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  1. Afrikanaaa

    African American Sleevers

    About four months out my edges on the right side of my head thinned out really really bad.... I wore wigs or full sew-ins to hide it, but now I'm about a 15 months out and my edges are back.
  2. Hey! Wanted to start this thread because when I was researching it I didn't see much information about intermittent fasting after weight loss surgery (especially vsg). But I'm a year and half out, not yet at goal, and was stalled for about 3 months. So I went to my bariatric nutritionist, showed her myfitnesspal logs (I track everything—even my workouts) and she told me to increase my water and try to get back to 500. For me, trying to stay and function at that low of calories gave me really bad headaches and made me feel really weak. So, I went to my primary care for some direction. She suggested that I try intermittent fasting (while adhering to my bariatric caloric restrictions). Basically, I eat my meals between 12 noon and 8pm, and drink nothing but water/tea (sometimes coffee) the rest of the day. I do 2 meals and a snack or 3 meals (3-4oz each), and it brings me right about 800 cals a day. I guess the "science" around it is giving your body 16 hours without eating to process the food you consumed. I've been doing this for about 2 weeks and it's really kickstarted my weight loss again. I'm down 5lbs. I'm also able to drink more water (which some days I struggle with). Just thought I'd share for any one else who needed to shake things up as well!
  3. Afrikanaaa

    Intermittent Fasting - 16:8

    Feel free to come back and let us know how it works for you.
  4. Afrikanaaa

    Intermittent Fasting - 16:8

    I think that has been my biggest thing with me eating 16:8, making sure I consume enough calories. Because I don't feel hungry, and if I only eat 2 meals and a snack I'm not getting my macros like I should. @OutsideMatchInside I'm going to try eating every 2 hours.
  5. Afrikanaaa

    Intermittent Fasting - 16:8

    @BigViffer YES... My NUT is DEF not the brightest tool in the shed. [emoji23] And I see what you mean about the fad-ish thing. A lot of the info I saw about ppl was very skewed to that. But how my Doc advised is easy enough to follow and it's working so i definitely plan on the 8-hour time block as my lifestyle. Still restricted. Maybe I just needed to spend less time thinking about eating? Lol
  6. Afrikanaaa

    Intermittent Fasting - 16:8

    800-1000* cals a day
  7. I am definitely a long term slow loser. I am almost a year and a half out of surgery and my weight has definitely stalled longer than I'd care to admit. However, I will say I'm glad to not be pre-diabetic or on blood pressure medicine anymore. Every time I go to the doctor my blood pressure actually reads low. So it's a blessing. Stay strong everyone!
  8. Afrikanaaa

    Vomiting 4 months out

    If it persists, I'd go to a doctor. You may have something lodged
  9. Afrikanaaa

    Question about Post-Op

    4 weeks is when I started lifting. Ease in there though
  10. Afrikanaaa

    Someone help please!!!

    Go to your doctor ASAP, sounds like your gall bladder.
  11. Afrikanaaa

    African American vsgers!

    I have 5 incisions too, but at 14 months out only 3 are visible. My suggestion is to avoid getting sun on your scars and rub them for like 10 minutes a night to avoid Keloids. I don't typically keloid but my surgeon saw me a week post op and gave me that advice. Also. I lost my edges around 4 months. The nape of my head slowly but surely thinned A LOT. And it was weird because at first I thought I was fine but then the front part of my head was super thin. I am really self-conscious about my hair so I wound up doing protective cornrows, putting a wig grip around my head and wearing wigs a while. Around the 10 month mark I started wearing my box braids / weaves again.
  12. Afrikanaaa

    African American vsgers!

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone! In it to win it. My goal clothing size is an 8/10 so I'm getting there. [emoji1491][emoji1431] Will definitely look into the DEXA scan.
  13. Afrikanaaa

    Pre workout

    I skipped pre-workout drinks because of calories and will usually get a small black coffee with Splenda. Then post workout drink my protein
  14. Afrikanaaa

    Workout sharing - post op

    I'm 14 months out, but when I first had surgery I walked on the treadmill for 30 at and incline of 3, and did the bike for 30. My very first day in the gym was 4 days after surgery. No weights just light/slow cardio. From there I started branching out into weight training and cycle (spin class) or Zumba. Anything to get the body moving
  15. Afrikanaaa

    Keto diet

    With Keto and sleeve do you monitor more of your calorie count or focus more on fat & protein/g consumption? Because in reading the Reddit thread, people don't have restrictive stomachs like we do
  16. Afrikanaaa

    African American vsgers!

    *note I've been stalled since December.
  17. Afrikanaaa

    African American vsgers!

    Hey all! Checking in. How's the weight loss going? I'm having a weird issue because I gain muscle so fast the scale has been playing tricks on me. My legs are becoming super define (win) but the scale has me at the exact same weight though my dress size has changed. ☹️ It's been about 14 months since surgery for me. I've lost 65lbs, and went from a size 26 to a 14. How's everyone else doing?
  18. So, I am 60lbs down and a lot of my friends have remarked that I look shorter. Low and behold went to the doctor (who measured my height barefoot at 6'1 pre-surgery) and I have gotten shorter. I am now 5'11 1/2 (same hairstyle, everything). I know losing shoe sizes was a possibility but height?!
  19. Afrikanaaa

    Gotten Shorter, Anyone?

    I did lose half a shoe size so this may have some merit to it lol
  20. Afrikanaaa

    Nothing has made me sick

    This was me until about month four, and idk if I ate my yogurt to quickly or was just reacting to the Ursodiol or something but I threw up and was sick for days. I'm fine now. Closing in on 6 months. And haven't been sick since. But rejoice in not being sick now but be aware that throwing up and dumping can happen at any time. Listen to your body.
  21. Afrikanaaa


    I struggled with water too. I wound up diluting the low calorie gatorades (in half) or the occasional coconut water (in thirds) or using a Splenda to sweeten watered down tea.
  22. Afrikanaaa

    Liquid Protein Variety...

    Vega One protein powder. You can snag it at Costco. I'm not a huge fan of vanilla (in general) so I either blend this with fruits/water or PB2.
  23. I took a week off from the gym but still kept a strict diet and my stall broke! I went from 262 to 258. I've been working out since I got my surgery in January, and I think giving my body that little bit of a break helped. Back in the gym today though!
  24. Afrikanaaa


    I feel your pain! I've been stalled for 3 weeks now. Prior to this I was stalled for 2 weeks but then suddenly lost 5lbs over night. I think we just have to keep the calories, keep the protein up, keep drinking water and ride the stall out. This time next year we won't even remember that we were complaining today. Lol
  25. Afrikanaaa

    Struggling with my self image.

    Thanks for this post Jess! Im 6'1 and I've gone from 319 pre surgery to weighing 262 right now. So going from squeezing in 3X clothes to wearing an XL, sometimes L. And it's weird because I still don't believe I wear those sizes now! Glad to know that it's not an abnormal feeling.

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