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  1. I guess my story's like most of yours. Never was thin,even as a teen, I got married had a child and lost all the weight.Two years later had another child and gained weight, had another child 18 months later,gained,lost a baby, gained, then 4 years later had another child gaining all the way. Went back to college 3 years bettering my grade each time,Gained weight. I worked with mentally & physically handicapped adults and kids. I loved my work. I guess it kept me from thinking about my weight. One day at work I thought I was having a heart attack....Lucky for me it was just heart wall pain caused from my gallbladder.I had High blood pressure and diabetes.My sister-in-law,her son & daughter-in-law all had had gastric bypass. I knew that was not for me.My mom went with me to a free meeting to find out info on lap band. And I knew that was for me ! I have lost 35 lbs. since my surgery on January 30th 2008, My kids bought me a Wii fit for my birthday this past July,and I go to Curves to work out 30 mins. 3 x's a week. I can't even tell you how many inches I have lost, mostly off my legs,thighs,butt and neck and now the thing I hate the most (my stomach) is getting smaller!!!! I am off ALL medications for diabetes, high blood pressure and acid reflux.That saves me about $400.00 a month! feeling better in my clothes even when the scales say I haven't lost. And my outlook on life is GREAT!:thumbdown: No more pity parties :cry_smile:for me! 'cause I'm with the band! Peg P.S. Sorry ticker isn't my friend, have trouble changing it.
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    Thanks so much for your comments they really helped me. I'm about 1/2 way there and don't want to mess up now.Keep up the good work. Peg
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    Can anyone tell me why you slime? Gag And nothing comes up but a mucusy yucck.
  4. Peg

    January 2008 Bandsters

    Kcintx, I also do curves, I forgot what they said for almost a year, remember it's 3x's a week to MAINTAIN. So I have to get at least 3 in . my kids bought me a wii fit for my birthday so when I can't get to curves I can still get a work-out in . it's great. Peg sorry the ticker isn't working for me today but I have lost 32 pounds since my surgery Jan 30,2008.
  5. Peg

    Jan 08 bandster fill poll

    I had surgery on Jan 30th have lost 32 pounds....Dosen't seem like enough. I have had 2 fills, 3cc's the first time could eat everything... Then the next one put in 1 1/2 took out 1/2, gaging So ...... 4 cc's in a 10cc band. Some days I feel it's working well I almost gag on water other days I don't think it's there could eat the cabinet doors of the kitchen and not be happy. What's going on????? can't get ticker to work for some reason today.
  6. I had my lap band done Jan/ 30 ,2008 By Dr. G.... HE IS GREAT!!!!!!!! His staff at the time left alot to be desired. For some reason My case worker was more concerned about her life than my surgery. I worked with me insurance and reported back to her. I made my own Dr. Appt's. Then the night before surgery they almost cancled because i had not attended some classes they never told me about! I cried all night long and went to surgery laoded for bear! So frustrated that they delayed surgery almost 1 hour and 1/2. So much c_ _ _ P ! to go through. Dr kirk the fill Dr. is wonderful!!!!! If you can just work with Dr. G's staff and let him know if you have trouble with them you'll be fine! He can't make the problem go away if you don't say anything. I have been doing well I have been going to Curves 3x's a week and my kids got me a wii fit for my birthday it's so much fun!!!!!!!! I have lost 31 pounds that's about 5 pounds a month not to bad for an old woman! Anyway good luck to you!!!! Peg:thumbup: sorry can't get ticker to work today.
  7. Peg

    Help!! Eating to much

    Jeremey, Hey how FANTASTIC for you, I was banded on Jan 30th and have lost 22lbs.I've been beating myself up because it isn't more ! But when I talked to my Dr. he said i could be 1cc off of loosing and my next fill is June 3rd.It will get better, It's all new territory to all of us and I think you are doing GREAT,try to eat veg's and good stuff and hang in there,we WILL do it BUT TOGETHER ! Peg :thumbup:
  8. You can find it many places G N C Walmart etc. I like Unjury Off the internet, they have flavors that are great and also unflavored to mix into soups with flavored water, puddings Jello etc.Welcome to the UNJURY Homepage hope this helps. Peg
  9. Peg

