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  1. nikrock22

    post op food help

    I will definitely look up those noodles thank you
  2. nikrock22

    post op food help

    I'm 1 month post I'm have the same issue with pasta, chicken.. It just doesn't want to stay down. I wonder if it's just too early?? nikrny3816
  3. 2 weeks out 17 lbs nikrny3816
  4. nikrock22

    Vitamins and shakes

    My Dr recommends 2 Flintstone chewable daily and I'm on one pure Protein one carnation instant Breakfast and another shake of my choice as long as it fits 15 plus grams of protein low sugar low fat. nikrny3816
  5. nikrock22

    Submitted today!

    Congratulations nikrny3816
  6. nikrock22

    Feeling a lot of emotions

    I'm 3 days post I'm it had been painful I can't lie. But I still have no regrets nikrny3816
  7. nikrock22

    Down how many dress sizes

    Wow! This is exciting news
  8. nikrock22

    Feeling a lot of emotions

    That's the truth
  9. nikrock22

    March 8th buddy?

    That's my date and I'm doing RNY bypass I'm nervous as well. I think that it's normal to have some fear after all it us surgery. What has you most concerned?
  10. nikrock22

    Down how many dress sizes

    You look terrific nikrny3816
  11. nikrock22

    Feeling a lot of emotions

    I'm scheduled fur RNY on March 8th. I think what you are feeling is normal. I have been really nervous about things too. I worry about the surgery , Joe I'll feel in the hospital, coming home, losing hair, excess loose skin etc. But then I think of feeling better, having relief from the weight that will be of of my spine, breathing better looking better, having more energy and my excitements far outway my fears. I love this sight after reading a few posts it's easy to realize we truly aren't alone. We are actually normal lol nikrny3816
  12. nikrock22

    March 1st Scheduled

    I'm march the 8th in Rochester NY. Having rny. Can't wait looking for buddies for support among this journey of ours. nikrny3816
  13. nikrock22

    March 1st Scheduled

    I'm scheduled for March 8th so excited that after 9 long months it's almost here nikrny3816
  14. nikrock22

    Food funerals

    Anyone else having good funerals? our did you? My surgery date is the 8th I'm only required a 5 day pre opinion diet. That will begin on the 3rd. I know some foods may be gone forever so I've been having some of them Anyone else? nikrny3816
  15. nikrock22

    March 8th buddy?

    The hernia repair I'm having is adding to the anxiety because I keep reading about how tough the first days are even without it. Praying things go smoothly

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