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  1. Happy 25th Birthday Sarah.R!

  2. Happy 24th Birthday Sarah.R!

  3. Hi Sarah! Thanks for the picture comment:) I miss seeing you on here, how have things been going for you?

  4. Yeah but it was definitely worth it. At the moment I'm doing okay with it I guess, I ate a pork chop one night and didnt really drink anything, went to bed and the next day when I tried to drink it was just severe pain and the docs thought it may have slipped, I went for a barium swallow on the 15th this month and will hopefully get the results soon so I can get filled again as they did a complete unfill.
  5. Hey, I read you got banded in may 09 - same as me, just wondering if you've had anymore success with losing weight? If not try not to stress to much



  6. No it's cool. Basically I got very very lucky. I have a lung condition and long story short my respiratrist basically said I may need a lung transplant if my breathing got worse, then he said maybe you should consider lapband, no way in hell I could ever afford it so didnt bother thinking about it. Then I saw a diabetes doctor who said they would talk to another doctor who would then talk to another doctor (basic run around) I eventually saw the surgeon between january -may 08( it's hard to remember that far back) who gave me a referral to see his nurse (he wouldnt band me if i hadnt seen her, yet he does people now that havent seen her - go figure), so saw her, then it was basically been told one thing and doing another for a while. I saw her in may 08 and then was told it will happen in december 08, which it didnt, then i was told to do preop in feb 09 so i did, and they ended up getting someone else in for surgery so couldnt do it, then it was postponed to april 09 and still didnt happen then eventually did in may 09. Basically I got lucky with this because they had just started doing the band publicly at my hospital and i was one of the first 2 who had it done, that was only in may last year but I bet the waiting list is probably 5 years long now considering it takes longer and longer everytime i go and see him to get a fill. So now I go to another doc because i hate dealing with the hospital and there bullsh*t
  7. Sarah.R

    Any Brisbane bandsters?

    Depends on where abouts you live in brisbane. Oh and fyi people if you live near or around Victoria Point let me know, I just found a fill doctor that bulk bills for people with the band - Heaven!
  8. I think I'm probably the longest, it took basically a year for me to see surgeon then exactly a year later I got the band done however I was public so what do you expect? Lol
  9. Sarah.R

    any1 in Qld, Australia?

    There are alot of docs at the wesley in brisbane. Maybe try out there website.
  10. Money is the main motivation, they got more for bypass than lapband
  11. Sarah.R

    Why Tell Anyone?

    I haven't told alot of people and yet more and more seem to find out, I actually had a colleague from another office get it done (found out on monday) and was in complete shock, mainly because she isn't that big at all, she looks about 80kgs so it doesnt look like the right option for her. But in saying that she found out that I had it done from the receptionist who has it as well, so I dunno as long as it stays inside work it doesn't honestly bother me, it's when friends find out and are discriminative about it.
  12. Hmmm well just hang in there. Stay strong until you get more restriction and then it will get easier. What are you doing for work these days?


    I've been good. It's gone slower than I though it would, but I'm still happy with my band. I'm in Onederland now and it feels great. I'm sitting at 195, and it's been tough to get here but worth it!

  13. Hey, sorry I haven't talked with you much, been busy with work and that doesnt really leave me much time for anything else. Yeah it's set me back but not as much as i'd thought, the doc said he put 2ml's in but i still feel like i did when i first got this all done (eating that is) and he said that I don't have another appt for another 3 months so thats a pretty annoying, I was going to ring and make another appt but Ive been working and dont have time so its freakin p*ssing me off - GRRRR. Lol. So enough about me how's everything been with you?

  14. Hey sister, how you been? What's the status on your band and fills? Hope that didn't set you back too much:( Well haven't seen much of you on here lately, just want to make sure you're doing alright.

  15. HOLY CRAP YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been on here in a while, How are you other then obviously fabulous!!!!

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