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  1. Hi All, Wow I can't believe it's been over two years since I got my band! I haven't been around this board in ages! I'll make a really long story short. I lost weight great the first year, then started having problems with my band closing off and not being able to keep liquids down. So the short version is, my fill is too loose (because any tighter and I'm too tight). Because of this loose fill I totally stopped losing weight and recently have even started gaining a couple of pounds here and there (about seven total). I'm still 85 pounds down from my start weight though so I am happy. Anyway, in a last-ditch effort to avoid getting a fill I am trying Nutri-System. If anyone is in the same boat as me, and is on Nutri-System, let me know how it's going! I'll keep ya'll posted. --Becky
  2. Sunta

    JK Rowling and Dumbledore's sexuality

    Hey ya'll! Long time no talk! I've been soooooo soo busy! On this issue I have to say: I never really thought about any of the character's sexuality because I always think of the books as being for children (even though I know a ton of adults read them). But it's nice whenever Gay people get more exposure in the mainstream.
  3. I posted this is the main forum yesterday and no one answered me, so I'm trying again here. I just recently took up power yoga and am concerned that some of the moves could increase the risk of slippage because they can cause your internal organs to shift. Has anyone heard anything about this or know if yoga is safe with the band? Thanks!
  4. There is absolutely no reason why everyone can't reach their goal weight given proper restriction and hard work. There is no magic percentage after which the body decides not to lose anymore, or after which the band just "stops working". If a person is consuming fewer calories then they are expending, they will lose weight. From now until the end of time, through every percentage point, through thick and thin (no pun intended), this rule will always work (barring certain medical conditions of course). I think the 50-60% comes from those who ate around the band, or who had to have the band loosened and thus had a harder time getting to goal. For example, I have an extremely loose fill right now which gives me much less restriction than I had previously. It's basically up to me now. I have started exercising 45 minutes a day, counting calories, and taking Alli to further cut calories as well as green tea pills to raise metabolism. I've lost 92 pounds to date and have 63 to go, and I am not going to let my loose fill stop me. I am going to reach goal come hell or high Water. With this loose fill, I have really struggled, gaining about 7 pounds and then losing it, then gaining back two pounds. I had been bouncing around on the scale for three months, losing and gaining 2-3 pounds, when I finally made the commitment to exercise. That was a few weeks ago and today I weighed in at my lowest weight in 10 years, at have lost about 5 pounds in the past two weeks. I am thrilled to be losing again. I know if I stick to my commitment to exercise and count calories I will make it to goal. I am finally in ONEderland, and I plan on staying here! We can all reach goal if we work just a little harder! I'm not letting any statistics stand in my way!
  5. Sunta

    Ever watch men shopping at Home Depot?

    LOL! I agree with all of your observations. I also noticed (and I just went to Home Depot yesterday!) that every time I go in there, the people that work there NEVER know what I'm talking about or have an answer for me. For example yesterday I went in looking for a product to kill drain flies. No luck. Other times I have gone looking for other basic items and can never find what I want. Even worse for this for me is Target. I swear I have gone into that store 25 times and I have never, ever, ever once come out with what I wanted. How can these stores be so big and yet have so little? I also noticed several women in Home Depot (lagging behind the men as you observed) being dressed very provocatively, as in, hoochy mama dresses and heels. Home Depot is just a weird, surreal experience overall.
  6. Hi, I really want to get into doing power yoga and I just took my first class. I really loved it, but I was wondering if there's any chance any of the poses or stretches could slip the band? They say it can shift your internal organs, so wouldn't this also increase risk of band slippage? I would be terribly unhappy if I found out I couldn't do it, as I have finally found an exercise that I like!
  7. C'mon, I know someone out there must know something about yoga!
  8. Hey guys, sorry I've been posting so infrequently. I've been really busy. I just saw "I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry" last night and I actually thought it was really, really funny. Has anyone else seen it? I didn't find it offensive at all, as the critics said it was, and I laughed alot throughout. I was interested to get everyone else's take on it. I found it hilarious. Of course it has alot of gross-out, lowbrow humor, but my tastes run the gamut from the most intense foreign/indie films all the way to Adam Sandler. The movie is an equal opportunity offender, making fun of everyone, no one is exempt. And, it actually tried to give a message of tolerance (however elementary the message might be). I really enjoyed myself.
  9. Whatever the alimony law is, should apply whether the person remarries a man or a woman. There should not be any difference in treatment to any of the parties involved. I don't know what the alimony law is, but it should be the same across the board in my opinion. Meaning if it's cut off when the woman remarries a man, it should also be cut off when she get remarried to a woman. If it's continued after remarriage, it should continue regardless of the gender she remarried.
  10. Sunta

