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  1. My surgeon and NUT both say to do a twice daily chewable Multivitamin, chewable probiotic, and 3 times a day Calcium citrate chewable. But, everything I read for research is for RNY. For example, must use citrate form of calcium to bypassing the first part of the small intestines. But for VSG, there is no intestinal bypass. AFTER complete healing of the sleeve, is there a real need to stay with chewables or calcium citrate instead of calcium carbonate?
  2. WalkOnWaking

    Post-op pain

    I would fill the narcotic med prescription and discuss non NSAID options with surgeon. Better to have stronger stuff on hand and not need it, than need it and not have it.
  3. WalkOnWaking

    2nd day post op.

    And you are still swollen from surgery. Slow and steady. Get your fluids and protein.
  4. WalkOnWaking

    It's all so surreal...

    Very inspirational start on your journey!
  5. Keep in mind, its not the insurance carrier, but the plan that they are administering. I had a BCBS policy last year when I had my surgery, and a good friend did also. My BCBS plan had a 6 months supervised weight loss visit requirement as part of their medical policy. Mental health evaluation, and starting BMI of 35 due to my comorbidities (would have been 40 if no comorbidities). My friend had surgery last summer, but was self-pay in Mexico. Her plan, even tho the same BCBS policy in the same state, EXCLUDED bariatric procedures. My employer and her employer did not purchase similar plans with BCBS. It's all in what the employer wants to pay for (for those that have employer health benefits).
  6. I'm surprised that no one has mentioned it yet. I was told on my first visit with the surgeon. That way, you are not blindsided as prettyCali916 mentioned. I had been in touch with my insurance carrier and knew my max out-of-pocket (did not have a separate bariatric deductible). By the time I got to the surgery, I had no payments to make. I had met my max out-of-pocket 2 months prior.
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    I am free to eat anything else as of 5 weeks out, except the above veggies and raw nuts. Every surgeon has their own way and to me it's not very restrictive. I was on liquids 2 weeks post-op. Soft foods as tolorate thru week 4. Then week 5 no restrictions other than above. I am ok with following his requirements.
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    I was told broccoli, asparagus, lettuces, and Brussels sprouts were off my list for a year. Something about the texture being too rough even when cooked. But every surgeon has their own rules it seems.
  9. Me too, Steph Anne. I plan to be far above the "average" for a sleeve. I didn't come this far to turn back now!
  10. WalkOnWaking

    A Stall Has Died (not a Star is Born)!

    I have lost 2 inches in size overall but also a cup size. Now a C. Lol
  11. Finally, almost 2 months since surgery and 3 weeks of a 'stall' that was normal so I'm told, I'm finally starting to see the scales move downward again. Not a big loss, but I'll take every tenth of a pound I can get! Down 1.1 pounds! Side note: My hubby said my rear end is wrinkled. I embrace those wrinkles!
  12. WalkOnWaking

    A Stall Has Died (not a Star is Born)!

    Guess I am the only one. Bummer.
  13. WalkOnWaking

    A Stall Has Died (not a Star is Born)!

    For the ladies out there, have you noticed any significant changes in um...how shall I say it? Cup size? I swear, I have deflated balloons now!
  14. WalkOnWaking

    A Stall Has Died (not a Star is Born)!

    @@meganliz0824 Thanks! Trying to walk more too (my dog has yet to object going for another walk!). I have a treadmill to walk on indoors when the weather is cold to be out long, and my dog has learned to run on it. And he love love loves the treadmill. He can do 5mph, at an incline of 5, for 5 miles twice a day. He's getting more buff than me! I am working from home, so the best I can do is a slow walk (2mph) so that I'm not out of breath talking on a conference call. If its just something I have to listen to, then I can up the speed and/or incline and use my headphones to listen. I just have to remember to jiggle my mouse every 15 minutes or my screen locks up and they think I'm not listening. If I could only figure out how to train the cat to play with the computer mouse, I'd have it made! HAHA!
  15. Check with a SUPERVISOR at your new insurance company. I had the same thing happen to me (a different surgery). They allowed me to see the surgeon as an In-network doc even tho he was out of network for the follow-up period. Same thing for the physical therapy. I had 3 more surgeon visits and 12 or 14 (2x a week) physical therapy visits covered at the in-network benefit but saw folks out-of-network. It can be done on a case-by-case basis. The reps in customer service can't do it but a supervisor can.
  16. WalkOnWaking

    HELP! Cant stop eating!

