I ate, I at least attempted to make it healthier (taking the breading off, skipping the crust, avoiding the rice). I know they still aren't healthy things but compared to what I USED to do, I'm at least making an effort now if I do eat something unhealthy and I'm conscious of the things I'm eating. I'm just not sure it's enough of an effort to continue losing weight even if it isn't every day (or every week/month) that I eat the unhealthy things. It makes me feel like I'm going to fail when I eat something unhealthy.
  6. Lizardlady

    Crab legs

    That is really weird..... Out of curiosity, why is the imitation crab meat ok and not the real kind? Just wondering their reason since it is actually so much better for you and contains no carbs or sugar like the imitation does.
  7. If it were up to me (which it is not), I'd look for a new surgeon that you like. It was good for him to cancel if he couldn't give you aftercare but that was a bit late in my opinion. On day 5 of your liquid diet? Really?!
  8. Lizardlady

    Has anyone tried?

    I got some work to do on the new house tonight but when I get back I think I'll try this and let you guys know how it goes.
  9. Your supervisor sounds like a jerk and very immature. Grade school personality. I wouldn't let it bother you. Just remember that this surgery is for YOU not them. If you don't want to share then it's really none of his business.
  10. Lizardlady

    Getting frustrated

    Well I tried to ask my NUT but she was having a family emergency so I'm winging it and I went ahead and made some chicken noodle soup (regular kind) that I strained and mixed in some protein powder. It is quite delicious! Not sure if I'm supposed to have it or not but it's good and I need to eat. Also, the Isopure is still doable so that is also another option for protein. Hopefully I will find more things that I can tolerate but I thought I would update if anyone else is having this issue.
  11. Lizardlady

    Getting frustrated

    Isopure and Nectar were the only ones I could tolerate before but I know a lot of the fruity Nectar mixes I'm now disliking to the point of gagging. I'm not sure why, I'm not normally one to gag on any kind of food or drink even if I don't like it but now some things just have a weird taste that I never tasted in them pre-op. I couldn't even really taste the protein in Nectar fruity mixes and now I struggle to even take a sip. I will try the Isopure again and hope that I can stick with that one. I had a fall on a concrete driveway the night before my surgery and the glass bottle smashed right next to my face and I am still recovering from having my butt kicked so I haven't touched a bottle since LOL. I will try again today.
  12. I know this may be a stretch and maybe it is too personal for some to share, but I'm curious to know if anyone that has been diagnosed with PCOS has had success with Gastric Sleeve? How much of a difference do you see in your weight / skin / hair (loss and growth)? Mostly interested in the weight but also curious to see if I should expect any other changes? Thanks so much for those willing to share!
  13. Ok so this question actually originated from another person's post asking about what people are eating several years out from surgery. I saw some were eating pretty large amounts of carbs compared to what my nutritionist had told me which was less than 40g of carbs per day FOREVER. Several people commented that they didn't think 40g of carbs was even possible or healthy, at least not later on so I was thinking I could get some feedback on this here rather than derail someone elses thread. "Less than 40g of carbs" is written in my book that was given to me as a guide for success. It is written as a goal under the column for "7 Days Before Surgery" along with 70-80g of Protein per day. However, she made emphasis on the "less than" with the carbs and also said that it really should be forever and I took note in my book when she said so. She had Gastric Bypass herself so I'm not sure if gastric bypass patients maybe just have different nutrition needs than sleeve? Also, I'm wondering if it's possible to keep my surgeon without keeping his nutritionist? I'm not sure yet that I want to do that, she seems like a nice lady and wants to get people on track and stay there but I feel like it's something that I need to know before I get the surgery done which is supposed to be tomorrow (although there has been a small hiccup so we'll see).
  14. Lizardlady

    Less than 40g carbs forever?

    They are supposed to call today to let me know. They said it would probably be early morning though. I haven't been able to sleep right all week. We are also in the process of closing on a house which closing is supposed to be today so I've been under a lot of stress lately with everything happening all at once.
  15. Lizardlady

    Less than 40g carbs forever?

