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  1. Just had my surgery on the 12/27, went great. Stayed in the hospital for 2 days,and have my first follow up appointment this friday. Still having gas pains and struggling to get in the Protein,but i feel great. Also headed back to work tomorrow!! Will keep you all updated on this part of the journey! 2 Week pre-op diet......565lbs Day of surgery....526 Today is 504!!
  2. I have my 2 week pre-opt diet starting on this Monday the 12th, and i would like some advise to what you all ate and did. Thanks!
  3. Mike Dumas

    2 Week pre-op diet

    Will do, thanks!!
  4. Mike Dumas

    Guys ~400lbs that had DS

    Right now i weight in at 530 and have my surgery planned for next weds the 27th, ill keep ya posted on results.
  5. Mike Dumas

    2 Week pre-op diet

    Been just over one week in on this and lost 20lbs already, did per-op yesterday at the hospital.....one week to go folks!!!!!!
  6. I just started my 2 week pre-op today. kinda hard to sit here and drink a protein shake when you coworkers are eating burgers lol! But Full steam ahead!!!
  7. Mike Dumas

    2 Week pre-op diet

    Thank you so much guys!!!
  8. Mike Dumas


    After a long long road, i get a call yesterday and i finally have my insurance approval!! Surgery date is Dec 27th!! I cannot wait!! I will keep you all posted!!
  9. Mike Dumas

    New guy!

    Good afternoon everyone! My name is Mike, I am having the Duondenal switch I have been reading through these forums for a few weeks now, and have finally have found the courage to finally post. I am 32 and currently 6'4 530lbs with a BMI of 64.5. I come from a large bodied family, and have been battling my my weight since i was little. I am married with 2 awesome kids. Thank you all, in advance for your knowledge and advice.
  10. Mike Dumas

    New guy!

    Just had my final Nutritional evaluation this morning, and i have my endoscopy scheduled for June 3!!!....Getting soooo close!!
  11. Mike Dumas


    wow, what a difference, great job!
  12. Mike Dumas

    New guy!

    Thank you all for the welcome!! I have 1 more meeting with my dietitian and endoscopy next month. Then im told i will receive a surgery date. Looking like it maybe around the middle of June. I will keep you all updated as i go along.! Thanks again!