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    I dump all the time even 3 years out. For me it is... Rapid heartbeat A panic, anxiety like the walls are closing in I get really warm And if I really have it bad, like hey let's eat some ice cream (don't) I get so sleepy I literally pass out.
  2. Kathy Coop

    What do you eat for breakfast?

    Nope. Can't eat in the morning. Tummy just says no. I drink coffee with protein powder.
  3. Kathy Coop

    Nuff Said....

    Never even heard of it... Can we just hit someone in the face with a red rubber ball and call it sport?
  4. Kathy Coop

    About Fat Thighs...

    If I run the flapping noise makes me laugh... Spanx it up girl!!!
  5. Kathy Coop

    Pregnant 8 months post op

    No problems. No morning sickness. Took my Prenatals in the gummy form because I couldn't swallow this big pills. I focused on getting as much protein down as I could have a little bit of dehydration because I couldn't drink large amounts and I live in a place that hits 113 degrees in the summer. Lots of swimming. Because of my surgery I did have a lot of extra appointments but everything was great. For me yogurts and a cheese went down best I put protein powder in my coffee (I am a vegetarian) taco Bell pintos and cheese was a serious lifesaver!!! The doctor explained to me kind of weird he said babies are like a tumor or like cancer they'll take what they want from you. They can thrive in crack whores!!! I was like.... Ok lol
  6. I posted this last year on another board. I will share it here as well. I actually got thinner after this and I now have a 6th child but I stand by the rest of what was said. I wanted to give you guys a REAL look at what weight loss surgery does to you so that if you decide to get it you know all the facts. I would do this surgery again in a heart beat, however it is not all rainbows and unicorns. I have an insane amount of excess skin, 2 hernias and Iron so low I have to be transfused weekly. At my heaviest being weighed I was 368 but I HAD ALREADY BEEN DIETING so I was probably closer to 380. I have had 5 kids and that has a lot to do with my stomach being so baggy, I am going to get the apron surgery and have that removed once my iron is high enough. This surgery saved my life, I am not longer diabetic, my blood pressure is perfect and 5 months out of surgery I got pregnant with my daughter. It was a miracle for me but I wish someone had shown me REAL before and after photos so I would know what I was REALLY in for cosmetically.
  7. Kathy Coop

    Pregnant 8 months post op

    This question gets asked quite often so I'm just going to copy and paste from the last time I answer to save time LOL of course everyone is different I can't promise you a healthy pregnancy but I know four or five girls who got pregnant and were all completely fine and so are their babies Well I'm not sure if I am the norm but I got pregnant five months after my Roux-en-Y procedure and had a very healthy 8 pounds 8 ounce girl and then I did it again the next year LOL 2, perfect, healthy daughters in 25 months. I did however have to get Iron transfusions. I gained about 6 pounds.
  8. Kathy Coop

    Alcohol- beware.

    Yeah I have a pouch not a sleeve so I can't even look in the general direction of carbonation I took a sip of club soda and just about died
  9. I went to Mumford and Sons concert about six weeks after my surgery and it was a really unhappy experience. I was having sugar issues everything smell delicious but I couldn't eat it. I cried.... A lot pain through? No just mental anguish.
  10. Kathy Coop

    Alcohol- beware.

    Yeah I tend to offend people and I have a fabulous resting bitch face <3
  11. Kathy Coop

    Alcohol- beware.

    I would not agree to the "every single person...ends up getting another addiction". Just because "never" and "always" are words to be wary of. It doesn't have to be a bad addiction people get addicted to bicycling and skydiving and eating healthy and other aspects of life being addicted to something is not always a bad thing... Although I like really hate CrossFit Fanatics lol
  12. Kathy Coop

    Alcohol- beware.

    @@Proud2BMe we are soul mates lol
  13. Kathy Coop

    Pregnancy After RNY vs Sleeve

    Well I'm not sure if I am the norm but I got pregnant five months after my Roux-en-Y procedure and had a very healthy 8 pounds 8 ounce girl and then I did it again the next year LOL 2, perfect, healthy daughters in 25 months. I did however have to get Iron transfusions. I gained about 6 pounds.
  14. Kathy Coop

    Well THIS is new.....feeling vain.

    I was recently told by a man that I was so daft and so attractive it was like a punishment from God LOL you know what I said ? That's a compliment right LOL Sometimes you just got to be vain <3
  15. Kathy Coop

    Alcohol- beware.

