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    April '09 Bunnies...2 Year Bandiversary!

    Wow, it's been FOREVER since I've posted. Life is so busy! and FUN! I'm down from 322 (or 327 i don't remember) and a size 28 jeans and 30 top into a size 12 jeans and a large top at 212.2lbs! I've lost So over 110lbs lost so far. I have another 20-30 to go before I start to consider reconstructive surgery. This is the most amazing thing ever! I just eased into a 12 so most of my clothes are currently 14's but I can't wear them w/o belt. a belt? me? for a purpose not for fashion? would have NEVER believed that!! I started my personal business with The Pampered Chef and am so geeked at the ways that it is allowing me to help others making wise food choices and simplifies cooking for me. I've gotten out of the gym habit w/summer and the weather but 'typically' I spend 90 minutes at the gym 5 days a week and LOVE it. another something I would have never beleived.
  2. ThinWithin

    Friday Weigh Ins

    I weigh in weekly and plan on posting here to keep me focused. If anybody else wants to post their losses on fridays with me feel free. I figure the more the merrier and we can cheer each other on as we start climbing back down the scale! Personally I find Fridays help keep me focused over the weekends.
  3. ThinWithin

    Non Scale Victories!

    i just took my belt and put in another hole w/a knife in the kitchen. it was pretty funny but my belt was too big so i went ahead and measured the space between holes and added another the right spacing away, i can now fasten it and the leftover is long enough to tuck under the belt loop ON THE OTHER SIDE!
  4. ThinWithin

    Friday Weigh Ins

    292.4 :0) woooooohooooooo!!! i am so excited! inching closer and closer to the 280's
  5. ThinWithin

    Friday Weigh Ins

    i am down this week. weighed myself on friday and was 293.4 which is super exciting after sitting around 297 for weeks and weeks and weeks! I am hoping to get into the 280's soon.
  6. ThinWithin

    Friday Weigh Ins

    still at 297 as of friday morning. had my first fill yesterday afternoon and this morning was 295...hopefully the trend will hold and i will FINALLY show a loss next week of more than a measley 1/2 lbs @@ (sorry about the MIA status for the past 2wks have been traveling out of town and busy busy busy hopefully it'll slow down)
  7. They took blood at my preop appt and they wanted TEN VIALS *and* a urine sample. dang! i was thinking i went in full and was going to come out empty! although i guess that's one way to lose weight lol
  8. ThinWithin

    Friday Weigh Ins

    sorry was out of town for the weigh in but am at 297 @@ stupid 1/2 lbs losses are starting to annoy me! lol
  9. ThinWithin

    Non Scale Victories!

    Still haven't stepped on the scale, the further I get away from having stepped on it the less important it becomes. I am pretty excited that it's been DAYS since I last weighed not hours (or minutes lol)
  10. i was told to not lift anything heavier than a full gallon of milk for 6wks. i have a 4 and 7 yr old and they dont need to be picked up like a 2yr old would. good luck
  11. ThinWithin

    Non Scale Victories!

    OH MY GOSH lingling I totally was writing this post in my head last night as I went to bed!!!! I have been getting up the past couple nights and changing out of my pj pants into a pair of panties. I just couldnt get comfortable with the pj pants on and last night the reason WHY clicked, THEY ARE TOO BIG! they ride up ALL the way to my thighs and get bunched up and are not comfy. I don't know why it took me so long to figure it out but it definately made me feel a little more successful as the scale didnt budge at all this week. This morning I was getting dressed and put my belt on and when I started this journey *IF* I wore a belt it was merely for decoration and I used the very largest hole on the belt. Today I was fastening it and realized that I am on the SMALLEST hole! I am almost too little for my belt, and i NEED it now! Okay final NSV for me and I'll hush. I haven't gotten on the scale since yesterday. I have resolved to NOT get on it until Friday morning. I need to get out of the mindset that it will determine my success. My success will be defined by ME everytime I make positive choices. Everytime I get in my exercise I am successful. Everytime I put my health ahead of my petulant inner foodchild I am successful. I feel good about myself and then step on the scale and feel myself deflate, this isn't the way I want to live my life and I am doing something about it. Congratulations on your NSV's Lingling! I am proud of you and your successes!!
  12. i am still sitting at the same spot i was last week @@ this game sucks lol i can't wait for a fill and soem scale movement!!
  13. ThinWithin

    Donut Day Wt. Loss Challenge (June1st)

    i am sitting at the same stinkin' spot as last week @@ i know i am only 2 wks post surgery but dang it i wanted to see some movement on the scales!!! here's to hoping next week brings a loss!
  14. ThinWithin