    Had my third fill today

    Hey all count yourselves LUCKY, I had my surgery Jan 30th and I have to wait till March 25th for my first fill. I have been doing well I have lost 22lbs. so far and will be able to go back to Curves this week.So i'm hoping this will help the weight come off much faster. Gotta look good for my Daughter's wedding on April 4th.
  10. I disagree about a restaurant loosing the tip over someone having a card,I am more inclined to leave a tip IF I get service when a member of the wait staff looks me over with distaine and has a pre conceived notion they won't get a tip anyway...You know what they get pennies...This says volumes about the attitude they have.But I am not afraid to give a great tip if they are friendly and helpful, even if they won't except my card if they are polite to me..they have done what THEY can do. I might find a nice way to speak to the manager. But if we get angry they ALL will say NO WAY !!!! I know it's easy to get upset but I think some of them really don't understand they may think we are just cheap or want something for nothing, Prove to them you are just asking for some consideration and that they can receive the best advertising in the world...word of mouth and that can MAKE or BREAK any business out there!
  11. I'm in Oklahoma and I found Cheddar's food chain will let you order off the kids menu. I had a very nice piece of fish with a small bed of 1/4 cup rice and steamed broccoli and carrots,(this was pre-band) But I found it to be quite filling, I even took enough home to have for dinner.I just got my card today and I too will try and use mine, I talk so much about my band that I tell everyone. And my husband and I have been eating out for years, So we are known in most places around here, And If they Make me mad I'll just tell them, Ok I'm not coming back. My Dr. office also keeps track of the places that except the card, andhtye publish it in there monthly newsletter,we are encouraged to share our information so they can tell others what places do and do not except them.It's pretty good advertising for the one's who do.
  12. Peg

    Restaurant Traps

    I found a wonderful soup on all recipes.com you can find all types of good things there and tweek them as needed. This may cure your hunger for the soup you can't find. Broccoli cheese soup 1/2 cup butter ( i use pam or spray margarine) it's just to brown the onion in. 1 chopped onion 1 16 oz. package chopped frozen broccoli (more or less) 4 cans (14.5oz.) chicken broth (use low sodium) 1 1lb. loaf Velveeta cheese ( can use low fat) cubed 2 cups skim milk 1 Tablespoon garlic powder 2/3 cup Cornstarch Can leave out if you like a thin soup 1 cup water Melt butter in skillet, cook onion till softened,stir in broccoli,cover with broth,Simmer till broccoli is tender,about 10mins.Reduce heat and stir in cheese until melted mix in milk and garlic powder. In a small bowl mix cornstarch and water until dissolved stir into soup stirring often until thickened. Makes 12 serv. cals.272( with full cal. Velveeta) fat 18.8g cholesterol 48mg,sodium 1140mg,carbs. 14.8,fiber 1.2g pro. 11.1g You can alter this a little without changing the taste. It worth a try.:tt2: Enjoy! Peg
  13. Peg

    Restaurant Traps

    Hi, My Dr. told me a disturbing fact....Guess what Mc Donalds product has more sodium than anything else on the menu?? Fries, too easy,????? their SHAKES !!!! :grouphug: They are 1/2 foam 1/3 sugars and flavorings and the rest is sodium. :thumbup: This is something to watch out for it is hidden in a lot of foods you would not think of. So become a label reader. Stay a little healthier ! Peg
  14. Peg

    Banded 1/30/08

    GraceofGod, Hey Don't beat Yourself up about it, your doing good, I also have lost 16 pounds...I was feeling bad about that until someone pointed out that that's a pound a day. For not exercising more than one trip to the mall and 2 trips to Wal-mart. I too am wondering about how I will handle the 1/4-1/2 cup size. I am now consuming about 1 cup broth and other things to get my pro. in my Dr. says NO MEAT till week5-6 that's hard too.I am not suppose to have bread....at the mall yesterday had a pretzel, starting woofing it down 3 bites in, it got stuck,and started turning red and scared my daughter half to death.After I got something to drink it went down painfully and I stayed red eyed for a while unsure if I would barf or not, finally ! a burp. That was a wake up call i haven't ever done that! I hope to not do it again! I know now to never be without a pro. bar or something,I had just gone too long without any Pro. and made a really bad choice, old habits sneak up when you let your guard down!!!! Hang in there sounds like if you can tell where you went off track you can start again and get right back on. No one can do it for us (wish they could) So we have to "police" ourselves, but we can do it. Besides if you can fell it in your clothes and shoes who cares what that old scale says???? Good luck , Peg
  15. seajules, UNJURY is sold on the net @ UNJURY.com they can explain it better than i can . good luck. Peg
  16. Peg