    Health Care is not as bad as some may think

    What makes one say with such certainty that these people don't want to help anyone; and that in fact they would rather see people die if it means increasing their taxes? I suggest seeing the movie Sicko. You will witness hospitals letting children die because of lack of proper insurance. You will witness old people in dire pain, practically naked and with no shoes, wandering aimless and confused, dumped onto the street by hospitals. You will witness September 11th rescue workers unable to get seen by a doctor due to lack of insurance. These stories are real and they are happening to millions of real people. Real people in pain and suffering. Real people who cling to a photo album of their baby because it's all they have left of her after the hospital would not treat her and let her die after hours of the mother pleading for them to treat her. This country is sick, and vile, and putrid, and greedy. I have never cried so much at a movie in my life. It's so easy to look at people and say "that's them. I'm protected. Thank goodness I have good health care." It's so easy to just not care when it happens to the other guy. If we truly cared as a society, we would not tolerate this abhorrent mess. We are complacent, and lazy. We should be out marching in mass protest in the street. We should stand for the people who can't stand for themselves. But make no mistake about it, the majority of our country just doesn't care about people. They care more about the almighty dollar than people's lives, and that's the absolute truth.
  11. Sunta

    Do you think Filipino Women make Good Wives?

    I don't think a person's race in any way determines whether or not they would be a "good" spouse. I don't think the two are related. Imagine asking "do you think a Caucasian man would make a good husband?" How would anyone be able to answer? They would have to say "It depends on the man". Same thing with this question.
  12. Sunta

    Just got the call...

    Congratulations!!! We are all thrilled for you!
  13. I well remember my xenical days, the frequency, the urgency, the dreaded orange oil... The thing that I don't get about this drug is that it cuts about 135 calories a day (if one follows the 15 grams per meal rule). This would translate to 14 pounds in a year. Now, don't get me wrong, 14 pounds is still 14 pounds, and I would love to lose any amount of weight, but is 14 pounds worth the side effects? My answer is no. If Alli is half the prescription dose, I'm assuming it would amount to half the weight loss (7 pounds), which is definitely not worth the side effects. They need to come out with something that delivers ALOT more weight loss than 7 pounds, before I would consider dealing with the side effects this drug produces.
  14. Sunta

    Major Plateau...Help!

    I have a very similar story. Lost about 85 pounds in about 14 months and then just stopped for about 2 and a half months. I also had an unfill in there which didn't help. I broke my plateau by cutting out all white flour and sugar, and counting strictly 1,000-1,300 calories per day, and exercising. Well, actually I'm not too good about the exercising part (only doing it about two or three times a week), but the other stuff has definitely helped. The first two weeks of this regimine I lost 6.4 pounds. Now I'm on week three, but I'm getting my period, and thus begins the monthly Water weight gain of between 3-5 pounds, which is so disheartening. But, I really think that my regimine is helping. I plan to resume white flour and sugar in limited portions, only after I reach goal.
  15. I can't believe it. For 16 months I've been seeing everyone else's posts about ONEderland, and I would just sigh and think "maybe someday I'll be posting about onederland." Well today, I made it!!! I can't believe it!!! It's been a long journey but I did it. My total loss is 92 pounds. I still have 60-65 pounds left, but now I finally feel like goal is in my sights! I went from size 26 to size 14/16 (sometimes 18 on the bottom depending on the cut of the pants). I had previously gained due to an unfill, but now I've lost that, plus more! What helped me was that for the past two weeks, I have been sticking to a very strict regiment of no white flour, no sugar, and strict calorie counting (1,000-1,300 per day). I also have been throwing in exercise when I can, and taking green tea supplements. In these past two weeks, I've dropped 6.4 pounds, to arrive in ONEderland this morning!!! Previously I had been on a two month plateau, and then I had my unfill, so I went 2.5 months losing nothing and even gaining about 5 pounds. But here I am! So if anyone needs a plateau breaker, maybe getting tough will help you like it helped me. See you in ONEderland!!!
  16. Sunta

    Countdown to Onederland!

