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  1. herfuture

    Who am I?

    Have you ever been diagnosed with Hyper Thyroidism. Those symptoms sound reminiscent of Thyroid issues.
  2. herfuture

    So weak

    Just wanted to do an update. I am going on 7 weeks out. I am feeling so much better. So much more human. My energy is coming back. When I first started this post I thought time was standing still. It is amazing what a difference a few weeks can make. So happy with my sleeve. I am feeling so hopeful ???? these forums make things so much easier so thankful for them! SW 324 Day of surgery 309 Weight now 278
  3. I drove 70 miles to purchase it from Trader Joes and they had a waiting list. They had been sold out every time it comes in.
  4. herfuture

    So weak

    Thanks for the encouragement.
  5. herfuture

    So weak

    22 days out 25 pounds down. This is my first post I have just been trying to focus. I am so weak no matter how much protein and water I get. I felt better earlier in my recovery than I do now. Anything I can be doing to make myself feel better. I start solid food on 1-16 which I can't imagine since it is hard enough getting yogurt and other pureed foods down.
  6. herfuture

    December Sleevers?

    I am scheduled for December 17th.