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  1. I am almost 4 weeks post op and I'm not sure why, but my emotions are very weird. I first am loving the weight loss. I have not had any problems keeping anything down and from what other people have told me, I am blessed for that. I believe the problem is I just went back to work and had this thought that every thing would go right back to normal once I went back to my usual schedule. Well, that didn't happen. I find it such a struggle to be around my usual co-workers/friends and not get sad about the things I can't eat. It doesn't help that they don't understand how the constant reminders of what I can't eat make things worse (not that anyone does this intentionally). The worst part is, when I feel sad about the cravings and mental hunger I'm struggling with, I get upset/disappointed with myself. I begin to feel emotionally weak that I allow, a cup of coffee or a bagel have so much control over me. Especially knowing that I'm not hungry and the things I can't have are the things that aren't good for me. I'm sure the personal stress I am in right now is only feeding on my emotions, but I just wanted to know if anyone else has dealt or dealing with these type of things?
  2. Thank you for that insight. I think I will read that book and definitely going to talk to a therapist.
  3. I had my sleeve done 1/18/16 I'm doing pretty well so far. No nausea or vomiting yet. Started my puree diet Friday and would like some ideas for low sugar drinks. I'm so scared to upset my stomach or do anything wrong. I tried crystal light, but I really don't like it so I've only been drinking water. Anyone find another drink that's they enjoyed?
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    Good and meal ideas

    I just started my puree diet and having a difficult time getting in my Protein. Tonight I opened a can of black Beans drained them and then smashed them as they cooked on the stove. Top it with a lil cheese. It was so good and didn't feel like I was eating baby food.
  5. Thanks for all the ideas. I am a big water drinker, but with minimal selections it would be nice to drink something different.

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