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  1. Aye! I read it, too. I am so glad you made it to the Dr. in time! I've not experienced what you were speaking of, but if anyone that read this does, they will know what to do. Thanks for sharing your experience. Praying all is well with you.
  2. ZetaStar

    Got my surgery date!

    Hey ColdFred! Sorry it's taken me a while to answer. I don't come on everyday. So far, it's been ok. I got tired of the liquid diet! I've been on puréed foods for 2 weeks & am excited that I start the soft foods diet tomorrow! [emoji126]???? I have been having a struggle with wanting to eat food the way I usedta eat, feeling like I'm eating too much, & constipation. I have my 2nd post-op check up tomorrow. I don't feel that I have lost as much weight as I should have at 4 & 1/2 weeks.
  3. ZetaStar

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    I was able to go home from DS surgery on 3/24. I feel pretty good. I get tired kinda quickly, though. I'm starting the full liquid diet today & I still get a lil pain behind my chestbone when I drink. I guess I'm either drinking too much or too fast. Yet I'm still not able to get the liquid amount, though.
  4. ZetaStar

    3/21/16 surgery buddies

    Hey all!! DS surgery 3/21/16 in Raleigh, NC
  5. Hey there, jam1595!! [emoji137]???? I too am scheduled for surgery tomorrow. I'll be getting the DS. I understand your feelings of being scared. I feel it too!! I pray that we both have successful outcomes. Best Wishes[emoji873]
  6. Congratulations!!! I pray everything went smoothly with your surgery.
  7. ZetaStar

    Liver Diet Friday!

    Thanks tburns82 for posting and everybody that gave advice. I, too am getting ready to go on my full liquid diet in the week before my surgery. I'll be referring to this post for ideas. *Two Thumbs Up!!*
  8. ZetaStar

    Got my surgery date!

    Thanks everybody!! I pray that we all are succuessful in this journey. I'm looking formward to being on the 'loser's bench"!!
  9. Hello all!!!! Yesterday I got my Surgery date!!! Needless to say, I'm excited and scared. I found out that my gall bladder will also be removed during the surgery. That surprised me. Of course, I looked up why they would have to remove it, and understand that it's a preventive measure, but I'm still not completely clear. Can someone give me the "why the gall bladder is removed during DS surgery for dummies" explanation? Thanks!!
  10. I'll be glad when I have those kind of problems!!
  11. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I have been diligently following the suggestions and instructions from my Nutritionist. I don't feel as hungry as I did before. I guess my body had to adjust to the new way of eating. I still haven't heard from my insurance company, but I'm thinking any day now. I'm just trying to get a head start on everything.
  12. Sophie74656: It feels like physical hunger, although I'm telling myself that I just ate, so I shouldn't be hungry. Thanks for the suggestion of low carb Snacks and veggies. Djmohr: I'll try the Water and low fat milk. I was thinking about trying the Iaso Tea, also as it is a detox tea and helps promote weight loss. Sajijoma: I think I'll be drinking a whole lot of water and low fat milk. I'm thinking and saying to myself, "if it's this hard now, what am I gonna do when I get to the liquid diet?" It feels like surgery is so far away. I've finished all my pre-op screenings and am now waiting on approval from my insurance company. Thank you all for words of advice and encouragement. I certainly appreciate it. I'll be trying your suggestions. I pray that I'll be out of this stage real soon!!!! <3
  13. Hello All and Happy New Year!! I now have a new dilemma... Right now, I'm pre-op and have started changing my diet to stay in the calorie limit set for my weight and BMI by my nutritionist. One of my goals was to eliminate carbonated drinks (my main drink is Diet Mt. Dew) which I have done pretty good with keeping. I have also done pretty good with my other goal of at least 90 minutes of exercise a week and drinking at least 64 ounces of Water a day. Here's my dilemma: Ever since I started changing my diet and eliminated sodas, I can't seem to get enough to eat!! It's like a hole in my stomach and I can't fill it up!! And the flatulence that came with the change of diet!!! * holds nose and fans hand, eyes crossed* Whoo!! I've been wondering, did anyone else have to deal with this? Is this what is called "head hunger"?