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    Stayc_b_me! got a reaction from kitmouse in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    Thank you so much to each and everyone of you! This forum has really helped me thus far through my journey and I want to thank you for all the support and feedback. I did fail to mention I do have a plan I was given by my surgeon. It indicates on the 2nd week home to start purée diet. It allows me to pick items off a very small list Breakfast: 1 off list A 1 off list B and for lunch and dinner 2 off list A and 2 off list B. No sugar added apple sauce is on my B list. Also, In between I am suppose to drink Protein and Water. For protein I drink my Isopure which is 40 grams of protein. I do the fruit Isopure premade drinks because I really like them and easy way to get in my liquids and some protein. I have found the Protein Powder makes me gag and sometimes I can't. Keep down. I think I am going to go back to the previous stage for a few days to get refocused. Also, has anyone found any premade Protein Drinks they really like besides the Premier Protein? I found and fell in love with the new Slim Fast high Protein 20g protein 1g sugar Carmel Latte. Unfortunately, the make my stomach go into a volcano and give me diahera so I had to discontinue. Thanks again everyone for all the feedback I am going to try and really focus on getting more protein in. You all are super AWESOME and I am grateful to have found this forum.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to cocoa8utter in Has anyone found the journey after surgery easy?   
    @stayc Hang in there! It is definitely not a miracle overnight cure. Don't lose hope. I am a week ahead of you and my weight loss is stalling. But I only eat Soups and I log every sip and bite that enters my mouth. I can eat between 400-700 cal a day and feel satisfied. Keep yourself busy. I am happy I can go back to work on Friday. I have been enjoying little mini walks too.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to annam1130 in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    @Stayc_b_me! My surgeon stressed that I should only take in Protein at that stage. No veggies, no carbs (applesauce and potatoes naturally have carbs even without sugar added), no fruit, etc. cheese is not a puree. I was told to wait until I was advanced to soft to eat cheese.
    I would highly recommend plain Greek yogurt with stevia drops, low fat ricotta cheese with stevia and an extract of your choice (lemon, vanilla, almond), blended cottage cheese with a hint of pepper.
    At 13 days I was forcing myself to eat. I actually cried when the clock said it had been almost 5 hours since my last meal and I had to go eat again.
    I agree with @@Djmohr that you should call your surgeon's office right away tomorrow morning to discuss your intake and their guidelines. I was very well educated on the guidelines and expectations prior to my surgery. Hoping you have great success through this journey. Counseling may be beneficial to help you sort out head hunger versus what you need to be giving your body.
    I was not allowed sugar free Popsicles until after surgery. They do count toward your Fluid intake. Same as sugar free Jello. Are you stopping drinking 30 minus before each meal and waiting 30 minutes after your meals to drink again?
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to Djmohr in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    Did your surgeon give you a meal plan? 13 days out from RNY I was still on full liquids. I started puréed foods in week 4 and remained on puréed foods until week 8.
    Every surgeon is different, but I would be very concerned that you are pushing too much into your new pouch before it has a chance to heal in the hopes of feeling full.
    You should not feel hunger at this point at all. You could literally survive for several weeks on nothing but liquids.
    I know that probably isn't what you want to hear but it is the truth.
    If your doctor gave you a food plan you must follow it, if he/she didn't. Call them immediately and get one.
    I would hate to see you have a serious complication because you are pushing too far too fast.
    Oh, and you do need Protein. Applesauce is not worthless but must be eaten with the right other foods. My puréed diet included a balanced approach which actually included applesauce. Your doctor needs to provide you with specific instructions.
    Call them a sap.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to James Marusek in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    Immediately after RNY surgery, the three critical requirements are meeting your daily Protein, Fluid and Vitamin requirements. food is secondary because your body is converting your stored fats into the energy that drives your body. Thus you lose weight. But you also need to limit yourself to the plan's meal volume limits, and types of foods. You are exceeding those volume limits and also transitioning to solids way too soon. Your stomach needs some time to heal before you transition to solids. So if you want to achieve the weight loss goals, you need to follow the plan.
    For the first few months after surgery, I was on 3 Protein shakes per day. Later as I transitioned into larger meal volume, I was able to back off this requirement because I focused on high Protein meals. Generally Isopure has more protein than the normal Protein Shakes, but your body will absorb only so much protein at any given time. So I recommend you concentrate on the protein, either 3 protein shakes or 3 Isopures per day. This should also help you take the edge off the hunger. Eat all the sugar free popsicles you want.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to Threetimesacharm in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    Yes I do think you are eating too much and not having enough Protein probably in the form of a shake. Drop the applesauce no Protein here. Laughing cow cheese are good however they do not contain a lot of protein for the size of the wedge. You probably shouldn't be consuming more than 2-3 ounces of pureed food at a time. You are not healed yet from surgery so your stomach is not yet able to give full signals. Start having meal shakes and 2 ounce food snacks; no need to rush this process you will be doing it for the rest of your life.
    Oh at this stage I could barely eat one scrambled egg.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to esskay77 in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    So, first I agree that Laughing Cow cheese is awesome and kept me sane! But... you don't seem to be eating enough Protein. You should always focus on Protein first and make sure you are tracking (on paper!!!! it's magical when you do that!!) grams of protein. Protein is what you need and also keeps you more full longer and satisfied longer.
    And don't forget to chew a lot, don't drink anything with your meals or even until 30minutes after you finish your meals. This will keep you full and satisfied longer, too.
    you need to keep a food journal. And start to attend support groups for food addiction. A lot of what you are talking about is head hunger (as someone else mentioned) and that is the type of hunger that can do you in.
