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  1. Cander

    Chest Exercises

    Your tri's do work harder on the reverse grip bench. But to say it isn't a chest exercise I don't feel is accurate. It clearly hits the clavical portion of the pec (top part) and really makes it jump out. It definitely has helped perk up and square off my chest. But I will say there is no way I can lift the same weight as a regular bench press. But I'm a lightweight anyway only benching 50lbs right now. I'm working on form and doing things correctly to hopefully not hurt myself. Way to many guys "lifting" more than they can handle at my YMCA
  2. Cander

    Chest Exercises

    I just fell in love wih the reverse grip bench press. Worth a Google
  3. Feb 1 I was 299.8. Made it under 300 it's been 10 years since I've been in the 200's
  4. Sleeved 11/30 SW 353 I was 301.8 this am. I was really hoping to hit the 200's by feb 1. It will be close
  5. Cander

    Just crossed 100lbs lost

    Way to go man
  6. Cander

    Funny how the political becomes personal

    Did anyone really vote FOR someone in this election? Or against someone?
  7. It's my new super food. 1 cluster a cup of water in 4 minutes lunch. No carbs 16g protien and 85 cals. Love it.
  8. Wow! That is some brave stuff. I'm serious those drains scared the living hell out of me. Congrats on the new you. It took a lot to go through that and share with all of us. Thank you
  9. Cander

    Snow crab in the insta pot

    I don't use butter to dip them in. Just the crab.
  10. Plan allowed deli turkey also. Get an insta pot. I swear it was made for WLS people. Throw a couple chicken breast in a cup of broth and in like 8 minutes you will have the juiciest moist chicken you have ever ate.
  11. Cander

    Pizza that is the ?

    I have not tried these being only 5 weeks post op, BUT my wife bought these little ultra thin protien pizza crust at HyVee. They are about 7" around and have 110 calories 9 carbs and 16 protien. You get 3 of them for $4 I think. My 2 kids age 7 and 9 both ate a whole one so they can't be that bad. Golden Home is the brand name.
  12. Cander

    WLS is the easy way out

    Seen a post like this on another forum I visit. It has a fitness section. A guy asked about WLS and got th typical bro comments "it's not hard to lose weight less calories in more calories out" , don't rake the easy way out etc. I would wager 95% or more of the people who say these things have never been obese. Needing to loose 20-30 pounds in a different animal than needing to loose 150 pounds. And I'm always thinking if it was so easy to be fit wouldn't everybody be fit? No matter what we tell our selves no one wants to be obese. I never woke up and was like alright I'm 404 today kick ass. I realized if I didn't do something I might not see my kids grow up. Drastic times call for drastic measures
  13. Cander


    Hardest part of this whole thing so far is trying to swallow these dang things. I even bought the petites
  14. Cander

    The 10 month journey!

    You are doing great. I'm just starting nice to see what can become
  15. Wow! That's great. I hope I do that well
  16. Cander

    3 month surgeaversery!

    Wow! Way too go. Keep it up. Can't wait to get out of the 300's my damn self
  17. I just joined the ymca in November. But man this week has been crazy. Even to the point of waiting for a parking spot.
  18. Cander

    Complications from advancing diet too soon

    I didn't claim to get substandard care. It just really blows my mind how all over the place all this is. Like I had to do a 6 month suprivised weight loss with a NUT and see a phycologist. And hey I found out why I was fat from all that Ins approval, I had mine in 24 hours after I met all the requirements. Some people take weeks or months Pre op diet, I was 2 weeks on liquid only(really wasn't that bad lost 26 pounds) some on here do a week, 3 days, can eat I meal a day etc Post op mine said I could eat scrambled eggs on day 7, some people don't get mushy stuff till week 4 See what I was getting at? It's just like no set guide lines.
  19. Cander

    Complications from advancing diet too soon

    What's funny is I didn't get on here and ask for advice. I was pointing out that there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the requirements before and after surgery. And aggiemae I have no idea what your talking about? My surgery center is a hospital. And they kept saying they were a surgery center of excellence. But hey I'm happy with my surgeon and the hospital. The surgery was smooth and my recovery has been way easier than I thought it would be. But hey if I'm doing it wrong I'm down 35 pounds in 4 weeks. My coworker has lost 163 since May. YOU ladies are the ones who said I wasn't following my plan, or doing what the doctors told me to do. I have been following my plan
  20. Cander

    Complications from advancing diet too soon

    Well it's the top place in Kansas City and a surgery center of excellence. And they do over 1500 surgeries a year. But my hearing and understanding are fine I'm not stupid. but I'm making it on eggs,shakes and fish or chicken. I am ready for something crunchy though
  21. Cander

    Complications from advancing diet too soon

    But then you have people like me who got a diet plan, went in one week post op and was told that they weren't to worried about the diet just try each phase and if it worked out ok if not back up a step. So I'm like totally lost and pretty much just eating the same thing every day.
  22. Maybe grind them up in a coffee grinder? That's what my wife does for her breakfast smoothie thing she makes. But she hasn't had surgery.
  23. Cander

    Best decision of my life

    Wow. Looking great