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  1. Maya314

    I'm a newbie! 3 day Post Op!

    Congratulations! I'm actually and Old-bie? is that a word? OH.. a veteran! nice.. I'm about 2 years out, the best advice I can give you is to stay in contact with your Doctor, they're the only ones that can make sure your band is working to the best of it's ability. I plateued and thought I had it all figured out but I didn't.. I still have some weight to lose to get to my goal weight about 30 more lbs, and I could have done it much sooner if I had consulted with My Doctor sooner. Good luck, you can do it!
  2. Maya314

    Soda soda soda

    I HEART Dr Pepper.. we had a really LONG and Loving relationship. :thumbup: *Sigh.. I was seriously addicted.. got sick when I gave it up.. vomiting, headaches and the shakes.. UGH.. I loved the stuff.. I used to kid that I was going to Marry Dr Pepper.. :thumbup: My Daughter thinks that's hilarious.. I still miss it.. but I had given it up a year before I even considered having the band.. and so it wasn't a huge deal when I was told I couldnt have anymore.. I will have a sip of diet every once in a while.. cuz I miss the fizz.. I feel your pain.. I do however doubt seriously that a teeny bit will cause any damage.. but if it was crack and I was a drug addict.. just a little bit could knock me off the wagon..so.. choose your poison! Good Luck!
  3. Maya314

    Horrifying First Fill

    Spice.. I had the same problem, he was never able to access the port on the first visit, he poked 3 times and I could hear all this like plastic grinding noise?? I don't know a better way to describe it. Anyway.. I went the following week and a different Dr did it, had no problems at all and I was filled! My Dr doesn't use lidocaine before the fill needle goes in, and I don't think it's bad at all, it's completely tolerable. It's a small price to pay as far as I'm concerned. Good luck next go around!
  4. Maya314

    Been thinking

    ProudDad, There is light at the end of the tunnel, soon it'll be time to introduce mushies and then solids again.. then enter Bandster Hell! Good luck with that.. Then once you get a fill.. you go back on liquids again, I'm learning through experience, that the lap band is not our savior, it's our friend, helping to show you the way, but its going to be your job to do what it takes to lose the weight, Still alot of work that you have to do on your own, You have to watch every morsel that you stick into your mouth now, you will be eating with an awareness now that you never did before, these days will pass.. (Pssst.. quit watching them while they eat Silly!) :smile2: Good Luck!
  5. Maya314

    Doctor From Hell

    I typed out my letter and took it to my Dr, had her copy it on their letterhead and sign it. I scheduled an appt specifically for that.. figured since I paid the copay.. she was getting paid to do it. That's what worked for me.. Good Luck. DATE To whom it may concern; I am writing this letter on behalf of my patient XXXXXX DOB XX/XX/XXXX. XXXXXXXX is XXXX tall and weighs XXXXlbs. and a BMI of XX.X with a diagnosis of morbid obesity (278.01). XXXXX has been excessively overweight for most of her adolescent and all of her adult life and having attempted and been unsuccessful at many different methods of weight loss, would certainly benefit from some sort of bariatric surgery. In addition to morbid obesity, XXXXX also suffers from the following co-morbid conditions, sleep Apnea (780.57), GERD (530.81), Shortness of breath (786.05), Stress Incontinence (625.6), Back Pain (724.2), Knee Pain (716.98), and has a positive family history of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia. (These are just a few that may qualify you) XXXXX has tried many method of weight loss including a physician administered diet and diet pills with an approximate weight loss of XXlbs only having to gain the weight back plus more. (Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig etc..) XXXX is limited due to her co morbidities in the ability to exercise however she is currently a member of XXX fitness club with a weight loss of 0lbs. I feel that XXXXX would benefit greatly from the Lap Band Procedure (43770) as a tool to help lose the excess weight and lessen the co-morbidities and regain a more healthful life. Sincerely,
  6. Maya314

    Positive results, other than weight loss

    Haha.. Wrist bones! that's awsome! I'm looking forward to stuff like that, I can hardly wait! Congratulations ladies!!
  7. Maya314

    Juice Plus?

    I love Juice Plus.. but am afraid to take them now that I'm banded so i've just been doing childrens chewables... I took them for the same reason as you.. my diet sucked.. even now that I'm watching what I eat.. I pay so much attention to protien that I forget about fruits and veggies.. so I do V8 and V8Fusion.. hoping to compensate for my not eating the veggies.
  8. Maya314

    happy me!

