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  1. Welcome! You are doing something great for yourself by having this surgery. I understand how you are feeling now. MY DH was supportive but very worried and skeptical in the beginning. He had seen my go on so many diets and didn't want me to fail again. Talk to him now and he is a 100% FIRM believer in the powers of the Lap Band. Best of luck to you!!!
  2. HeatherGurl

    Hello from TX!

  3. HeatherGurl

    Finally Moving!

    That is a GREAT start!!! Good for you. It will make you have so much more energy doing that.
  4. There is no choice for it, so I didn't vote, but I lost 17 lbs the first week. It did count! I didn't gain it back either.
  5. HeatherGurl

    Cheating? Is it worth the risk?

    Oy vey! I do not think anyone was implying that you are a complete failure. Myself and others are trying to stress to you how important it is to follow the Dr.'s rules. I have NEVER been one to tell someone "oh, it's ok if you eat solids when your Dr. says no" I am not going to sugar coat it. You are very lucky to have the band and we are all trying to help you understand the importance of screwing up things and losing it. Right before I had my surgery I was told that a guy had his band placed on a Monday and ate a steak the next day and had major complications and had to have it removed. I realize you didn't eat a steak, but why would you want to lose it now. I am sorry if you took my post the wrong way but I do not believe in disobeying Dr.'s orders and I will not apologize for that. I will apologize for making you feel bad though, no one deserves that.
  6. HeatherGurl

    Cheating? Is it worth the risk?

    I just want to say that I have not forgotten how hungry I got, but I just kept on following my Dr.'s rules. I didn't eat a solid food one until my 4 week period was up. Sorry, I didn't waste my time and money to sabotage myself. Keep strong and let your Dr. know you are hungry and do as they say. If you are overweight enough to have surgery, I seriously doubt you will starve to death. I always told myself that. Find something else to do to get your mind off of the food. Watch a movie, take a walk, go shopping. Just do anything to get away from the temptations.
  7. HeatherGurl

    Cheating? Is it worth the risk?

    If you are asking if you have done damage to your band, only your Dr. will know that. Most likely if you are not in pain, you are fine. I have never understood while people go thru this whole ordeal of surgery and don't obey their Dr.'s rules. If your Dr. said you can eat what you are, then you are find and shouldn't worry. If your Dr. said otherwise, then you need to stick with the Dr.'s orders so you do not hurt yourself.
  8. HeatherGurl


    I can not eat salad. :bananapartyhat: Oh how I miss them.
  9. HeatherGurl

    How long to have sex?

    Whenever you feel well enough to you can. Just be careful and if something is painful, stop. I waited 3 days.
  10. HeatherGurl

    Good Advice...

    It is VERY seldom that I get asked for my ID when I use a credit card. And I don't even have my signature on the back of any of them. I wish every merchant would check more carefully. I really appreciate it when people do. This is very good advice! DH had his wallet stolen and thank goodness nothing charged up or anything, but it was a mess trying to remember what cards were in there!
  11. HeatherGurl

    Dr. Spivak?

    Hello~ I used him and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. He is an excellent surgeon. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I was banded on Nov. 9, 2005. I have lost 143 lbs and I am now below my goal weight!
  12. HeatherGurl

    Stuck in a Blizzard!!

    Carlene~ We have had the AC on for about 2 weeks now
  13. HeatherGurl

    Family Christmas Pics

    Here is a pic of the family.
  14. HeatherGurl

    Dr. Collier and Houston

    Ditto on what Barbara said! I don't know Dr. Collier, but the Surgery Center is where I had my surgery and my fills. They are great there.
  15. HeatherGurl

    Low Life People!!

    My daughter is 19 mths old and Miss Independent. She has an attitude on her like no tomorrow. She is a very good kid, but she can get mouthy. I would NEVER holler at her or cuss her out. There have been times when I have wanted to run away, but I will get her busy coloring and I will walk out of the room take a few deep breaths and try to change the situation. If I were to see someone abusing a kid regardless of their size and mine, there is no doubt I would jump in and kick some major butt. I could not sit along the sidelines and watch that. I won't let my daughter go to my sister's house because she is always screaming at her kid. I tell her constantly that is abuse and she better watch it or I will report her. She has gotten better, but my daughter is not used to people screaming, that would make her a nervous wreck. There are other ways of disciplining. I know some may think I am young and naive in my parenting, but I want my daughter to feel safe around me and my husband. There just isn't any cause for screaming in a household.
  16. HeatherGurl

    Should I...?

    Update please... Have you started filming yet? I am dying to hear how things go with this!!! Congrats to you!!!
  17. Yes, my Dr. ONLY does my fills under the flouro. (I don't think I would trust it any other way) Thank you!
  18. HeatherGurl

    Say It Loud....

    Thank you Teresita! You are doing great also!!!!
  19. HeatherGurl

    Just beginning the research

    Margo, Sorry that I am just now seeing your post. I used Dr. Spivak in Houston, and his surgery is $15K if you are self pay. I highly recommend him www.bandmd.com Let me know if you have any more questions.
  20. HeatherGurl

    Calling all recipies

    cheese Ball 2 packages cream cheese softened so it is easy to work with 1 bunch green onions 2 pkgs of the cheap thinly sliced deli meats from HEB Chopped Green Olives (optional) Add all of the ingredients together and you may roll them into a ball and cover with chopped pecans if you like. Or, just serve out of a bowl without rolling into a ball. We have ALWAYS made this cheese ball in my family, but recently my grandma added the green olives and it makes it even better.
  21. HeatherGurl

    Calling all recipies

    Layered Pea salad Shred 1 head of lettuce into a large serving bowl. (I use bag lettuce) Chop up 1 bunch of green onions and sprinkle on top of lettuce. Pour 1 bag of frozen Petite Green Peas over the onions. Pour Ranch dressing over the top of the peas, enough so you don't even see the peas. Pour a layer of your favorite shredded cheese over the dressing. Then pour a layer of bacon bits over the cheese. VERY simple and VERY delicious. People that don't even like peas love this salad. It is my FAVORITE dish to take somewhere.
  22. HeatherGurl

    Downsizing & dress size

  23. HeatherGurl

    Goal Weight

    My goal has changed so many times I don't know if I can remember them all. I was told at 205 lbs that I looked great and didn't need to lose anymore by my Dr. and by a friend. So, I quit trying to lose weight and quit worrying about it, even thought I wanted to be under 200. Here I am at 186 lbs and I don't feel lost or worried that I may never lose another pound. 186 is not a lot at all in my book. I don't EVER remember weighing less than 250 except when I was in grade school. So, I would like for the charts to say I am a normal weight, but then I would have to weigh 174 and I don't know if that is too little for my frame. I am a large framed girl. There is nothing petite about me. I am actually considering getting a slight unfill after the first of the year so I won't lose more and I can maintain my current weight.
  24. HeatherGurl

    Drinking During Eating

    I have always said this and I stick to it... If you have proper restriction you should not be able to sip with your meals. If I were to take a sip of anything while eating I would be in mucho physical pain. It makes my food come back up if I try to drink while eating. Just don't do it :girl_hug:
  25. HeatherGurl

    Question for the ladies...

    I went from a 46DDD and now I am in a 36D.

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