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    I'm 36 , Married , from McHenry County
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  1. Happy 44th Birthday zacsmom!

  2. 6 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 6th Anniversary zacsmom!

  3. zacsmom

    Chewing & Spitting

    I'll tell you why bulemics swallow , I was one for 3 years. When you start purging you don't intend to do it as much you do . Then your mind set changes and you know you're looking good even though you're killing yourself slowly,your old self still wants that ice cream or extra helpings so you have it then you vomit , then you look at yourself in the mirror with your face red your eyes watering and you just know that even though your collar bones are jutting out you're still the same gluttonous pig you were before you were damn near emaciated. You're afraid to eat , you're afraid to vomit. It does become a vicious cycle. I wasn't much of a binger though , I was a purger of anything that went in my mouth. There's a lot more but I'll spare you the details. You never know about anything until you've walked that path.
  4. zacsmom

    My Success Story/Journey with Lap Band

    Wow , you look fantastic !!! Size 12 is a great size but you look like an 8 !! I'm happy you got the surgery so young so you can enjoy life :thumbup: Puking , yeah, bet that's disturbing. I'm jumping back into this after chickening out 2 years ago. I puke now from over-eating at night while consuming too much soda or chocolate milk , not only or just vomiting but choking on it , being woken up from choking on it. I know I;m treading dangerous ground there. I believe it's called Aspirating. Keep up the amazing work and CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Lisa~
  5. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    WOW , it's been awhile! First I want to say thanks to everyone who offered help when I was asking all my questions. Then I disappeared,I gave up on surgery all together. I figured I could do it by myself...the fruit and veggies rotted nearly every week as I ate the bad food. Crying jags over what I'd done to myself weight wise. all this in over 2 years since I 1st asked. what's up now...ALL MY NUMBERS! Get this...I had a long overdue full panel of bloodwork done , we had lost our insurance due to lack of work during a quarter , so it goes for three mos or more depending. I was on generic meds that I guess didn't work as well , my cholesteral 378 my blood sugar 90 my Triglycerides......1400 !!!!! Now keep in mind with this unbelievable number that 2 am that morning I was up , eating ding dongs and Quick Choc milk not knowing I was in for blood work , no one really questioned everything but still , how high must it be without the junk food 9 hrs prior? when 150-200 is the norm. Weight Watchers membership 4 times...failed 4 times. I'm only 4 pounds heavier than when I came in here whining before. So I find myself remembering my Fathers death 2 years ago in Feb,the day after his 63rd b-day,the death falling on my son's b-day. My Father suffered through 5 heart attacks , diabetes , skin cancer and congestive heart failure for 30 years. He was scared to death all the time , that's not living. That's waiting and ducking death , knowing it's coming. His fight began at 34 , I'm 39 and I appear to have inherited his body type that doesn't deal well with all this food. I'm getting scared..I was just asked to join Weight Watchers by a friend and am too embarrassed to show my face in there again. I know time is of the utmost importance and healthier habits but I just CANNOT seem to do it on my own. My sister is in the same boat , weighs more but has PERFECT numbers. We're always proclaiming our vow to stop the madness. Funny ,we've been doing that for more years than I can remember. Now even though my Father was obese when his 1st heart attack happened he managed to diet down 100 lbs on his own and only gained a bit back once and lost it again in those 30 years,I kept telling myself I should do it like he did. So I find myself here again , scared of surgery , scared of not having surgery. Scared of complications but scared it will be too late if I wait. I feel like a nutter , I want to cry and yell at someone for all this food , for all these chioces , for my inability to control myself , honestly , I'm literally SHOCKED that I do not weigh more than 234lbs. I'm all belly. Well mostly belly. So I found out that even if we were to lose the insurance again due to lack of work that as long as I START the process while covered ,. it's all covered. I am going to contact the hospital and start from Square 1....go to the orientation and find out what I need to do again. I will be going to Mercy in Woodstock , Dr. Nagle and Heyderi perform banding. I looked and looked on here for anything about them and didn't find anything. If anyone knows or used them please let me know. I'm pretty much ashamed for chickening out , for all these fears. But I look at my 9 year old son and my family who watched my Father wither away for 30 freaking years and what it did to all of us and I will NOT put them through anything close to that because I have to have my gravy and chocolate milk, because I can't say no to second and third helpings , because I never follow through with my promises of dieting,saying I'm going to do it this time , I am going to change forever. I'm going to read some more of your amazing stories..... I really love this forum and look up to each and every one of you. Something brought me back ,I believe everything happens for a reason. All my Best,Lisa
  6. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    I keep hearing that more and more from Gastric bypassers and Bandsters , Banding is definitely my choice but it really gives me hope :girl_hug: Thanks for your encouragement. Lisa
  7. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    Hey , It's Lisa , I had changed my mind about surgery , I chickened out bigtime. Since then I have met a lot of women who have had Lap band. I went on South Beach , GREAT diet but I couldn't stay on it and it was expensive to buy food that my Son and Hubby didn't eat , I lost 17lbs. I gained most of that back. I have been obsessively aware of my weight since posting here months ago. I have decided to give Lap band another go. I am scared out of my wits but know that realistically all of you and all the women I've met that had it , are JUST FINE. So I will call my Bariatric nurse today and re-start the process. I'll post when I hear something , I feel ashamed for giving up on that too but I just turned 38 and I want to live a better life and that means getting serious and getting healthy. Thanks for all your past advice. Lisa
  8. zacsmom