    Calondra, I'm so happy for you, I'm glad everything is going better than planned! congratulations.. keep us posted on how things are going!
  9. Hello Nikki... I'm in AZ too.. Tucson that is. It will get better after a fill.. then.. right about 2 weeks out again you start feeling hungry again, it's all about finding a sweet spot, you'll have one someday... Good Luck, keep us posted on your first fill.
  10. Puddin, I'm so proud of your decision to wait a few months, so many things can change between now and then, and if you drop a little weight it might be easier for your Dr to find the port, I think what you're doing is smart.. On the otherhand tho.. didn't you just wanna bonk your Dr on the head and say.. "well you're the one that put it there!" Good Luck Sweetie, we're rooting for you!
  11. Maya314

    Do my EYES look skinnier? *BLINK BLINK*

    Haha.. Quasi.. Love the headline to this thread.. It's amazing the things you would never think of were affected by being overweight huh? I'm certain I'll drop a shoe size before anything else.. haha.. Good luck.. and congrats on the skinny eyes!
  12. Maya314


    Congratulations Brandy!! Keep us posted!
  13. Maya314

    14cc band and a 5cc fill

    Hello Vivianna, I have a 14cc band and had my first fill last week of 7cc's closer to 7.5, and I definitely feel restriction, what I found interesting, was that he kept asking me how I felt.. I had assumed that he would put in a few cc's (like around 3ish) and that would be it, but he asked me to swallow some water while he was adjusting my band and then stopped when I told him that I could feel it in my throat. I'm getting the feeling that my Dr's are more agressive, they gave me a fill at 5 weeks out and some people have to wait until their 6-8 weeks out (They would have done it at 4 but had trouble accessing my port) It's hard to say what kind of restriction you'll have with 5ccs, everyone is so different. LONG winded reply to your question, Good Luck, I hope you do well with your fill!
  14. I hate the easy way out thing... It's anything but easy. I mean if people think that getting needles poked in your belly regularly, going on a liquid diet ALOT due to fills etc, showing your stretchmarks to cute Dr's on their internship so they can learn how a fill is done they have another thing coming, I have to research everything that goes into my mouth, EVERYTHING is it too gummy? Will I PB if I eat that? Crap I forgot to eat the protien first, I suck at this... OMG I can't chew gum for fear that I might swallow it, I have to watch the clock a few dozen times a day so that I can drink water when I'm supposed to and not when I'm not. People are full of crap if they think this is the easy way, the lap band is actually the most disciplined way of all of the surgeries I think, it's just a tool, you're the one that puts in all the work. Don't let what other people say get you down, just add them to the "Ignorant" pile and feel sorry for them for being idiots. Faithmd said it right when she said.. "Pffffthththt! People!" haha.. love that... Anyway, someone else on here said and I always try and remember when I get the feeling I want to tell someone about it.. "Once you tell.. you can't untell.." that manages to keep my mouth shut. Good luck in your surgery, Keep us posted!
  15. Maya314

    OMG how did you all decide

    Hello Cindy! Congratulations on your first few steps to a new you! I know it can be scary, I only slept one hour the night before surgery because I was scared and was wondering if I was doing the right thing. I really feel that I have made the right decision for me. I've worked in the medical field for years, I worked in a lab for a few years and we would draw blood panels on people who had previously had other types of Bariatric surgery, and truthfully although they looked thinner.. I can honestly say that they did not look healthy, their hair wasn't shiny and their skin looked gray and pale. Maybe that isn't the majority of BS patients, but I only saw one of the dozens that beat those odds. That was one deciding factor for me, the other was the fact that it was laprascopic, which is safer and third because of the down time, I am the sole bread winner in my home and could not afford to take almost 2 months off to recover from "elective" surgery. I also believe that I am an expert at dieting, My lap band is keeping me honest and I'm actually paying attention to what goes in my mouth first, and I'm reading labels when I go shopping and I'm making smart choices. I'm chewing before I swallow! What a concept! I definitely think it's the tool that I needed. Have you gone to a seminar? Be sure that if you do that they are covering all types of surgeries and aren't "pushing" for a certain type. Good luck in whatever you decide.

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