    My dad and I were just talking about this because I have started drinking quite a lot recently and I said every single person after weight-loss surgery Ends up getting another addiction. Drinking, sex, shopping, pills, cross fit. A glass of wine I could not drink. Too sweet but a whole bottle of vodka.... Not an issue.... Well ok an issue lol
  16. Kathy Coop

    "My Diet is Better than Your Diet" -- random rambling...

    I am a hardcore, healthy eating, nothing canned nothing boxed girl. And tell six months ago I did not even own a microwave. I know my diet is better than yours but guess what? I still can't loose and have a difficult time with maintaining my weight. I am not sure what it is, lack of protein perhaps? (I am also a vegetarian" no one has the perfect way to eat. If they did they would be billionaires. My weight-loss surgon said it best. If there was a single diet in the world that actually worked... He would be out of business!!
  17. My husband and I started the process of the exact same time he chickened out last minute. I am 155 pounds while he is stuck in the 300's. I married a fat man, I love his fluff. If he is happy fat so be it... I know he hates it though
  18. Kathy Coop

    What’s Your Attitude Towards Carbs?

    Remind me to respond to this when I'm not shoving a piece of toasted sourdough bread down my throat lol
  19. Kathy Coop

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    Gay no. Fabulous? Hells yes. Also nosey. I look at every thread labeled "guy only" lol I mean I have a vagina but I am intrigued at the fact that humans can walk on earth with twigs and berries. I mean how do you ever ride bikes? It perplexes me!!!
  20. Kathy Coop

    Stop telling me what NOT to do!

    I am just beyond annoyed at my family at my friends hell, I am annoyed at Strangers! YOU CANT get weight loss surgery! YOU CANT cut your hair!! YOU CANT have a baby!!! YOU CANT be a vegetarian!! YOU CANT get gas at night... no really.. I guess when I was fat I was not going to get raped and killed and thrown in a ditch but now it is open game?? lol EAT MEAT! GAIN WEIGHT! YOU LOOK GAUNT! YOU SHOULDN'T LOSS ANYMORE! YOU CAN'T MOVE UP NORTH YOU NEED MORE SUN! I HOPE YOU DON'T PLAN ON BEING A TREE HUGGER. SHUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT UPPPPPPPPPPPPP! You guys are stressing me out, I just want to shove red vines in my face... and they are delicious so the joke is on you. Just let me live in the forest away from humans with my tofu pho and my kids and my cat and maybe my husband, I dunno he annoys me too lol I am eating super healthy and clean I am not starving I am full and I am happy, does this look like not enough food for me?? And you baby haters, who said I can't have one and if I do they will die or be sick or I will die, she is healthy and happy and so am I! I may even do it again, then what will you have to say? Leave me alone, I have tired of the comments. Opinions are like assholes, we all have one but I do not need to hear or see yours... Kat, OUT! p.s I love you all, you are amazing I need more red vines lol
  21. Kathy Coop

    Stop telling me what NOT to do!

    It's pho I don't really have a recipe I just kind of throw things in there that sound appealing. I got addicted to it a few years back after I had my surgery and I couldn't really eat so I was just drinking the broth. Trader Joe's has an amazing ginger miso broth that I used
  22. Kathy Coop

    Just had a crappy experience !

    And THAT IS WHY I own a sexy dude cat named Mumford. He is always dressed for a dinner party. He makes me beg for love an attention. He is a Dallas Cowboys fan. Most importantly he doesn't poo on my floor.
  23. Kathy Coop

    How Do You Track Your Food?

    How do you set up MyFitnessPal so that it isn't constantly telling you that you are undereating? You either: 1) Don't "complete" your entry at the end of the day; or 2) Ignore the message. It will stop giving you that message when you are able to eat more calories. Almost 4 years out still don't eat 1000 calories a day
  24. Kathy Coop

    Adele, the Everywoman

    I was watching her hello video and this guy yelling at her and I'm like stop yelling at Adele she's a goddamn national treasure.. My husband looked at me like what the %#$@ lol
  25. Kathy Coop

    5 day pouch test

    Is it a test or a reset? Mine resets if I don't eat solids just a day or two. Suddenly food touches my pouch and it is like a rock in there. Bleh

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