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  1. ​I AM SO EMBARRASSED TO CALL THEM CAUSE THIS IS MY FAULT I WAS NEGLECTFUL AND WANTED TO TEST MY SLEEVE. Don't be embarrassed! You'll be SO glad you took care of it right away in the long run. They're used to seeing ALL kinds of people at all different stages. Many of them probably wait until it's too late. You can do this!
  2. Hey there! I'll throw my two-cents in, although I might be echoing what most people have already replied. I'm 4 months out from RNY....
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    From the album: FitandFreeEmily

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    From the album: FitandFreeEmily

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    Anyone in Iowa?

    Just popping in to see if there's anyone around the Iowa City area! I would love to connect.
  7. Hi, everyone! I'm just starting this whole journey, currently awaiting my first big seminar (six-hours long!) newbie at my bariatric center. I'm 31, married, one kiddo, and live in Iowa City. Without going into my big long backstory (you can see that on my profile), I need to jump right into my question: How did you break the news to your family / friends / co-workers? Pretty much no one in my life is overweight, and if they are -- they definitely aren't dealing with their issues. My father especially is a very fit man (always has been), and it's hard for him to understand my issues. We don't talk too much about it. I've brought up from time to time that I'm in therapy, that I'm addressing my eating disorder, but even that... he just can't really relate. I don't blame him for this, but I'm worried about trying to get him to understand my decision for surgery. Now, I know that I'm a grown-ass woman (ha!) who doesn't NEED approval from others. This is why I posted in the age-group thread. I'm at that weird place in life where I still feel like I kind of need to tell my family before making any big decisions. Thankfully my husband and close friends are 100% supportive and that really IS enough. But I have a long and public history with my weight loss journey. I used to write a fairly successful blog and have a public IG (@FitandFreeEmily) where I plan to update my followers with this decision. I'm bracing myself for the "you're taking the easy way out" from followers, but I'd like to know an eloquent way to address these comments head-on. Any suggestions? How did you tell people in your life? Did you have to deal with any negative comments? ANY help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I'm so beyond ready for this. Thank you!! - Emily (PS - I haven't had any coffee and my 5yo is being a small tornado around me... so I apologize for any typos or incomplete thoughts. )
  8. This happened between my husband and I, at first. I went through a laundry list of reasons with my therapist as to why he might be hesitant: maybe he's afraid I'll outgrow him with my changes, he's threatened by such a change, he's worried about what people might think, etc. Turns out he finally just admitted that he was afraid of seeing me try something and not succeed and how that might effect my mental state. Maybe your boyfriend feels the same way! Good luck with your surgery -- only a little more than one week out!
  9. I think you're right -- it'll be a lot easier to get get it out in the open. I just noticed you're 5 days post-op! How are you feeling??
  10. Yes! that "in-between" stage is exactly what I'm feeling. I think you're right, people might surprise me. And if they don't -- o well, right? Thank you for your insight!
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    Hey everyone - total newbie, here. I just started the preliminary paperwork at the University of Iowa Bariatric Center. I see a few of you have had your surgeries there! Could someone give me an idea of what to expect? How long it might take for appointments to start happening? Can you tell I'm in that phase of "I've finally decided to get this done and now I can't wait" ? Hope all is well!
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    130 lbs lost

    You look fantastic! Keep up the hard work!

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