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  1. Hi Fellow Bandsters! I've been away from the forum for awhile since having lost my band two years ago due to appendicitis. I have gained all of my weight back. I had previously lost over 100 pounds with the band. I am considering getting rebanded but for right now I am on an off label weight loss medicine called Victoza. Recently, I've been doing research into the two new studies which came out in the last few weeks on genetic causes of obesity. However, I've noticed that many people refuse to accept the new research findings. I'd like to get everyone's take on this. What do you think about genetic causes of obesity? My article focuses on how people refuse to acknowledge the scientific findings. I'd love to hear your opinions on this subject. Here is the article: http://guardianlv.com/2013/07/obesity-proven-genetic-so-why-do-people-refuse-to-accept-it/. Please leave a comment or email me with your opinion. I would like to do a follow-up article on the differences between how thin people feel versus how people who have a weight problem feel. I am also looking for people to interview. If you would like to participate, please let me know by emailing me. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I am new to the board having just introduced myself in the introductions section, and I have been searching for information about the side effects involving the esophogus. I am having my first consultation with the surgeon this Thursday and have already completed a required seminar on the surgery. I am planning to get banded as soon as I am approved but don't know if my surgery will be this year or next as they seem to think it will take about three months from first consult to actual banding. Anyway, my question is: with regard to "esophogial dilation" and "esophogial dysmotility"... are they reversible? In other words, if I were to suffer this side effect of esophogial failure, would it heal after the band was removed? Or do some people have to go through the rest of their lives with no working esophogus? I have searched for information on the long-term implications of this and have not been able to find information on it. Would the esophogus eventually start working again? Also, I would love to hear about people who have had this in for ten years or more and how they're doing and if they've had any complications. Thank you very much.
  3. I recently posted that I lost my band after a burst appendix a month ago. I had my band for five years and lost 100 pounds. I wanted to share my results one month after losing my band. I'll also check in from time to time to lend support to those who have lost their bands or are losing their bands. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I might have come to a point in my life where I can apply the knowledge I have gained over 30 years of dieting to reach a succesful goal weight and stay there. Ok, my results at one month out with no band: 10 pounds down from before I went in the the hospital, appetite controlled, eating what I love in small portions, and feeling hopeful about the future flying solo. I had/have a huge appetite problem and do not eat emotionally, which is why the band was so great for me. Having that hunger control was amazing. It was the first time in my life I felt full. However, after losing my band, I have been doing great controlling my appetite on my own! Here are my top tricks and tips for getting through the day with no hunger and without feeling deprived: 1. Protein, Protein, Protein: Protein keeps us full! I aim for a minimum of 15 grams of protein at Breakfast and 25 grams at lunch and dinner. The best "protein bargains" (high protein, low calories) for me are: tofu, fish and shellfish of all kinds, "pure protein" shakes, chicken breast, lowfat Greek yogurt, whole grain bread and Pasta, fat free cheese, and egg whites. 2. Fat!!! If I don't add some fat to my meal, I will be hungry soon after I eat. If I add about a teaspoon to a tbsp. of good fat such as olive oil, avacado, flax, etc. it keeps me full much, much longer. 3. Fiber!!! Always combine your protein and fat with as much Fiber as possible. Fruits, wholegrain breads, Beans, and even fiber supplements are great. For example: a turkey breast sandwhich on whole wheat with some avacado and lowfat mayo. So yummy, high protein, and filling! 4. PILLS! YEAH PILLS!!! I don't care what anyone says. OTC supplements help me alot. I have done about a million hours of research on the ones I take and have reviewed them with my doctor. We feel what I take is safe and helpful. I like green tea, red wine extract, garcinia, carraluma (Indian cactus), pine nut oil, and other "generally regarded as safe" food-derived supplements. These supplements help to control my appetite and green tea, specifically, is proven to raise the metabolism. So if you want to explore OTC supplements, check with your doctor, and don't let the naysayers get you down. There are things which do help to take the edge off. I think that the pharma companies are the ones who put the idea out there that "nothing works", because they want to be the ones to make all the money. There are things which work out there and you can find what works for you after consulting your personal physician and getting their approval, of course. And no I don't sell anything so I can't help you there, but do the research for yourself and maybe it could help you the way it's helped me. 5. "Fullbars" Again, I don't sell these nor am I affliated with the company. This is a product which was designed by a weight-loss doctor. They are not safe to eat if you still have your band though! I know because I called the physician personally to check. They are only for those with no band. I get them at my local drug store and they have been instrumental in my success thus far. I eat one with a full glass of Water and it kills my appetite for about two hours. Again, check with your doctor if these could be right for you. I am a firm believer that people with weight and appetite problems need HELP. We need to combine ALL the principals that can control appetite and we need all the help we can get. But believe me, if I can do it, YOU CAN TOO! You really can. I was the most hungry/starving person in the world before my band. But now that I've lost it and am combining everything I've learned in the past 30 years plus using the great new OTC products available out there, I've been doing fantastic! I have been sticking to 1,200-1,500 calories per day and I do not restrict what types of food I eat. If I want a hot dog or chocolate, I eat it within my allotted calories for the day. Since I eat primarily high protein/fiber and take my supplements, I am in control and have not been overeating the high-calorie stuff. I've been eating it in small yet satisfying portions. WE can do this!!! I am living proof. I know it hasn't been long, but I will check back in a couple months to give an update, and I'm sure it will be a positive one! Good luck everyone, and never give up!!!
