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  1. Just stumbled across this and had to think of BP immediately. I know this is something people simply don't want to think, let alone talk about but it's one of the reasons I'm limiting time on here.



    1. XtinaDoesIt


      Thanks for sharing. I was just talking to a friend about this.

    2. GreenTealael


      Very interesting!

  2. Got just diagnosed with iron deficiency. So it's high dose supplements for a few weeks and another blood work. Plus testing for occult bleeding to make sure it's really a nutritional issue (most likely the cause - after all bariatric surgery is now regularly listed as a possible cause and given the fact that iron absorption occurs in the duodenum and upper jejunum...).

    1. NuOutlook


      Don't worry after my gastric bypass I too was diagnosed with iron deficiency and Vitamin D deficiency as well. My doctor monitors my blood levels and added iron supplements and vitamin D supplement to my vitamin regime. Good Luck :)

  3. On vacation for three whole weeks now. Finally. First "real" vacation without studying for an exam or moving towns like since forever.

  4. OMG... people are going crazy for easter shopping? I low-grade expected people already waiting in line before the store before opening time but this was insane. I briefly considered simply driving home. 🙄 

    All I can say is: if I wouldn't be on-call today and shopping next week will be even more of a hassle when the boss is on vacation and we're going to have to work overtime for sure, I wouldn't have gone shopping today.

    Yes, I'm vaccinated and all and people are wearing masks but anyway...



  5. Had an osteodensitometry today - bones are fine. 🍖

  6. So I may now call myself a neuroradiologist. 

    😁 🧠 🍾

    1. summerset


      Ah yes, I'm literally going to do nothing this evening, lol.

    2. GreenTealael


      Big Congratulations!!!! I need a consult 😝

  7. Anxiety is through the roof right now and I vacillate between "I want to eat and self-medicate with food!" and "I'm too hyper and nauseous to eat right now! Btw, where is the caffeine, b*tch?!"

    This seems to cancel itself out calorie-wise. Two more weeks of this crap. Then I'm going to sleep for three days straight I guess. Or maybe not.

    1. tb03830


      Pre Surgery. I now the feeling. Hang in there it will get better. After surgery you will change day to day and in my case my hunger went away. Weird.

    2. summerset


      Oh, this is not about any surgery whatsoever.

  8. I feel like a sponge soaked with water this weekend. Noticed it yesterday already, also today. TMI I guess but this feeling of having peed and then this strange feeling in the bladder that lasts for a while - like you still have to pee.

    1. BayougirlMrsS


      I went to the dr. yesterday.... he put me on Bactrum. Starting to feel better

  9. Fi-nal-ly the equipment for my homegym arrived. Delivery times are insane these days.

    Since moving to my new flat in another town I actually have the space for a treadmill. I planned on only getting a treadmill because I already have enough stuff for sufficient training at home but decided to get a power cage as well because I can't install my aero sling to the ceiling in this flat and installing it into the wall just plain stinks because no pull-ups or inverted rows etc. possible.

    Anyway, it took four guys to carry that treadmill upstairs in its package - they definitely earned their dinner that evening!

  10. Everything is "corona" as it seems. Like there is nothing else anymore in the news. Stopped reading most of the stuff. Watching the news, I stopped long ago. It's depressing without end.

    For me it's not only "corona" but several other things that are on my plate IRL, even though "corona" is a huge thing in its own way when you're a medical worker. I got my second vaccine shot yesterday and now I'm hoping that these shots are really worth something.

    Anyway, I'm not going to be online much during the next time except for studying online as I still have this exam pending (no date set yet).

  11. I only idled around my new flat both yesterday and today and on Friday evening instead of studying. Hubby says one needs a break once in a while. Problem is, I can't afford this break atm. Three days of not-studying is a no-go so I'm going to look at some material tonight. If I wouldn't be feeling so damn tensed and tired these days... but things are just like they are.

  12. Got my first shot of the vaccine today. Some mild pain in the deltoid muscles but I had that with other vaccines as well in the past.


    1. Suzi_the_Q
    2. summerset


      Don't know if it was the right decision. Several of my colleagues think this way. We might not be able to know until several years have gone by.

  13. First week of new/old work is over. It felt quite exhausting in some way.

    Abdominal plus mons, breasts and thighs will obviously be covered by my insurance. I'm going to self-pay for butt and arms in combination with one of the other surgeries. The later are not really medically necessary but pure vanity so it's ok for me.