    After two weeks of a complete unfill, gaining 6 pounds, and then finally getting back on track, I have MADE IT to ONEderland!!! I can't believe it! Weighed in this morning at 198.8!!! I have not been in ONEderland for 15 years!!! WOOHOOOOOOO!!!
  17. Sunta.... I absolutely support gay/lesbian rights, including the right to marry, but I disagree that the eharmony policy is any more discriminatroy that the gay dating site (outinamerica???). They offer only "man looking for men" and "woman looking for women" options - no hetros allowed, one assumes. Also, there is a Lady USA Fitness club down the street from my house. It does not allow men. Is that ok? Another health club in my are is "Fit and 50", which restricts membershp to those 50 and over. AARP? You have to be 50 to join. I have insurance (auto and homeowners) thru AAA, but they won't sell you insurance unless you are a member of the AAA Auto Club. The list goes on and on and on. These are all businesses, but you can't purchase their services unless you meet their criteria. I don't see the difference, but please enlighten me if you think I am wrong. Ok, let's see. The first example is Lady USA Fitness. Technically they would be discriminating against men, right? I don't believe that men fall under a protected class in the anti-discrimination law. In fact I think that men are not generally discriminated against in our society. Secondly, the reason for having only women at the club is specifically so that they can feel comfortable working out without the fear of being stared at. I don't think any such similar concept would apply at Eharmony. Adding Gay people would not affect straight people in any way. They could still go on picking other opposite-gendered people and dating in the exact same way. So I don't really see a correlation there. Besides, I don't USA Lady Fitness is the biggest gym in the United States (I've never even heard of it) whereas Eharmony is one of the largest dating sites out there and as such would be considered to offer more programs and services to its clients. The second example is "Fit and 50". I'm assuming that this gym offers very different services to people 50 and over than would a "normal" gym. The exercise programs would probably not be appropriate for younger people who are looking to lose weight or meet fitness goals. Therefor there is a specific and valid reason for restricting membership to those 50 and older. No such similar valid reason applies at Eharmony. Their argument about "not having developed the research" is nonsense. Gay people are no different from straight people in terms of who they would be compatible with (after the gender thing, of course!) The Triple AAA example I think is the most far out one, because they are not restricting based on who a person is, but based on membership in a previous club. So I don't think that example applies at all. But the main point is, none of these examples show restriction to people who are protected under the law, which Eharmony is doing. So to sum up: 1. None of the examples include people protected under anti-discrimination laws. 2. None of the examples include minorities (which is why they tend to not need protection) 3. All of the examples show excellent and compelling, sensible reasons why they are operating the way that they do. 4. None of the examples are the "biggest and best" club or service, as Eharmony is. Believe me, if there were tons of huge, inexpensive online Gay dating services that had the exposure Eharmony does (in advertising), it most likely would not be an issue.
  18. After watching Fred Thompson on Fox last night I was planning to send my $1000 donation to him today. After reading your posts I decided to double it. I have no idea how sending in a donation to Fred Thompson is related to my posts.
  19. Eharmony is a privately owned company. Why shouldn't they get to cater to whatever market segment they so choose? Gay, straight, whatever? Because it violates anti-discrimination laws, that's why. Based on your argument, it is also ok for a business to refuse to serve Blacks. Sorry, maybe you want to go back to Jim Crow, but I sure don't!
  20. I am not in favor of the death penalty. Did I just prove you wrong? Well I know how fond you are of saying "one person thinks 'X', so 'X' is true", and anecdotal experiences over scientific fact (for example, you friend who was Gay and is now "straight"), but no, one person's opinion does not a consensus make. The truth is, most conservative Christians do support the death penalty, because in Romans 13:1-5 it demonstrates that the death penalty can still be applied. Since fundamentalists frequently use the old testament to support their opinions, it makes sense they would cite this as the reason for their support. Conservative leaders state it is biblically acceptable, and studies show that the majority of conservative Christians strongly support it. And, as a matter of fact, on this very thread, there have been more conservative Christians who have come here and supported it than the one who stated you do not. So, sorry, I appreciate hearing your opinion, but no, it does not prove me wrong.
  21. You know why it is so easy to bash christians? Because we rarely put up a fight. ROFL! I assume you're kidding, here, right?
  22. Is it possible that since Im weightlifting and bulding muscles even in my stomach that the band gets tighter? I do think that's possible actually. I think alot of things can make the band tighter. I've been thinking about what happened to me and trying to figure out why it happened so suddenly like that, out of the blue. I did have my period, and I know alot of people get tighter during their period. As for you being unfilled and getting tighter, I have heard of that before. I do think our stomach muscles are just like other muscles and tissues and they can get built up by exercise and/or they can swell up due to different factors. This band is a fickle thing, isn't it? I will get my fill back on Wednesday (only 1cc though) but it has been heavenly having this break! I've been able to swallow big pills (all the supplements I've been taking!), eat whatever I want, and have no esophagus pain. It's wonderful. If I wasn't scared of overeating, I wouldn't even get my fill put back in. I'm still doing well but I did get really hungry yesterday and ended up overeating a little bit at dinner. I am actually dreading getting the fill back because for the first few weeks-month after a fill I PB a whole lot. Maybe I will stay on liquids for like a week after it to try and curb that.
  23. Well, I have tried a little, ahem, solo-ish (DH here, just not active participant) sumpn-sumpn, so obviously there was no actual physical activity that hurt. But when "the moment" arrived (well, ya know, the body sorta involuntarily tenses up) it did hurt and pretty much offset any good feelings it produced. So I think I need to wait at least a week or so before I attempt anything else... Oh my goodness I really relate to this!!! LOL! I did the same thing the day after I got back from the hospital and I'll never forget that port pain when "the moment" arrived. Sorry everyone if this is TMI! The next day my and my girl actually tried it out and somehow we made it work, but my port didn't stop hurting during "the moment" for about two weeks!
  24. What I don't get is Christianity. It is quite simple to prove it is not factual. It isn't even original material. When xtianity was created by man it was borrowed, stolen, and copied from myths prior. Why not go to the original myth? At least it isn't copied from someone else, or if it is we don't KNOW it is used and rehashed material. Why not adopt the religions it was copied from? Wouldn't that at least be more honest? Amen to that!
  25. Sunta

