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  1. Ok sooo, it's been a while since I've posted on here, probably close to a year!! , but lately I've been struggling badly with my Surgery to the point where i think I'm coming into depression. I was fantastic about 3 months before my 1 year anniversary, no complications lively always happy smiling from ear to ear just an all around happy person. Until i was about 9-91/2 months out, now I'm groupy grouchy miserable stressed angry rarely laugh or smile..because im not able to keep anything down throwing up DAILY bones and body weakening swelling in my feet then it traveled throughout my whole body now..immense body pain on a daily, in and out of the hospitals frequent doctors appointments than usual..just to tell me NOTHING lots and lots of testing!! I'm SICK OF IT????..i never regretted anything in my life..but i think im about this close of regretting this whole thing, i was MUCH healthier when i was 435 than i am at 195. Soo with that being said, has anyone else gone through this?? Or is going through it and want to give some pointers advice or references SOMETHINGGGG..i need help in the worst way!! Sent from my SM-N920T using the BariatricPal App
  2. Fiqah87

    Almost giving up! HELP!

    See thats the thing i dont have a PCP yet..i HAD one..or 3..they all keep dropping like flies not me particularly just leaving or retirement..but i just scheduled to visit my.new PCP and maybe this will give me the answers i need Sent from my SM-N920T using the BariatricPal App
  3. Fiqah87

    Almost giving up! HELP!

    No he doesn't have me on any plan..it seems as if im being brushed under the rug..because im having so much trouble..when i was well and had no complications he was all for it very active in my progress..now its not really any interactions when i see him and no i have rhe chewable B12s..i see alot about the Patches i might try them out..or see if my insurance can cover it..because they seem to be a little expensive. Sent from my SM-N920T using the BariatricPal App
  4. Fiqah87

    Almost giving up! HELP!

    Everything is low!!..when i say EVERYTHING i mean everything..Iron, Electrolytes white and red blood count potassium protien and the last I've went to the hospital (ER)..they said I'm malnutrition..oh and i have an Ulcer☺ to top it off, i dont eat much im a finicky eater and the little that i do eat..i keep down 20% of it and i take Vitamins..b12 and D 2..omeprazole or ranitidine my Doctor keep switching back and forth Carafate (for the Ucler) Calcium Multiple Vitamins Biotin. Sent from my SM-N920T using the BariatricPal App
  5. Fiqah87

    Almost giving up! HELP!

    Thank you! Sent from my SM-N920T using the BariatricPal App
  6. I'm feeling AWESOME!!! I know I have a long ways to go to get to my GW, but the dramatic change physically is something!! HW:435 (Pic on the right) CW:308 (Pic on the left) .. and 2 days shy of my 4 Month Post Op and im already down 127pounds!!..go me!!???? go me!!????..I hope everyone else is doing just as well, if not better.????????????????????
  7. Yess!!..I'm just as shocked and surprised as you are, because I keep track, but I haven't looked back over everything because i dont want to get discouraged, but once I've lookes back and tallied it all up and said 127 I literally cried lol, but thank you sooo much! I appreciate it.????
  8. you are doing awesome and you look great! Keep up the good work! I am 2 weeks post op, these types of posts keep me motivated! Thank you soooo much!! I really appreciate it..me too people that are further out than I am, they encourage and motivate me to do better and to stay on track!..and Congratulations!!..I hope everything works out beautifully for you ????☺
  9. Sooo this isnt related to the surgery buuuuuuuutt...can someone please help me put my pic up on my profile?!??!..it doesn't seem like it want to work..or is it a special thing i have to do???????????
  10. Fiqah87

    Help :)

    I've been doing that since I've gotten the app and it wont upload..I'd probably have to do it from the site because its definitely not working from the app..thank you tho!! ????☺
  11. Fiqah87

    Help :)

    From the App!
  12. Fiqah87


    I feel the same way..i cant eat any meat as of right now..i got alot of vegetarian food like veggie patties and Chik patties and my stomach tolerates it 100%..soo i think I've came to a horrid conclusion that for now...i have to be a Vegetarian ????
  13. Fiqah87

    Bowel prep not working

    I had to drink the Bowel Prep i think it altered alot after the surgery for me..because it was so HORRID.. i didnt want to drink anything because the taste and smell of it was still in my soul lol..just talking about it now gets me almost at a gagging point..but it works..you have to drink a certain amount for it to take an effect, probably a little over a half
  14. Hey!!..Soooooooo I came to a devastating conclusion!! I no longer can eat meat!!..I've tried every form of meat and my body eventually rejects it. I am 2 Months Post Op and I need all the natural protein I can get..but my body rejects it..is anyone else experiencing this?????? ????????????
  15. Fiqah87

    A Horrid Rejection!

