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  1. I use the flavor drops. I'm so Sick of sweet drinks. But at 7 months post op I am just starting to tolerate Water a bit better. Good news is the flavor drops come in many many flavors so you'll find some you like.
  2. I can't eat the Quest bars at all. Both taste and texture. I like the Pure Protein bars and the Think Thin protein & fiber bars.
  3. jhbeck

    Can we talk carbs?

    I am also finding my balance on carbs as well. Almost 7 months post op here. At 2-3 months I never ever had room for more than a touch of fruit or a little qinoa. But I've found that eating a bit more carbs seems to boost my weight loss. My carbs come from: a slice of 100% whole wheat bread, wasa crisps, pea crisps, Greek yogurt, sweet potato, fruits and vegetables. So it's never higher carb and lower Protein at a given meal. It's more that I have room to add in more of these healthy carbs without reducing my protein. Oatmeal is a tricky one. I'd also say only whole oats or steel cut. No instant oats. And if you can add protein to it-cook in milk or add GENEPRO, better. But oatmeal is very filling and will impact your ability to get in any additional protein at that meal. (I think it's more appropriate in the first 6 weeks as you are adjusting to food then it is during the bulk of the weight loss stage.) All of that said, track. If you are tracking, and your weight loss doesn't slow down with oatmeal twice a week, great. But don't go to daily oatmeal right away. And if it makes you start craving other carbs, think about it it's really a good choice.
  4. jhbeck


    My plan had me at 500-600 calories where you are. I have 2-3 Snacks a day, and was still at that level. If you are feeling hungry throughout the day like that, talk to your dr about acid. The acid in your stomach can mimic the feeling of hunger and affect your food choices, volume, etc. Even if you're not actually having reflux. I went to a stringer reflux medication and that helped with the hungry feeling a lot!
  5. jhbeck


    I bought Lands End suits. The best boob support I've ever had in a swim suit. They have lots of styles. And many available with a DD underwire bra built in.
  6. jhbeck

    Veggies Anyone?

    I prioritize my veggies. I miss being able to eat those in volume. In a way I do NOT miss eating crap in volume. But I put about 2 oz on my plate, with 3-4 oz of protein. And once I've eaten half my protein I consider the veggies equally important. I can't eat 4 oz of chicken then eat vegetables most of the time. So I leave some over.
  7. jhbeck

    "She's blushing!"

    Eating less and moving more. Not a lie. Eating a low carb diet. Also not a lie. For those who ask (and my experience is that few ask, most just compliment) you can tell them any subset of the many truths you choose to share. Saying your taking a new experimental drug, that's a lie. Saying your metabolism just changed, or weight watchers is finally working, etc. are lies. But there are many truths to share short of sharing your surgery. Also, the one person, so far, who seemed truly interested for herself, vs curious/looking for the magical solution, approached me alone, quietly, and it was quite different than the Water cooler conversations. I was happy to share in that context, and I believe she has scheduled to attend an info session.
  8. jhbeck


    Do you still have your gall bladder? Gall stones can block the pancreas causing pancreatitis.
  9. jhbeck

    Buying Bras Post Surgery

    You can also go to Macy's and if they aren't having a sale check the model numbers online. I bought lillyette bras for half the Macy's price on Amazon.
  10. Awesome! I went ice skating with mine for the first time since my surgery. I am a MUCH better skater 35 pounds down. And while my 3 year old took breaks, I didn't need one!
  11. You will not be able to lift 20+ pounds for 4 weeks. Not to change a diaper. Or put the baby in the crib. Or the car seat. Or in the shopping cart. Talk to your surgeon so you really understand the risks of ignoring the weight restrictions. I started the process with a 2 year old. And due to the lifting restrictions I ended up waiting a year. That turned into 18 months because my insurance requirements changed. But for me, it was smarter than giving myself a hernia and an extra trip to the OR.
  12. jhbeck


    PPI is a proton pump inhibitor. It is a reflux medication that actually reduces acid production vs controlling it. Pepcid and Zantac are NOT PPI's. Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, etc are.
  13. jhbeck