  4. Hello All, I was a frequent poster on this board when I first got my band 5 years ago. Then, like so many succesful Bandsters, I dropped off the board because I was too busy living my happy banded life, 100 pounds down and thrilled. I did gain back about 30 pounds over the five years, but that was because I had some minor band issues like not being able to find the sweet spot, and getting too tight, then too loose, then I remained too loose for a couple of years. However, that all being said, here I sit five years later, 70 pounds thinner but without my band. I've been reading alot of posts by people who have lost their bands due to erosion and slippage or other problems. I would like to report that I did lose my band, but it was not the fault of the band at all. I consider my band to have worked extrememly well for me despite the minor issues with tightness/looseness. I consider 70 pounds off to be a huge success. What happened to me was that my appendix burst three weeks ago, and when it burst it spread infection throughout my body and infected the band. After my appendix was removed, my band had to come out a few days later (after I was stabilized on antibiotics). At the time my band was removed, it was in perfect position and condition aside from the infection from my appendix. I am posting this to say that not all band losses are the fault of the band. Life is full of risk, and despite my horrible hospital experience recently, I can honestly say I am glad I took the risk of having the band. 70 pounds is a huge life change for me and I can do so much more than I could when I was much heavier. I am considering the bypass now but will start off trying to maintain my loss on my own and hope I won't have to have another surgery. I have learned alot during my five years with my band, such as eating primarily lean Protein, upping my fruits and veggies, and combining protein and Fiber to feel fuller longer. I am hoping with these tricks, I can succesfully maintain my weight loss and maybe even lose more weight. Don't let other people's horror stories stop you from getting the band. If it weren't for my appendix, I'm sure my band would have continued in good condition. Good luck to all of you newbies and I wish you much success with your bands!
  5. Hi! Recently, since I've lost 85 pounds, I've noticed that men have been giving me alot more attention. For example I was dressed up the other day for a night out, and I pulled in to get gas. You would have thought Beyonce pulled up the way the guys were acting. I got out of the car and the one guy was like "Helllloooooo!" and then he said "My, my, MY don't you look niiiiice today!!!" I was like "Uh thanks. I'm going out tonight." Then yesterday, two guys in a truck were actually honking and WAVING at me! I'm only halfway to goal so I can't imagine what it's going to be like when I get there! Is this what thin women deal with all day long, every day? I don't know if I should be flattered or insulted.
  6. Hi All, Wow I can't believe it's been over two years since I got my band! I haven't been around this board in ages! I'll make a really long story short. I lost weight great the first year, then started having problems with my band closing off and not being able to keep liquids down. So the short version is, my fill is too loose (because any tighter and I'm too tight). Because of this loose fill I totally stopped losing weight and recently have even started gaining a couple of pounds here and there (about seven total). I'm still 85 pounds down from my start weight though so I am happy. Anyway, in a last-ditch effort to avoid getting a fill I am trying Nutri-System. If anyone is in the same boat as me, and is on Nutri-System, let me know how it's going! I'll keep ya'll posted. --Becky
  7. I just read this article on the "Quiverfull" movement where the idea is to have as many kids as possible and that "God is the only one who can open or close the womb". Some of these idiots have 12, 18 and 20 kids. Dumb, dumb, dumb. I'll just assume that everyone on this forum is intelligent enough to know the reasons why this is a really bad idea, such as our severely dwindling environmental resources, for one. On a more mundane level, every time someone complains about a new development going up behind their house, or long lines at the supermarket, or horrible traffic, I feel like screaming "that's because people are having too many *bleeping* kids! It makes me so mad that people are so dumb.
  8. It occurred to me last night that I post alot in Rants and Raves, and I think maybe sometimes I come off as really serious and uptight and too politically correct. Then I got to thinking, boy, I bet the people on the board would be surprised to know this fact or that fact about me. So, I thought it would be fun to post something about ourselves that people here on the board would be surprised to know. It can be one thing or more than one thing. I'll start: I love celebrity gossip and am addicted to tabloids and gossip Websites. I love pop culture and love learning about fads in history as well as current. I will admit that I mostly go to art movies, but I equally love really dumb mainstream comedies like Talladega Nights, Scary Movie, and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. I collect anything vintage, like cookbooks from the 50's, antique clothing, and black and white photos. Now, how about YOU?
  9. Hi all, First let me say I'm sorry I haven't been around much. I've been super, super busy. I have bad jaw pain right now (I have no idea why) and am dying to take an anti-inflammatory. Not Tylenol, because Tylenol does nothing for inflammation. NSAIDS not only help the symptoms, they help to heal the underlying inflamation by breaking the cycle of inflamation. Since we can't take Motrin or Advil, etc., does anyone have a suggestion for an alternative? Maybe something herbal or whatever. Thanks!!! Becky
  10. Sunta

