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  1. Mzdiggs

    Weight-loss funnies

    This is soo me😂
  2. I totally agree. Though I am not a compulsive eater I do feel that extra support is a must for me. I do an online weight management program for the accountability.
  3. Yes, keeping up with the nutritional aspect of VSG is as if not more important as food intake and exercise. All three we have to stay diligent about. thank you for mentioning this @shrinkingpamela
  4. I find that I have to keep this thing in front of me. I am 2.5 years out and recently gained 8-10 of my 115 loss back due to medication change etc. this topic was a reminder of the little things that can cause you to gain. I first started gaining weight when I started working out with a personal trainer about 4 months ago I quickly gained 5 pounds and then a change in my medication led to the additional gain. I am the type that steps on the scale every morning and every evening so I know my body well. For others this is not a good practice but for me it keeps me accountable and I can quickly see when things are going to the left. Side note love the way the body looks from the workout so not upset in that area lol.
  5. Mzdiggs

    What can possibly go wrong?

    I’m so sorry that you are going through such a crappy time. Can I ask how far out are you?
  6. Mzdiggs

    1 year out

    I am 21 months out and have settled down to an eating plan that feels good to me. There are thing I will more than likely never eat again and somethings that I eat in moderation. I always keep protein in my frig and/or pantry. I'm not driven by numbers but clothes size. I have lost between 113-115 and it's comfortable for me to maintain. I was fortunate to have a surgeon and a medical team that never mentioned a target number.
  7. Mzdiggs

    African American vsgers!

  8. Mzdiggs

    African American vsgers!

    looking good, great motivating picture!
  9. Mzdiggs


    The reason I don't use a straw is because I tend to drink to much and fill up on liquid instead of my meal when I go out. That's the only time I actually have a straw around lol.
  10. Mzdiggs

    Gastric Sleeve Regret

    Patience I'm 18 months post op love water but have to pace that guzzle.
  11. Mzdiggs

    Chicken wings and worry

    I started seeing a therapist waaaaay before I even thought about have surgery to deal with changes that come with menopause and empty nest issues. It really has helped me through this process as well.
  12. Mzdiggs

    Chicken wings and worry

    I can eat anything as well but choose not to, that would defeat the reason for this 18 month journey. This is just a tool for the physical the mental needs work as well.
  13. Mzdiggs

    Sharing with coworkers??

    It's been 18 months and no one in my office knew or knows. They are just amazed at how focused I have been on loosing weight. Not their business. Shared with my daughters, mom. siblings and their kids because we are an extemely close family and without their support not sure I would have been as successful.
  14. Yep that's always nice lol
  15. I fly this coming Monday for the first time since needing a seatbelt extender. Down 114 pounds since then. I could never understand how people packed for a week in a small bag but I did it lol smaller clothes = less space lol. Whodda thunk it
  16. Mzdiggs

    So Grateful

    Great job I know how you feel. Travel is now my middle name.
  17. Mzdiggs

    African American vsgers!

    I am over a year out and woke up yesterday with the fear that I am going to gain back all of what I have lost. I have not changed my eating and log my food everyday. Not sure where this is coming from.
  18. Mzdiggs

    African American vsgers!

    Good job I know you are feeling fantastic
  19. Mzdiggs

    African American vsgers!

    Keep doing what you were doing in the beginning. The scale is a checking point if you are loving what you see don't let the scale mess with ur mind.
  20. I am going to say that part of what you are feeling May be cultural, I understand because I had the same concerns about being too small and looking gaunt. I could be wrong. Thought that for several years, however my health conditions far out weighed my fear. When I decided to move forward I just didn't think about it any more. I didn't think of a goal, my doctor never really set a goal and my only focuses on my excercies and diet issues that I bring to her. I am 57 and very surprised at how my body responded to the weight loss. Prior to this I was extremely active and was a fitness instructor for years (even though I was way of 250 pounds). Your body is going to figure it out, don't focus on anything but you're health.
  21. One step at a time, one day at a time. When I finally decided that I needed to do this because I was taking an astronomical amount of insulin I stopped thinking about it. I said to myself that I could back at anytime I wanted just keep going through the process. One day while I was sitting in my office I got a call telling me my surgery date. I was dumbfounded but kept moving horwarḍ and not thinking about. By the time I really engaged in where is was in the process I was in the recovery room. Don't think just do.
  22. Mzdiggs

    Just crossed 100lbs lost

    [emoji106]????[emoji106]????[emoji106]????[emoji106]????[emoji322][emoji322][emoji322]great job
  23. I was a 44DD wore a regular bra to surgery and on the way home. Freedom after that.
  24. The chair you ordered for work to support you back and weight is now too big for you
  25. Mzdiggs

    Regrets after surgery?

    Hang in there, I have not had regrets. I am a year out and down over 100 pounds. I had not expectations going in about anything and just lived one day at a time.

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