    I'm 6 weeks post op. I was hungry a lot the first 2 weeks. I also felt my stomach roiling. A PPI helped a lot. But at 6 weeks I get hungry. My practice would like me eating 3 meals plus 1 snack. I am eating 3 meals plus 3 Snacks. But I am hitting all the targets-calories, Protein, low carb. And I get satisfied. I'm just hungry again in 2-3 hours. I've asked about it at every appointment. And been told that the "you won't feel hungry is nota universal truth". Right or wrong, I am telling myself this will make lifetime maintenance harder, and so I will need to pay attention as I progress, to keep bad habits at bay. But what I really wish I could eat more of is vegetables. Especially raw vegetables (haven't tried any yet). So I have already made progress in changing my needs. And I didn't get fat from eating too many bell peppers. So if I end up eating a lot of veggies as snacks down the road I doubt it will cause damage.
  14. jhbeck

    Science Fiction

    I can tell you this. I was denied, around age 30, for the cartilage repair my knees needed. Over the years the knee issues (3 surgeries on my left knee, I refuse to even let them X-ray my right knee. I know what they will find.) my knee issues have been better and worse. I am 42. Had sleeve surgery 6 weeks ago. Am down 37 pounds total. Bmi from around 46 to 40. So far. And my knees are SOOOOO happy. It was less instant than I wanted. A few weeks ago I was still thinking of synvisc shots. But now I can do so much more. This postpones the knee replacement by years. And increases the chances of success. I will still need double knee replacement. But maybe at 65. I was on track for 50.
  15. jhbeck

    CPap Machine question

    Only for future readers-your pressure setting is not a strong correlation to the severity of your sleep apnea. My pressure setting is also 6, and my apnea is moderate-i stop breathing 20 times an hour. After some adjustments to both machine and mask I slept great last night. With my cpap. 30 pounds down so far. But I definitely still need it.
  16. jhbeck

    Day surgery

    One reason my surgeon keeps you overnight is because they want you walking every 2 hours for the first 24 hrs. Part of their clot prevention protocol. They also want to be certain you are tolerating liquids. But they definitely do not want you to get good sleep the night of your surgery. And make that clear up front.
  17. jhbeck

    CPap Machine question

    So I just had an appt at the cpap supply company. They didn't change the pressure setting, but did change a lot of other settings on my machine. They also said that if it doesn't solve the problem to call the clinic. The dr might authorize minor setting adjustments between now and 3 months post op, when insurance will pay for an updated sleep study. I'm hoping for better sleep tonight.
  18. jhbeck

    CPap Machine question

    Just know that you may not graduate from apnea. I'm only 4 weeks out and will be at the sleep clinic for the 2nd time today. First I started sleeping with my mouth open. Tried a chin strap. And now a full face mask. That I can't seem to keep on without the seal leaking. But the sleep dr said my airway is narrow and I will likely still have sleep apnea even if I lose all the weight.
  19. My surgeon says you can drive once off pain meds. I only took pain meds to sleep the first 2 nights at home, so had no issues driving.
  20. jhbeck

    Steel cut oats

    I've had oatmeal during the mushy stage. Just added protein powder to it. Definitely no nuts for a while v I've had oatmeal during the mushy stage. Just added protein powder to it. Definitely no nuts for a while v
  21. jhbeck


    Definitely. Did they put you on an acid reducer post op? My surgeon has everyone on prescription strength Pepcid, and goes to something stronger if needed. I'm 3 weeks post op today and I'm on protonix plus tums/Pepcid as needed. I have t had reflux but feel the juices literally roiling in my stomach. It also makes me feel hungry.
  22. jhbeck

    Help i might have hurt my Stimson

    Are you taking anything for acid? By 2 weeks post op i was STARVING. All the time. At my 2 week check up they put me on a strong ppi, and within 2 days there was a marked improvement. It's been less than a week on the new med. I get hungry at night. But tums makes it go away, and food does not.
  23. jhbeck


    The ricotta bake is great. Everything but the crust.
  24. My dr also said to focus on hydration not shakes. There are some protein shakes that are not meal replacements. They are much lighter and easier to get down. And some powers that mix into anything (I did genepro in wonton soup broth). My dr actually told me to stop trying. Take a total break for 2 days. Everything was much easier when I tried again. (Struggled the first week, took a 3 day break, and was much better day 10.)
  25. jhbeck

    Time off for stay at home Mom

    You have a 10 year old? I'd say about 5 days. I had help for a week but started doing everything for my kids by day 4 because the kids were done with "not mommy". My kids are 3 and 6. I was off painkillers by day 2, so driving wasn't an issue. My surgeon said I could go back to my desk job after a week but I chose to take 2 weeks, because I can. And I never get that kind of time off.