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  1. Boy I just cant stay in the game right now. 180
  2. cherri2082

    Changes in Shoe Sizes?

    I have lost 83lbs and 1/2 a shoe size!
  3. cherri2082

    D-day- June 21

    Surgery done last December - but the 21st is my 60th birthday!!
  4. cherri2082

    North Carolina

    Dr Ng is doing my post op! I went to Boise to have the surgeryI would love to attend a NC get together!!
  5. Count me in!!!! 181 with goal of 170! Good luck all!!
  6. cherri2082

    Memorial Day Challenge

  7. cherri2082

    Memorial Day Challenge

    Down to 191!! 32" off and 71lbs beginning month 4. Also for first time EVER bought shorts. Size 16 bermuda. Love them!!!
  8. cherri2082

    Memorial Day Challenge

    Good morning!! 196 for me today!! Boy has my weight loss slowed down!!!
  9. cherri2082

    Pouch test?

    Congrats on your weight loss. I am almost 4 months post and have lost 65lbs. Seems like I am loosing interest. Sleeve doest seem to restrict. I have to watch I dont gobble. Also, watching I dont eat my feelings and boredom.
  10. I am a hot mess. I am over eating - then beating myself up - feel like I havent even been sleeved - and on that self loathing roller coaster. I want to cry. I am so disappointed in myself. This was my last chance at weight loss. Need a smack up side the head
  11. cherri2082

    Feeling blue...

    I want to go back to hat feeling. I want to lock myself in a closet. It will get easier - dont let it get too easy
  12. cherri2082

    Memorial Day Challenge

    Vsgsarah3! I posted the wrong weight this week!! I put 190 and it should have been 198 again. I wish I could still loose 8lbs a week!!!
  13. cherri2082

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I am amazed! Well in to one-derland!!!! 190
  14. cherri2082

    Introducing Myself

    Hi Joye! Welcome!
  15. You do tht suit proud!!
  16. At first I thought I had a kidney infection - it gets so uncomfortable I need to stretch out to relieve. Gas? Gasx isnt real successful if that is what it is
  17. cherri2082

    Memorial Day Challenge

    I am in too! I love these! Thank you for your time to do it! My starting weight is 198 - what? Me in one-derland? 65 lbs down? You bet!# Goal weight is 180.
  18. cherri2082

    Over 60 and having the sleeve

    I had surgery 12/30 - down 64 lbs - just reached one-der-land. Woo-hoo!! I turn 60 in June. I thought I was too old. Now I am getting a tattoo for my first 50 off!!
  19. cherri2082

    Easter Weight Loss Challenge

    I love these challenges!! When is the next one?
  20. cherri2082

    Easter Weight Loss Challenge

    Traveling today - 200
  21. Tattoo for 50lbs off. Scheduled 4/9 - 75lbs? Knee high boots or cowboy boots. 100lbs? A smile in a size 8!!!!
  22. Same thing here. Mine didnt show up on CT scan. It surprised the Dr when he found it. I also had scar tissue removed from previous surgery. Good luck!!!
  23. cherri2082

    My 4 MONTH Post-Op Progress Report

    Your story is inspiration!!