    Oh, it's too late for that lol. I got a million and 1 thoughts and feelings floating through my head right now. I go back and forth on everything from one minute to the next but in the end, I know this is the right decision for me.
  16. Lizardlady


    I haven't had my surgery yet to tell you how much loose skin I have. I'm 29 but I'm so overweight and been overweight for so long that I KNOW I will have a lot of loose skin. I've dropped 30 lbs in the last month and a half and I'm already noticing it mostly on my inner thighs (which I'm still hoping will tighten up a bit because that is one surgery I really would like to avoid). It really depends on how heavy you are, how long you've been that heavy, how old you are and also genetics. It also depends on your exercise while losing the weight. Nobody can say for sure how much loose skin you might have but your chances of not having a bunch of loose skin are better depending on the above things I mentioned. I personally am going to expect the worst and hope for the best!
  17. Lizardlady

    Having some trouble...

    Is it not normal for them to give you goals during the pre-op diet? My goals say 70-80g of protein per day and less than 40g of carbs. Also, I have to get in 64 oz of water but nothing with red or blue dye and and 1-2 protein drinks per day but then I was told that a full bottle of Isopure counts as 2 servings for me. I guess it could be worse considering some of the other pre-op diets I've seen reading these forums lol. Still, it's a lot to juggle and figure out when you aren't used to it. I am trying my best to do everything the surgeon/nutritionist asks of me but I've had several confusing moments already and I'm only 3 days in to my pre op diet. I'm starting to wonder how successful I will be post-op if I'm having this many issues now.
  18. Lizardlady

    Moving quickly

    I agree. I told my mom the same thing! My fiance has been on me about getting healthy. Not because he cares how I look but he wants me to live longer and we have a son together. I think once he sees that I AM getting healthy, his worries will be put at ease. As far as my sister, even if I don't have any major issues, I have the feeling she may stick to her guns and point out every little thing that I do differently that is not "normal" and she may or may not ever understand but it's my life and my choice and I do feel this is the best decision for me.
  19. Lizardlady

    "Snacking" on pre op diet

    Also, I just read that I'm supposed to have a goal of under 40g carbs so I probably messed up today by having the entire bowl of tomato soup. UGH! There is too much to keep track of
  20. Lizardlady

    "Snacking" on pre op diet

    Yeah, I know my eating habits have completely screwed me lol. I guess that's why I'm in the situation I'm in now. I haven't had as much water today as I usually do. I guess I haven't felt as thirsty as I usually do probably due to the Jello and such moist food. I am drinking water now though so maybe it will pass. My surgeon gave me a book that has the diet I'm supposed to follow. No alcoholic or carbonated drinks, no caffeine or sugary drinks, lots of water and 1-2 Protein Drinks a day. It doesn't say any limit on calories or anything like that but I was assuming that I shouldn't be eating like a fiend either before a surgery that is supposed to help me lose weight lol. Also, I was under the impression that snacking is not a good thing?
  21. I'm thinking Soup and broth are going to be huge starting tomorrow for my pre op liquid diet. I'm only allowed 97-98% fat free cream soup BUT it seems a lot of cream soup has potatoes or some kind of starch in it? My book gives examples of Campbell's Healthy Request and Progresso but I don't see any without starch. Any suggestions? What did you EAT during this phase of your pre op diet?
  22. Yeah I only bought a case of them to get me through the liquid part of the pre op diet. Even if I end up hating them, I'll drink what I have to just to get me through surgery and then I can change after if I don't like it. I'm most likely not going to enjoy the flavor that I got (I went with Icy Orange) but I didn't have a whole lot of choices that didn't have red or blue dye. After the surgery I will go with the Apple Melon or Passion Fruit which I will be more likely to enjoy.
  23. Thanks all for the replies! I Will definitely try the Vitamin E but I probably can't use it until I'm fully healed I'm guessing. If you have any other recommendations on products for scars I'd love to hear them!

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