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    I have always wanted to do yoga, but when I have, I was pretty limited by my size. I'm very excited to make this my first post-op workout routine. I'd start gently, but how soon after surgery did everyone start exercising beyond just walking?
  2. SassyScienceNerd

    Dates that don't revolve around food

    I went on a date recently with someone and he decided on a whim that he wanted to take me out for sushi. I tried to suggest something else, but he was hungry. I ordered a few pieces of sashimi and ate the fish without the rice and told him I'm low-carbing it. But I spent so much time chewing it into a paste that I hardly talked, and since I only ate 3 pieces, he noticed and asked me what was up. I just told him I wasn't hungry to begin with, and it seemed fine from there. But I don't want to keep having these awkward interactions. I don't tell people about surgery. If I get into a more serious relationship, I'll reveal it, but I am still uncomfortable with people knowing yet. So give me some fun date ideas that don't involve going out to eat! I have had a blast mini-golfing on a date, and going to the batting cages. But I'm here to gather ideas so I can have good suggestions on hand the next time someone suggests we go out to dinner. Give me your favorites.
  3. I had sharp left side pain for 6-8 months after the surgery. I'm a little over a year out and it's totally gone now.
  4. For me it's the no carbonation rule. I have always loved seltzer and now all the flavored no-sweetener, no-sugar La Croix varieties are my go to treats. I don't understand why there's a no carbonation rule, and I've read in some places it's a huge no-no and in others that it doesn't matter. I will not go back to diet drinks, I never really liked them anyway. But that flavored seltzer is sometimes the only thing that keeps me at a good water intake for the day.
  5. SassyScienceNerd

    What Post-Sleeve Rules Do You Break?

    My kids are both like this. What changed my daughter's life was Pinterest, of all things. I showed her how to basically search for ingredients and find recipes for stuff we already have, and she has had a few hits and misses, but it's a fun project for her to cook food now. And lately she's given me shopping lists for ingredients for recipes she wants to try, she made a delicious black bean soup a few weeks ago in the crock pot. When I started keto, she did that with me and tried a few recipes for that, too. She is 12 and might be a better cook than me pretty soon
  6. SassyScienceNerd

    I am 11 months post surgery

    Have you had your thyroid function checked?
  7. SassyScienceNerd

    What's In Your Lunch Box

    There was a whole rack of little 6oz baking ramekins at Kohls on clearance one day so I bought them out. Haha. I use them for cooking things as they make the perfect little 4 oz controlled sizes. I LOVE ricotta bakes. (Eggface recipe) with little cut up pepperoni, spinach, and a teaspoon of pizza sauce (which has way fewer carbs than pasta sauce). I bake 6 of those and use them for lunches and dinners during the week because they reheat quickly. I also make chicken salad with walnuts and dried cranberries, I eat that with a fork or on lettuce wraps. I also really love cucumber tomato salad with red onion and that blush wine vinaigrette in the fancy bottle. I forget what it's called. Sometimes I throw feta cheese in there too. Mostly I snack all day (5 small snack-meals instead of 3), and I know that's considered bad, but for what I do for a living, it works well. I just prepack a lot of steamed veggies, fruits, nuts, cheeses, and deli meats and sort of make little plates with those that take 10 minutes to eat. Oooh, and kalamata olives. Ok, now I'm hungry....
  8. 1: I wear a legit bikini to the beach now, flabby belly and all, don't even care. 2: I can surf for two hours without getting tired 3: size MEDIUM dresses at Old Navy! 4: My legs aren't swollen with edema from carrying all the weight anymore 5: I don't have to lean all the way to one side when I go to buckle my seatbelt in the car 6: Chub rub isn't even a thing anymore. I wear skirts with wild abandon.
  9. SassyScienceNerd

    Will anyone see me?

    I totally relate to the issue of having someone love me for what's inside... I'm not to my goal weight yet, but the last ~50 lbs dropping off has increased the attention I get from men. I just keep telling myself that if he's only into me for looks, his inner a**hole will reveal itself eventually. I'm being careful not to jump into anything too fast. I need to give them time for their crazy to come out.
  10. SassyScienceNerd

    First mini-goal - before and after

    I'm just saying, I have my neck back. I didn't know how much I messed having it. Haha
  11. I'm on liquids, so I've been having very thin soups the last 2 days. Both yesterday and today I ate slowly, without distraction, but twice now I've gotten so full that I'm uncomfortable. I didn't feel it until... well, until I felt it. How do you know when you're full and not to have another bite? With hunger essentially gone, I don't have a gauge for satiety like I used to. I'm a little lost.
  12. SassyScienceNerd

    Alcohol help??

    If you like sweet drinks, vodka and SF Red Bull is pretty good.
  13. SassyScienceNerd

    Bridesmaid dress...

    A good dressmaker will be able to recommend a dress style that is easier to take in. Hopefully you don't have a bridezilla and she will take this into account when the dresses are picked.
  14. SassyScienceNerd

    April 2017 sleevers?

    I'm the 19th too, can't wait!!
  15. SassyScienceNerd

    My pre-op diet is weird

    Right, that was my point too. They recommend 4-5 smoothies per day but warn not to use milk because the carbs in milk will throw me out of ketosis. I'm just puzzled. Also they said my "natural stores of protein" are enough. I've never heard that before. :-/
  16. SassyScienceNerd


    My good friends and I celebrate everything with food. Promotion? Dinner! Birthday? Huge dinner! Good news at work? I'll take you out to lunch! What the heck do we do to celebrate now?
  17. SassyScienceNerd

    (NSV) Gasp! I bought WHITE pants!!!

    White pants AND horizontal stripes!! Only in my dreams, girl. Congrats, you look fantastic!
  18. SassyScienceNerd

    Any sleevers doing a ketogenic diet?

    Actually, the focus is low carb and high fat. There should be a moderate intake of protein.

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