    Banded 1/30/08

    Ginasue67, We are all in this together,Please don't feel alone..we all express ourselves differently,and we all have the same fears....But together we can do anything, maybe not perfectly but together. Hang in there and you will be fine! Peg.
  17. Seajules, Yes i am using a supplment,it's called UNJURY I bought the unflavored and then the sample pkgs. of flavors. I use the unflavored in broths, jello,juices,shakes, etc. And the flavored pkgs. taste great! the chicken soup was wonderful the only thing better was the choc. shake, can't wait to taste the strawberry sorbet.I have not had a problem with my blood sugars since using this product.Since there is no sugar in them(unflovored) the flavors have 3g. so just watch for that I use SPELENDA to sweeten if needed.I think these really taste much better than the SLIMFAST and such, I did find BUTTER PECAN BOOST that is great as a treat and had 10g pro.Wallgreen's is about the only place i could find that. Anyway hope this will help you out. Good luck ! Peg
  18. Peg

    Banded 1/30/08

    Hey All, I was banded on the 30th also and I'm feeling fine had that feeling of plurasy bad in my left side and shoulder area it's starting to ease up a lot now and I'm felling better, think that hurt more than the stitches. It's suppose to disapate with movement. Ive been one liquids for 2 weeks and have already lost 12 1/2 pounds. I don't know where, but that's what the scales say.:wink2: Sounds like alot of you are have luck too. keep going it's only going to get better from here. Peg
  19. Peg

    Surgery on Tue!

    Just an fyi for some of you out there I tried the Unjury Protein powder today unflavored and it works great it has 20g pro. per scoop and will mix with hot or cold foods, just follow the instructions on container. they also have flavors like chicken soup and strawberry sorbet I will try them soon I got these in one serving pkgs. and the unflavored in larger amounts. No after taste and helps the liquids be more satisfying and filling without the bubbly felling of the "Milkshakes" Welcome to the UNJURY Homepage. Hope this helps. Peg
  20. Peg

    Surgery on Tue!

    Thanks everyone, If that stress test and the money you shell out, can't kill ya I guess anything can happen huh? :huh2:Great for you Nygmen !:frown: Sounds as if you are doing great ! I really appreciate the encouragment.I'll try to keep in touch to let you all know how it's going. Peg:tt1:
  21. Peg

    Surgery on Tue!

    Welcome I am waiting for the 30th, so I know how you feel ! Nerves seem to get me which then makes me hungry.Vicious cycle huh? I know you will do well. I just wish time would hurry a little then again I guess it will be soon enough.Hung in there I think with all the nice people who are out there who have been there and done that will really be a big help for both of us.Good luck to you! Peg.
  22. Peg

    I'm a newbie

    Hi, I'm a newbie, Hope to be banded on the 30th of January.:girl_hug: I have been a longtime reader, and have gotten some really nice recipes ,And everyone is so nice. Just before Christmas our youngest daughter informed us that she's getting Married on April 4th! It will be nice to buy a dress that I will never wear again because it's TOO BIG instead of too small.I am looking forward to hearing from all of you and hoping to share my news with you too !:thumbup:Peg.
  23. Peg

    Is this normal?

    Hey All, If I's not normal that's fine with me it would just confirm what's been said about me for years. Only now I'll have the last laugh ! I'm getting jittery too my surgery is on the 30th,but like some have said think about the long run.I have looked after our 4 kids my husband and now our grand babies and most everyone else anywhere around here, So now I Am going to be selfish for once in my life and take care of ME ! This is my time to shine.... and then I can better take care of the ones I Love! We Can do This !!!!
  24. Peg

    I'm a newbie

    Jen, how did you get your ticker to this site. I chose one and can't figure out how to move it. Peg