    Friday Weigh Ins

    stayed the same from last week to this @@ i am so annoyed by that lol i know i should just be glad i didnt gain but that's not the way my warped mind works. *fingers crossed* here's hoping next week is better and i'm a big ole loser!! lol
  15. my doc plans on starting me on pureed foods in the hospital. anybody else? it makes me nervous because i've heard from so many they use liquids for days if not weeks following the surgery. also he said no fills for 6wks, is that normal? i know that normal is relative but i'm just curious what your experiences have been.
  16. ThinWithin

    Tricare Hell...

    i had a HUGE debacle getting tricare to approve my surgery. i ended up calling them everyday or every other day for 2wks and FINALLY they answered me. I have no clue what the hangup was. I have tricare prime and felt like they dragged their feet, also i dealt with some liason between tricare and my surgeon at healthnet federal services that was IDIOTIC! the day before my surgery they called to ask me if i was sure i wanted to have my gastric bypass. I was like ummmm NO i'm not having bypass!! and i had to argue w/her for a few moments until they finally believed me.
  17. ThinWithin

    Back from the dr...

    your doctor filled your band 6cc at surgery? i thought common practice was to not fill until 6wks postop? wow....that surprises me, do you already have restriction?
  18. ThinWithin

    Food help!

    omw i so could have written this post! i've not yet eaten pizza and/or salad but the concept is the same. I feel fine...normal even and yet i am worried about everything. do i feel TOO good? do i not FEEL enough? is this going to screw it up? did i eat too much (after several days of eating out of a ramekin a regular sized portion seems gigantic) I am not getting enough calories either and yet I dont want to screw anything up. I've got nothing productive to help i guess lol just saying i feel your anxiety!
  19. do you like ricotta? i dont like the texture of ricotta so i do cottage. i also added some chicken from a pouch since it is so soft and easy to puree. honestly the garlic and pizza seasoning really pop more than the cottage cheese.
  20. ThinWithin

    Friday Weigh Ins

    Good Googly Moogly!! That is amazing!!! As far as the "competition" goes dont worry about me, I will keep posting and participating :0)
  21. I was banded on 4/21 as well and got my steri strips taken off last week tuesday. the doctor said he wanted me to take them off sooner but thanks to the pain meds i didnt remember either lol Mine were a little wet but they dried out super quick after i removed the steri strips. the port is a little wonky looking but everything else is looking good. good luck :0)
  22. ThinWithin

    Friday Weigh Ins

    height 5' 9" w/a goal weight of 180. how did this thread become a competition? i thought it was a supportive thread that was to encourage everybody along......maybe it's just me...............
  23. :thumbup: Bunny Banster's July 4th Challenge Bunny's name ------ Bunny's target loss --- Bunny's start weight --- Current date --- Bunny's Current weight --- Bunny's target July 4 weight PharmaGirl ----------------- 20lb --------------------- 276lb ---------------- 1 May --------------------- 276lb ---------------------- 256lb NY Lady -------------------- 20lb --------------------- 253lb ---------------- 1 May --------------------- 253lb ---------------------- 233lb Lingling--------------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? JayTee---------------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? MrsMitch -------------------- 20lb -------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? ALuv82---------------------- 30lb -------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Band_Groupie -------------- 15lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Kaner ----------------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Scoobydoo ------------------ 25lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? TerriLynne ------------------ 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Hopeful41411 --------------- 18lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? IsabellaP84 ----------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Hannah Jay ----------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? JWL08 ---------------------- 18lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Abbie-pie ------------------- 30lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Poconomom -----------------20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? myturn2Bhappy ------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? DMChef --------------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? FutureSize10 ---------------- 25lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Doodlebug11 ---------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? tcbgirl ----------------------- 15lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? twinmamma1130 ------------ 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? mi_illusion_st ----------------15lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? kittygirl --------------------- 22lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? JukeBox81782 -------------- 40lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Losing for me -------------- 20lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Early ----------------------- 15lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? labbandgirl2009 ------------ 25lb --------------------- ? -------------------- 1 May --------------------- ? -------------------------- ? Pottergirl------------------- 20lb--------------------- 280lb ----------------- 30 April------------------- 280lb ------------------- 260lb shakia90 ------------------ 20lb --------------------- ? ---------------------1 May --------------------- ? --------------------------- ? txdj ----------------------- 20lb---------------------- ? ---------------------1 May --------------------- ? --------------------------- ? ThinWithin ------------------27.4lb---------------------- 297.4 ---------------------1 May ---------------------297.4--------------------------- 270
  24. can you lay flat? i had the chest tightness following the delivery of my son and it was my lungs filling w/fluid. Given that you recently had pneumonia I would be concerned about that.....sorry you've had such a hard time w/your band. I wish you luck! ((hugs))
  25. ThinWithin

    Wanted to introduce myself!

    welcome :0)

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