    One trick that I learned from weightwatchers years ago (that I need to get back to--lol) is to write down what you plan to eat for the week, ahead of time. What do you want your food journal to look like? Once you have it actually written down, then follow it. It's very easy to do. Well, the hard part is writing it down.
    Best of luck.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to dhrguru in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    What's is you Protein count at? And Water? It doesn't sound like you drinking enough. Are you on plan with with your surgeon requires you to be at this stage? Those are the important questions.
    Your concern shouldn't be with stretching your pouch. In reading your post, I'm more concerned with you being fixated on certain foods. To me that classic head hunger. And unless you are adding Protein powder, the applesauce is a useless.
    Protein is the key, at this stage every bite you take should be for the purpose of meeting your daily goal.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to Pinkgirl1234 in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    Popsicles are here to stay at every stage
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to Pinkgirl1234 in Help! I don't want to fail at this-STRUGGLING   
    I had my surgery the same day and am still on full liquids.< /p>
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    Stayc_b_me! got a reaction from WannabeH in Has anyone found the journey after surgery easy?   
    Thank you WannabeH and best of luck to you through your new journey! Hoping it will get better for both of us as for the head hunger. This group has helped me a lot and has given me good insight and support. I finally was able to talk with my surgeon's office today after the holiday weekend. I have to go back on the 2000mg Metformin for now. I started today and with medication and being on this liquid diet I have had extreme gas and not able to stay out of the restroom (which is one of the side effects I have dealt with prior to surgery and was in hope I could get away from"). (Sorry if TMI). One day at a time and I am sure this will be all worth it in the end.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to gz345ski in Has anyone found the journey after surgery easy?   
    I'm 10 months out and in some ways the journey has been much easier than I expected, but in other ways it has been much more difficult.
    The pain after surgery was very minimal.and I did not experience any complications. For the most part, food cravings are few and far between. This has been a major blessing. I have lost 135 pounds since my surgery. Until a week or two ago ,my glucose readings were somewhat elevated, but lo and behold, last week I finally got a reading of 96 and this week 84.
    On the other side of the coin, I have had 10 months of nausea. Although I follow the rules, eating tends to make me feel very queasy. This food addict now finds most foods truly repugnant.My tastes have changed. Formerly favorite foods just make me gag now. It's really weird.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to WannabeH in Has anyone found the journey after surgery easy?   
    Stayc_b_me I really hope things get better for you soon and you don't regret surgery.
    If things don't improve soon then I would be giving my surgeon a call.
    Or hopefully the post ops can give you some good advice.
    I'm currently 4 days in on my pre-op diet and my god I have been starving!!!!
    I was hoping after surgery most of my hunger will be sorted out, although I expect head hunger is going to give me a big challenge.
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    Stayc_b_me! got a reaction from psychprof in Protein drinks, powder make me nauseous...   
    I agree and have had a very hard time with Protein and have tried a lot. I have been doing a lot of research on how to get the protein in after surgery and this is what I found works best for me. I went to GNC and purchased Isopure premade Fruit Drinks. There are different flavors a few a lot better than others. They are 20 Fluid ounces and has 40 grams Whey protein, no sugar, no carbs. So you get in your Water and protein. The apple melon and alpine punch are 2 of my favorites. There have been some comments about the after taste but by far way better than the blended protein powders I have used. Also, today I picked up the new slim fast high protein (20mg) low sugar (1 mg) Carmel Latte and they are pretty good too. I would recommend going on you tube and looking these up and there are a lot of videos of tasting the products and figuring out flavors are best.
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    Stayc_b_me! got a reaction from WannabeH in Has anyone found the journey after surgery easy?   
    I thought the 2 week pre-op liquid diet was bad after the surgery (had surgery 12/28/15) that was a piece of cake to post-op. It's been difficult for me because I have always been an emotional eater and highly addicted to food. I don't know why I thought after my surgery my addiction and behaviors would be different. I feel like I am starving all day. Between sipping on Water and Protein throughout the day for Breakfast I eat 1/2 Greek yogurt thinned with water. For lunch I eat 6oz blended split pea Soup, and the same for dinner. Even after eating a whole 6oz I don't feel full. I read others stories and they say they are stuffed after a few bites. Besides the pain and war wounds it doesn't feel like I had the surgery and I am more emotional and irritable then ever. Also frustrated because I was Diabetic before surgery taking 2000mg Metformin, Glipizide, Byetta and Large units of insulin twice a day. Here almost a week later my blood sugars have been staying mid to high 200's without meds and I am scared my Diabetes will not be better or in remission. I hope I don't end up regretting this surgery...sigh
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to Dar200 in Liquid diet preop ?   
    i was so irritable I was embarrassed. I decided I would stay close to home and try not to have conversations with people. That makes me laugh now, but seriously I was that bad.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to animel in Liquid diet preop ?   
    The only advice I have about doing the pre op is keep to yourself as much as you can and keep busy. I haven't cooked for my family the whole time and I cry whenever they eat in front of me lol freaking pathetic. But it gets easier everyday. Days 1-3 are the hardest.
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    Stayc_b_me! reacted to animel in Liquid diet preop ?   
    I think it's a matter of the doctors preference. It's usually for the purpose of shrinking your liver. If you don't have to do it, consider yourself lucky cuz I have 6 days to go on mine (surgery date Dec 9) and I want to die most days

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