    JK Rowling and Dumbledore's sexuality

    Hey ya'll! Long time no talk! I've been soooooo soo busy! On this issue I have to say: I never really thought about any of the character's sexuality because I always think of the books as being for children (even though I know a ton of adults read them). But it's nice whenever Gay people get more exposure in the mainstream.
  11. Sunta

    Tomorrow is my day (take 2)!

    Congratulations on your re-banding! What a huge relief! I think about what would happen if I lost my band and I shudder. Even being unfilled for two weeks taught me that the hunger is the real problem. I gained so fast during those two weeks! I'm sure you will do fantastic and get down to an even lower weight than before losing your first band.
  12. Sunta

    facebook anyone??

    Hi, I am on Facebook and would love to add friends! If you want to find me, PM me and I will give you my full name.
  13. Sunta

    Ladies: PMS and Restriction?

    Twice during PMS I have had to have an emergency unfill due to being closed off completely. The rest of the month I had been completely fine. I am now too loose due to this, and as a result my weight loss has totally stalled out. I have been stalled for months (well actually I have been bouncing up and down the scale anywhere from 2-6 pounds). I don't want to get another fill though, because it is horrible being closed off. It's up to me now. I started doing power yoga for 45 minutes a day and am planning on adding a half hour walk at night as well. I'm hoping the exercise will kick-start things. I only have 60-65 pounds left to lose and am frustrated. I just want to reach goal and be on maintenance. I'm sure if I was a man this would not have happened. Sometimes I hate being a woman.
  14. I posted this is the main forum yesterday and no one answered me, so I'm trying again here. I just recently took up power yoga and am concerned that some of the moves could increase the risk of slippage because they can cause your internal organs to shift. Has anyone heard anything about this or know if yoga is safe with the band? Thanks!
  15. There is absolutely no reason why everyone can't reach their goal weight given proper restriction and hard work. There is no magic percentage after which the body decides not to lose anymore, or after which the band just "stops working". If a person is consuming fewer calories then they are expending, they will lose weight. From now until the end of time, through every percentage point, through thick and thin (no pun intended), this rule will always work (barring certain medical conditions of course). I think the 50-60% comes from those who ate around the band, or who had to have the band loosened and thus had a harder time getting to goal. For example, I have an extremely loose fill right now which gives me much less restriction than I had previously. It's basically up to me now. I have started exercising 45 minutes a day, counting calories, and taking Alli to further cut calories as well as green tea pills to raise metabolism. I've lost 92 pounds to date and have 63 to go, and I am not going to let my loose fill stop me. I am going to reach goal come hell or high Water. With this loose fill, I have really struggled, gaining about 7 pounds and then losing it, then gaining back two pounds. I had been bouncing around on the scale for three months, losing and gaining 2-3 pounds, when I finally made the commitment to exercise. That was a few weeks ago and today I weighed in at my lowest weight in 10 years, at have lost about 5 pounds in the past two weeks. I am thrilled to be losing again. I know if I stick to my commitment to exercise and count calories I will make it to goal. I am finally in ONEderland, and I plan on staying here! We can all reach goal if we work just a little harder! I'm not letting any statistics stand in my way!
  16. Aw, c'mon... are y'all just being shy or what?
  17. Sunta

    Sara Lee....what the???????

