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  1. curvygal

    Outshine Popsicles

    Hi Everyone!!!! I can't seem to find my list and I know these popsicles were on the list but i can't confirm it. I am looking for something a little sweet and thought this might be a good treat on the list. Do any of you know if we can have Outshine popsicles? They are made with real fruit but seem to have sugar in them as well. Just curious...
  2. Hi Everyone - I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone have headaches after the bypass. I have these headaches that last for 3 days at a time and not sure if it is due to the amount of food we are supposed to eat or the water we are supposed to drink. What can you take besides tylenol because that doesn't always help. Thanks, Lisa
  3. curvygal

    My Bariatric Journey

    thank you - I am still working through all the changes and I really appreciate all of the information in this forum - it is extremely helpful.
  4. Hi All - yes, its me again and I am reaching out about food ideas during the first two months post op. I am running out of food ideas for vegans and its getting quite boring and to be honest I would rather not eat. Food these days just doesn't look appealing anymore and its more of a chore to eat now. Any food suggestions or combinations to share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you 😃
  5. curvygal

    internal hemorroids

    I also take the laxa clear (like miralax) daily and was approved by my doctor.
  6. curvygal

    Headaches after Bypass Surgery

    good suggestions - I will do better with the water intake. I tried Crystal Light but not sure why they said to not drink those but I can't do plain water. I can drink it really cold but my stomach hurts every time I do that. I have not tried tea but that will be on my list of to-dos.
  7. Thank you - those are all really good suggestions that I am going try. It is very hard to find things to eat that are hight in protein because of the quantity that I can actually eat and have a variety. It really limits me even more if I have an event to attend. I am looking to supplement with vitamins because I know am not getting the nutrients that I need. This has definitely been a struggle and I am looking forward to when I can introduce salads.
  8. curvygal

    Headaches after Bypass Surgery

    I can't lie it is so hard to get the fluids in. No matter the temp I just can't seem to get the 64 ozs down. I am trying gatorade zero (cold or room temp), water, water with those nunn tabs . On a good day I can get about 40 ozs of water but that has been rare. I will try and see if that works because these headaches are annoying and keep me up at night. Thank you for replying.
  9. curvygal

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    so sorry about all the struggles with covid - that is very scary and I have family members that are dealing with the after effects of that too. I am glad to hear you are better and healing. I am too very worried about Vitamin deficiency. I am currently anemic and that is a concern now so I am going into this terrified it will be an even greater problem not to mention the concerns with the anesthesia. Good luck on your surgery!
  10. curvygal

    My Bariatric Journey

    Thank you for that information that truly helps. I am scheduled next week for surgery and start my liquid diet just a few day before surgery. I pan to be back to work in a week but I am remote and have a desk job. I will keep you posted on my progress. Again thanks for sharing and great job on the weight loss pre/post surgery.
  11. curvygal

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Yes, on the same day they are removing my band and then doing the bypass. I am nervous about the pain and recovery afterwards and if I will be up and moving the same time as everyone else.
  12. curvygal

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    My surgery is scheduled for 10/8 and I am having my lapband removed and getting the bypass. I am so happy to know that my food will no longer get stuck.
  13. Thank you - I started to stress out!
  14. I have my surgery on 10/8 and they only requested a liquid diet 2 days before the actual surgery. How many days or weeks is it usually?
  15. curvygal

    Any October 2021 Surgeries?

    Hello everyone! My surgery date is 10/8 - from the band to the bypass. I am extremely nervous for the procedure and scared of this to not working. I am vegan so the food options also worry me and not getting enough of everything I need. Good luck to all of you and I would like to hear more of your stories post surgery.
  16. curvygal

    8 days till surgery

    Please keep us posted on your surgery. My surgery is on 10/8 and I have the pre-op class tomorrow. I am a bit nervous of failing and I think watching too many videos on how to get all the protein. I keep going back and forth!
  17. curvygal

    Lap-Band Revision

    I am curious as well and will be converting from lap band to a gastric bypass. So I am looking for information on anyone who had a revision.
  18. curvygal


    I went back to work after the 4th day of my surgery and it took a good 2-3 weeks for the pain to go away and some of the swelling to go down. I had my surgery on 8/7/15 and still experience some soreness in my stomach where the port is.
  19. Hi all - I had my surgery 8/7/15 and have been up and down through the process. Has anyone tried waist training "cincher" with the lapband? I'm not sure if I'm still swollen but my stomach doesn't seem to go down where the port is located? Any suggestions?

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