    insurance question for someone in the know

    Great question , if you ask me the pharmaceutical companies NEED us to be taking blood pressure meds , cholesteral meds , water pills from the bp meds , etc , etc , etc ,they could very possibly be working together , I know I sound paranoid but at this point I can sure be certain that it's not my well being that the insurance company is concerned with ! Lisa Jarva-pre-op waiting impatiently to be banded , having second thoughts , having a sleep study with cpap this Sat , diagnosed with apnea. I've been told I'll have to go through a "medically managed weight loss program" before surgery will be approved due to the Mental health portion of the insurance requiring it for the tests before surgery....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Any thought or info on this is always greatly appreciated.
  9. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    Hi , Thanks so much for your response , it helped ease my fears , my friend did get rid of her reflux , that was almost 4 years ago and it's just coming back ! I have no idea what she can do now. Thanks again Lisa
  10. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    I was just wondering if any of you have had an experience when banded of having a stomach bug ? Is it horrible ? moreso than without a band ? You all need to know I worry about EVERYTHING , I just got back from reading the complications section and decided not to get banded ,lol ,I'm still going to the orientation and intend on getting banded , just got REALLY freaked out. I was wondering too , my friend had a surgery where her stomach is pulled up around her esophagus , I think . It's for very bad heartburn and reflux , she lost a bunch of weight and experiences quite a few of the symptoms of Bandsters who over do it , it's unreal how similar it is. She spits up liquid , she can't really vomit normally , her food goes down sometimes like a golfball in her throat and takes a long time to get down there , she says it hurts her. She's hardly ever hungry. Anyway , I was really concerned about a good ole fashioned , power heaving case of the flu with bandsters. any experiences would be appreciated , thanks , Lisa
  11. zacsmom

    Chicago Fill Doctors

    I was so hapy to see you on here , I lost your info, I have a new phone number , if you would , e-me at zacaroonie99@hotmail.com
  12. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    Hello !!! Looks like everything is a go, I'm a bit frustrated as our Bariatric center where Dr. Heyderi does the Banding requires an orientation but it isn't until Jan. 25th , I've been waiting for weeks since i called , it's for the best though , I need all I can find out to do this right ! I'm getting nervous already and actually decided not to get banded once , I became really fed up when I went shopping for my neice who's a tiny thing ,lol , I decided that things are going to be about me for once and making ME happy !! That I will be shopping on the "normal" side of the clothing store. I'll keep updating after the orientation , hopefully I'll be able to set a surgery date soon after !! Thanks for all your support and info , especially to my Band Angel.. HUGS Lisa:clap2:
  13. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    My Update , I have a doctors appointment Mon the 7th to discuss Lap Band , I've been telling friends and family members about it , they're nervous for me but hopeful too , I was wondering , how long does the surgery take ? Are fills covered by insurance usually ? How often , in a normal (hate that word) case are fills required ? Thanks , I'm really excited about this , I must be , I've never had ANY kind of surgery and I'm actually looking forward to this! Hugs and support , Lisa
  14. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    ok , I'm not 5'6 ,lol , I'm 5'5 but it says my BMI is 38.6 , I hope this is covered , the insurance lady made it sound like morbid obesity wasn't an absolute requiremnt as much as a substantial amount of weight to lose AND health factors, I'm actually getting excited! I have NEVER had any kind of surgery but have read that this one is a breeze as far as pain goes ,I made an appointment to see my DR. monday and we'll be discussing this Thanks again for your support , I can't wait to get the old me back , she was pretty healthy and had a decent bod ,lol
  15. zacsmom

    Insurance coverage and other ?'s

    I talked to the insurance , if my doctor refers me then it's a go! I already know I meet all the requirements so I'm very hopeful!! Cross your fingers for me I'm just really worried because I am a major compulsive eater and love sweets! I'm sure I can modify my eating habits but I need to work on my self esteem , thanks for all your help ladies! Lisa

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