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    MY Hubby and I

    From the album: Jazzyywan

  2. jazzyywan

    Hey been banded a yr today!!!

    Hello, it is my first year anniversary also. The year went by so fast. I'm down 115 pounds and feeling great. The Lap-Band is the best thing I every did. Well Congrats to all and keep up the good work.
  3. LOL! I am in between a new born calf and a 2 month old horse...
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    I'm also on FACEBOOK!! I love it!
  5. You look good girl, keep up the good work!

  6. jazzyywan

    Your New Fave Place to Shop

    No more Lane Bryant for me thank god! I now shop at the store I been peeking in for years, and that is New York & Company. I'm loving it!!
  7. I understand what you are saying. You ate a little to much and you felt you food stuck in your throat and tried to get it down with water and it felt like it didn't want to go anywhere, yea it happens to me. your at your sweet spot. you know that your full and you just have to take that extra bite. yea I know but we will learn.
  8. Surgery Date May 21, 2008 90 pounds lighter...
  9. Hello everyone, I just got banded on the 21st of May @ 11:00 a.m. I stayed overnight in the hospital. I am feeling good just a little sore but nothing I can't handle. I just what to thank all of you on LBT for all of positive talk you have giving me. thanks again.
  10. Hello, and how are you? I lost about 90 pounds so far. I want to lose another 40 and i will be stright, What about you?

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    From the album: Jazzyywan

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    From the album: Jazzyywan

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    Kev 036

    From the album: Jazzyywan

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    problem foods

    I'm having problems with meats, bread, rice, and pasta. I eat fish and beans for my protein.
  16. I would love to join. I am aiming for a 20 pounds. That would put be at a 100 pound weight loss.
  17. Hello, Congratulations! I hope you are feel well. And Happy New Year to you.. Oh by the way my name is Wanda aka Jazzywan

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    No caption

    From the album: My Progress Pictures

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    My Progress Pictures

  20. Hello again, I doing well I got a fill today so I haven't ate at all and it's all good.. lol.

    I got married September 2, 2007.

  21. Hello back, how are you? I just want to say Happy Holidays to you.

  22. jazzyywan

    Chinese food

    I always order sweet and sour soup or the chicken and rice soup.
  23. jazzyywan

    Introducing Myself

    Welcome, and good luck. And Happy Holidays to you..
  24. jazzyywan

    finally in ONDERLAND!!!!!!

    That is absolutely wonderful... Keep up the good work. And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.
  25. Hey Quan, I just want to wish you luck with you surgery today. Just remember to take it easy and the pain with go away in time. And from there it's easy sailing. Love you Wanda aka jazzyywan