    I'm going to get the first shot of Biontech/Pfizer vaccine on Monday. Three weeks later the next.


  14. Happy New Year anyone!

    Let's make 2021 a better year than 2020 because at least in some ways a reset button would've been useful to reboot 2020.

    Hopefully the vaccine will work and there will be new drugs to treat COVID on top so we can kick this pandemic's ass.

  15. Received a letter from my lawyer today. Seems like insurance... has to pay for plastics (breasts, abdomen and mons, thighs)? Not sure, I'm not very familiar with the language of lawyers and insurances but it sounds like it because they "wish me well" for the upcoming surgery?



    1. kunkelgw


      You had to get a lawyer to cover plastics? We are you at? I have never heard of that. I doubt that i will even have insurance coverage. 😩

    2. summerset


      Well, if your insurance doesn't cover it first try, get a lawyer.

  16. Really tired today after 24 h shift. Saturdays are the worst. My last 24 h shift will be next week. While I won't miss the working hours I will for sure miss a lot of colleagues.


  17. Things are overwhelming right now. I expected it, but anyway... *sigh*

    Got a really short fuse today.

    1. Jady927


      I remember those days. I am sorry you are overwhelmed but just know many of us are going through this and you arent alone, before you know it you are going to be a better you and just think about you future you. Tell your future you that you got this, try to be motivated, think about why you got the surgery, you got to go through pain to get to the end. Best of luck to you! You got this! Trust me it will be all worth it. My 1 year is approaching and I cant believe how fast it went by. Take care.

  18. I need to put things into boxes because I'm moving on Tuesday.

    I need to study because I need to be prepared for exam.

    I need to put things into boxes because I'm moving on Tuesday.

    I need to study because I need to be prepared for exam.

    I need to put things into boxes because I'm moving on Tuesday.

    I need to study because I need to be prepared for exam.


    Feels like panic-ping-pong somehow.

    1. GreenTealael


      Hoping it all goes smoothly!

    2. summerset


      The move went ok. I'm now sitting on the bare minimum in my old flat, lol.

  19. Things are going fast. Lightspeed, so to say. On-call tonight again. I'm tired. Going to shower, eat something and hoping for a quiet night.

  20. The local medical association approved my papers!

    Just got the information yesterday evening when checking my mailbox. I guess the exam will be in January. They have to tell me the exact date at least two weeks in advance.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. summerset


      For board certification. Before they allow you to take your exam you have to prove that you're eligible for exam.

      You have to hand in certain papers to do so, like e. g. for how long you've worked at the department of a hospital that holds the authority to educate you when it comes to a certain specialty or subspecialty. You also have need to have performed a certain amount of diagnostic imaging or surgical procedures etc., depending on what you're applying for.

    3. GreenTealael


      That's exciting!

    4. BayougirlMrsS


      yayyyyyy congratulations....

  21. Anxiety is through the roof today. Things are overwhelming when looking at it in sum at the moment. The big picture is just, well... too big.

    We walked the dog today and just like yesterday I wasn't really in the mood.  Today even less so than yesterday because I knew what was going to happen. I tend to mull over things in my head and start ruminating when walking in quiet. The conversation with my husband will inevitably turn to these things, raining my anxiety even more.

    It's different when going for a run or a bike ride. Thoughts are not as present then. I don't know if it's the higher heart rate, the fact that I need to be more aware of the movement when running or needing to be more aware of the environment because of moving faster when riding a bike or a combination of it all.

    Fact is, I hate walking for this reason, even when not alone. I start ruminating and start to feel like crap when there's something going on.

  22. Got my new gravel bike yesterday and I want to take it out for a ride. However, it's cold af here today  (0°C) and I've forgotten to take my primaloft shorts for additional isolation.

    I already froze my pelvic region off during the short test rides yesterday and it was 5°C so I guess it'll have to wait a bit... not worth catching a UTI.

  23. The MGB pouch was way more...forgiving?

  24. 24 h shift on Sunday was just plain awful. I still don't feel recovered and going to take it slow today. I'm taking some overtime hours this week.

    Playing with my newest gadget: an oura ring.


  25. Temperature still normal. No symptoms. One week is over. Both my colleague and I are doing fine.

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