    It is hard not to give 'stock' answers with so little information provided. Honestly, it would be helpful to know how much you started at, and where you are now, what your goals are, what you are eating and Water volume intake.
  17. WalkOnWaking

    A Stall Has Died (not a Star is Born)!

    I just realized, if I had started my WLS journey NOW, I would not have qualified! BMI is now at 34.7.
  18. WalkOnWaking

    What’s Your Attitude Towards Carbs?

    I totally agree. I keep a careful watch on my blood sugar levels (which carbs directly affect) having struggled with diabetes for over a decade. I have found that artificial sweetners affect my blood sugar level just as much as real sugar. My blood sugar levels spike the same if its Crystal Light, iced tea with Splenda or Stevia, or raw sugar. So I stick to Water and unsweetened tea. Amazing how the same consumption affects different people.
  19. WalkOnWaking

    A Stall Has Died (not a Star is Born)!

    Protein intake has not changed. I still get between 90 and 120 per day, per my NUT and surgeon's recommendations. I'm glad the scale is moving again. I know I've lost 'size' if not weight in the last 3 weeks. Clothes fit better. Even my bra size (much to my husband's demise!).
  20. WalkOnWaking

    A Stall Has Died (not a Star is Born)!

    Yes! Onward and DOWNWARD for me! Lol
  21. WalkOnWaking

    Surgery Date January 13th.

    @@sweettiff - Keep us posted on your (hopefully) swift and easy recovery! You are in our thoughts and prayers!
  22. WalkOnWaking


    I have yet to try lettuces at all. Its on my 'no-no' list from the surgeon and NUT. I was told that maybe a year out, it may be ok, but not to try until then. I HAVE had some spinach but not raw like in a salad. Its been an ingredient in a Soup I've had from the mushy-foods stage (Italian Wedding Soup). No issues I am guessing cuz its pretty much boiled to death! I do miss my salads. Even threw out the salad dressings I had in the fridge with a recent kitchen cleaning. No sense storing what will likely be outdated by the time I'm eating a salad again.
  23. WalkOnWaking

    What’s Your Attitude Towards Carbs?

    My neighbor, years ago, was coming home from the hospital with her twins. Her hubby was deployed and did not make it back in time for their birth. She also had gestational diabetes and had been following a low-carb diet to help her and the babies. I drove her and the babies home from the hospital, and she had me drive thru a Krispy Kreme for a box of doughnuts. She had bypass surgery years later and has kept it off for over 5 years now.
  24. I think I have lost someone that I thought was a close friend. She's been kind of 'short' with me lately and I finally asked her if something was wrong (family, job, etc.). She blurted out that she can't believe I had the surgery done, that there were so many other (better) options for me. Luckily this was via a text message. I don't know what I would have said or done if it had been face to face. But am glad I was sitting on the couch because my head spun and I felt so ... Fill in the blank: angry/pissed/disappointed. I just responded that I did what I personally felt was the right thing, for me, and it is a decision that I will have to live with. I'm not at all unhappy I did this. Sure, there were some bumps along the way, some things I wish could have been different regarding my hospital stay. But all-in-all, I'm thrilled to be off medications that were no longer working well for me. I don't know how I can mend the friendship, but at this point, I have no desire to. Lyrics from a song that Celtic Woman sings pop to mind: "I've lost the friends that I needed losing, found others on the way." I guess only time will tell if she will remain a friend, or one that 'needed losing' in my journey.