    Sigh, I feel like a total ass for pointing this out, but I believe that the slogan is technically correct, because it is the correct use of a double negative. The meaning is "Everyone likes Sara Lee". While use of a double negative is often intended (incorrectly) to create a negative by the speaker, in this case, the intention is to create a positive, and therefore its usage is correct. That being said, it is a non-standard usage of the language and would be better suited to Middle English, when double negative usage was standard.
  18. I just read on MSNB that the estimate of baby girls murdered in India because of being unwanted, is 10 million over the last 20 years. This, in itself, is appalling enough, but what makes me even more furious is the United States policies on adoption. So many couples would do anything to have one of those 10 million infants. Yet we in the US have once again has found a way to capitilize on human life, charging anywhere from $15,000-$40,000 in fees to adopt from overseas (to adopt in the US can be even more expensive). Generally older children are more toward the $10,000 range and infants are more expenisve. When my husband and I had looked into adoption, we eventually gave it up because of the horrendous fees. It's an outrage, and I'm surprised that there hasn't been a mass uprising about it! When so many infants are being thrown away into the garbage in India, it is criminal to charge US couples anything, let alone $20,000, to adopt them. It's sickening. Adoption should be FREE to anyone who wants a child, who can pass a criminal background check and basic physcological criteria. The Indian government should step up and pay for US couples to adopt these girls. At the very least, adoption should be the cost of airfare to India, plus the cost of the background check and physcological testing. Period. I am just surprised that more people are not outraged about this.
  19. Sunta

    Ever watch men shopping at Home Depot?

    LOL! I agree with all of your observations. I also noticed (and I just went to Home Depot yesterday!) that every time I go in there, the people that work there NEVER know what I'm talking about or have an answer for me. For example yesterday I went in looking for a product to kill drain flies. No luck. Other times I have gone looking for other basic items and can never find what I want. Even worse for this for me is Target. I swear I have gone into that store 25 times and I have never, ever, ever once come out with what I wanted. How can these stores be so big and yet have so little? I also noticed several women in Home Depot (lagging behind the men as you observed) being dressed very provocatively, as in, hoochy mama dresses and heels. Home Depot is just a weird, surreal experience overall.
  20. Sunta

    Have They Changed Your Wal-Mart?

    As a general rule I avoid shopping at Wal Mart due to ethical concerns over their business practices, but I will admit that when in a total pinch (like the time I needed a dvd/tv converter thingy and no one else had it), I will sheepishly go there, but I am not proud of it. Since I don't shop there often (maybe twice in the last five years when it was an "emergency") I don't know if they changed things around or not. I encourage everyone to attempt to shop at the mom and pop places first and use Wal Mart as a last resort.
  21. Did you read about the gal in Arkansas who just had her 17th kid? Call it an extreme shot in the dark, a wild guess, or just plain spidey sense, but something tells me that this family is not super informed on the environmental impact of such a decision. Like I said on another thread, their 17 children's children will have a grand old time swimming in the polar ice caps, that is if the earth is still inhabitable by then. But let's forget about the future for a moment. Let's just look at what's happening today: A whopping 125 lakes in the Arctic have disappeared in the past few decades, backing up the idea that global warming is working fiendishly fast nearest Earth's poles. Research into the whereabouts of the missing water points to the probability that permafrost underneath the lakes thawed out. When this normally permanently frozen ground thaws, the water in the lakes can seep through the soil, draining the lake--one researcher likened it to pulling the plug out of the bathtub. When the lakes disappear, the ecosystems they support also lose their home. 400,000 square miles of artic sea ice have melted in the last 30 years, far outpacing any previous melting, ever. "The habitat of the polar bear is literally melting away under its feet," says John Kostyack of the National Wildlife Federation. President Bush says: "I recognise the surface of the earth is warmer and that an increase in greenhouse gases caused by humans is contributing to the problem," he said during a visit to Denmark en route to Gleneagles. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! TAKE THE BLINDERS OFF!!! GET INFORMED!!!BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  22. Sunta that's one thing I've learned reading threads here. Scarcasm seems so much more harsh when you read it in a post, than when you are hearing it and reading someone's body language. Excellent point, BJean. I often tell my friends not to instant message their significant others, because tone/body language/facial expression is totally lost in writing. Now if I could only learn to follow my own advice... I guess my tone and intent is much like that of George Carlin, most of the time.
  23. Sunta

    Could you imagine? 17 KIDS!!!

    I wonder what this family is doing to reduce their massive carbon footprint. And their 17 kid's kids... Well at least their kid's kids can swim in the polar ice caps when they grow up...
  24. The title and initial post were more about "damn kids" or "bleeping kids" rather than the environment. I have learned that some on this board "get" tongue in cheek and others don't and never will. I now take a much more serious approach to my posts, since there is no room here for sense of humor, sarcasm, or satire.

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