    I'm going by the Stages and it allows me to eat chicken and tuna..Anything soft or something I can chew until it's softened, but since I don't eat fish..i was stuck with Chicken..but my body rejects it for now..hopefully it's only temporary...and I know I don't NEED meat for a protein..but when you're a picky eater there isn't much to substitute it with..and the food I do substitute it with..it becomes tiring to eat.
  16. Fiqah87

    A Horrid Rejection!

    I'm a very finicky eater..so no type of fish for me....but I've tried chicken multiple times in different ways and my body still rejects it..I've also tried ground meats (Beef, Chicken &Turkey)..I can eat them SOMETIMES..but not too much though.. I've been eating solid foods for almost a month now and I can eat all the Fruit and veggies I want..but when it comes to Starches and Meats..my stomach rejects it horribly
  17. Going on 5 weeks Post Op!!!!..I'm so excited And I feel AMAZING!!!!! I've lost 52pounds from Surgery Date of November 10th 2015!! I haven't measured myself but I know I'm down at least 2 pants sizes ????..I almost have my Protein shakes down packed to where they are tolerable. So now my thing is finding the RIGHT foods, my stomach rejects a lot of food now such as mashed Potatoes or softened beans and more???? so I'm wondering, since I'm going to start Stage 5 of the Diet, are there any food suggestions or recipes that you guys can share..it'll be very helpful.????????
  18. Fiqah87


    I feel the same way..but I think its due to my lack of Protein because I'm sort of struggling to find the right one. So the scale is at a freeze..which is scaring me..because I feel like I'm not meeting the requirements ????.
  19. Sooo I'm having a hard time finding the right protein shake for me. I thought I was all set before the Surgery, but the shakes I picked out doesn't have enough grams of protein for one, and the thought of drinking them is sickening. I'm a little lost!!!!..so I came up with something I'm not too sure of, knowing I like the Crystal Light drinks, will it cause harm if I put the unflavored Protein powder in the Crystal Light drinks? Because I've tried the unflavored protein mix alone and it was horrid. So I'm wondering am I doing any harm by mixing my Protein Powder and Crystal Light together??????
  20. Soo I'm 3 weeks Post Op as of today..and I'm seeing everywhere that people that are at my stage, have been eating, but very soft foods like boiled eggs or scrambled eggs tuna or Canned chicken or Pureed foods. Should I be starting on food of such?..or am I at the right stage?, because I still only have liquids, like juice water protein shakes Broth and milk also Popsicles pudding yogurts and jello. When I last saw my Doctor he told me to start on "Stage 3"..but when I read the stages..I should have been started on Stage 3 right after I got home..and the next time I see my Doctor is in 5 weeks????..so I'm going to be on Liquids and puddings for 5 more weeks??!?!?..ahhh!!????????
  21. Thank you very Much!! Yeaa that's exactly what they both said today when I called them and Emailed, they said no question is a dumb question and no question is too little and never to hesitate contact them when its regarding something so serious.
  22. Yea I have the same thing if not very similar and I tried solid foods today and it didn't play in my favor at all????..I might have to step back a stage...But Congratulations on making the big decision to make a difference in your life!!!..I hope everything goes well with you..and the best of luck!!!
  23. Yes I have the papers and I have contact information. Yea see I feel like I'm a little behind with it..and I honestly don't know if my doctor would be the one to say "ok to the next stage" or it goes my the booklet and my weeks post op..thanks I was contemplating on contacting her idk why ..I just don't like feeling like a nag lol..but yea I'm going to email my NUT And Doctor to see where I'm at..THANKS!!
  24. Me? I'm sticking to a lot of things that were in my liquid diet - smoothies, Protein shakes, yoghurt. But I've added sliced meats and mince (that I'm making sure to chew into puree - naughty I know), baked Beans, chunkier Soups, eggs. Honestly, I was miserable during the liquid stage but as soon as I added something as simple as eggs I was happier. Or sliced meats and tomato sauce. Suddenly they have become a delicacy haha. Omg!! I'm scared to start on meats and chunky Soup because I didn't get the " ok"from my nutritionists or my Doctor so I'm stuck on the soups and Italian ice yogurts and puddings and stuff of that nature..I've tried a half of grape to see if it stays down and it went pretty well I didn't get nauseous or anything. I'm just scared to start my next stage without the approval

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