    Public Smoking Bans

    Well, I used to smoke when I was in my teens and early 20's, then I quit when I was 22. 14 years later and after my surgery, I picked it back up again, but not every day and only 1-5 cigs on the days when I do smoke. Since I've had this sinus infection for the last three weeks, I have not one the entire time, because it really increases my coughing. So I'm thinking that if I've gone three weeks without one, I can just keep going. However, I really love smoking. I really do. It's sooooo relaxing to end the day with a smoke and a glass of wine on my steps. I really look forward to that great time in the evening and relaxing with a smoke. I don't believe that 1-5 cigs a few times a week significantly increases my risk of lung cancer, even though a recent study said it increases it five times that of a non-smoker. I think heavy smokers have something like a 15 times increased risk. I don't think it's any worse for my lungs than inhaling all the pollution here in Philly. Now with regard to the smoking ban, we do have the ban here in Philly, and I am not in favor of it, even though I'm planning on quitting. I think that it is more than sufficient to have non-smoking sections in restaurants and bars. Quite frankly it feels really really odd to me to go into a little neighborhood corner dive bar nowadays and there's no one smoking. It really ruins the character of a place. There should be smoking and non-smoking sections, and maybe even I would go so far as to say smoking and non-smoking establishments. That way, if someone wants to go hang out and smoke at a local pub, they can, while if they want to enjoy dinner in a totally smoke-free environment, they can do that also. I generally tend to not like laws that limit anyone's freedom of choice.

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