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    Don't know what to title this

    Sometimes people react negatively when they are worried. Maybe he doesnt want you to die and tries to convince himself he doesnt need you in case... I'm no therapist, but I've noticed people acting this way before. When things were going badly with my ex and he knew I wanted to break it off, he would be super mean to me because he was trying to comfort himself.
  2. New Age, Country, Dance, Soft Rock, Oldies
  3. HunnyBun

    Feels like a pulled muscle?!?!?

    I haven't been banded yet but I think generally it's always a good idea to address any kind of pain to your doctor. Especially if it is near the area of your band/port. Good luck
  4. HunnyBun

    What was YOUR last straw?

    Oh gosh what a topic! I think the day I saw myself for how I really looked, big, fat, swollen, puffy, unattractive... At 5'3 and nearly 300lbs I look really unpretty. I would never be attracted to myself so how could any man find me attractive. I decided that if I ever want to feel sexy I have to do something to lose weight, BUT three years ago I only weighed about 240lbs and lost 80lbs by very strict diet. I promised myself I would never be fat again because of how happy my weight loss made me. Somehow I gained 125lbs in three years... I finally decided I KNOW I can't lose weight and keep it off, so it was time for surgery.
  5. How do they know if you've had the procedure? Do they simply ask or do insurance companies have access to people's medical recs. Isn't HIPAA supposed to protect our med recs? I am not in the medical field so I don't know much about this.
  6. HunnyBun

    I found it!!!

    Congratulations!! :rant:
  7. HunnyBun

    Folding Sheets, or, My Idea Of Hell

    I have a system for laundry. Every Saturday I take all of the dirty clothes, towels and sheets down to the basement and put them in a big pile on the floor. I pick out all the sheets and throw them in the washer. While sheets are washing I sort all the laundry by color. When sheets are done I throw them in the dryer and load the towels. After sheets are dry I throw towels in dryer, whites in the wash and take sheets upstairs to go back on the beds. After the towels dry I fold them while still warm and bring upstairs while the rest of the clothes are washing and drying. My trick to keeping everything wrinkle free is to take care of it as soon as it comes out of the dryer. I have LOADS of hangers and as soon as cothes come out of the dryer they go on hangers and then into the closet. The thing is that almost everything gets hung up. All t-shirts, camis, pants, blouses, skirts, even tube tops. I only keep undies and socks in the drawers. Target sells hangers very cheap, I think 13 plastic hangers for about a dollar. They also sell kid size hangers too. I like doing laundry this way because it only takes three hours and in between loads I can clean the other areas of the house. I'm Polish though, cleaning comes natural to me lol
  8. He has only done 6 lap band surgeries so far. He has done a lot of different kind of surgeries but not the band. By the time I finish my 6 month diet he will have a bit more experience under his belt, but I'm still wondering... What do you guys think?
  9. HunnyBun

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (maybe a little XXX)

    Read fashion magazines, do my nails, cook, go shopping, make cupcakes for my son, watch sex and the city, read a cool book, nap, watch cheesy tv, give myself a facial, or sometimes i do some xxx rated things lol.
  10. HunnyBun

    My surgeon is a newbie

    Thank you ladies! I needed to hear someone tell me the good side of this!
  11. HunnyBun

    Quandry... Lapband/Natural Medicine

    I love natural healing as well. I have many books on the topic and learn more all the time. I wouldn't be bothered by the xray. We as humans are put through so much more damage every time we go outside. We breathe in fumes from cars and airplanes, we eat nasty preservatives and antibiotics with almost anything we eat, especially meat. I don't think the xray will have a big impact, especially compared to how polluted the world is. Go on with your band and know that being banded will help so much more than a few xrays could possibly damage.
  12. HunnyBun

    My surgeon is a newbie

    He has done a lot of other surgeries laproscropic. Not WLS, but others like appendix etc.
  13. HunnyBun

    My surgeon is a newbie

    I am not trying to save money. I simply can not afford to self pay. My insurance is state provided and they are really bad in illinois. Any surgeon I went to said they don't accept anymore. A year ago I actually found a surgeon and later in the process got a letter stating they no longer accept state. There was another doctor who I found but when I went to an information session with his program director I was so dissapointed to find that she is truly dumb and doesn't know half the stuff I know. She didn't speak at all from her head but read everything from a sheet of paper. She kept mispronouncing words, but when I asked about a 'fill' she had the nerve to correct me and said it's not a fill, it's an adjustment. She didn't do well with answering questions either. I just couldn't go through with a surgeon who has a dumbass on his staff. I later found out that this doctor is planning on cancelling state because they don't pay. Illinois medicaid is ridiculus. No doctor wants to work with them. I just don't know where to look, when I got a list from medicaid of surgeons, only 5 on that list said they still accept medicaid, and only two did lap bands.
  14. HunnyBun

    My surgeon is a newbie

    He's the only one that will accept my insurance and works in the hospital, not by himself. He is on hospital staff and everything happens there, from support group, to the 16 week diet, to fills and everything. If I don't do it with him then I can't do it at all :confused:
  15. HunnyBun

    Tanning Beds w/bands

    Jergens is ok but the better ones are a bit more pricey. Try California North self tanning lotion. It's not a strong tan like most. It smells awesome too.
  16. HunnyBun

    Two Important Points To Remember

    I dont understand why you'd need antibiotics to have your teeth cleaned. Does anyone know how the band has an effect on this?
  17. HunnyBun

    Tanning Beds w/bands

    I'm surprised at all you ladies. You have surgery to better your health but then go tanning... It's just not worth it to me, skin cancer is so serious and scary. I have been using self tanner creams and bronzer and I look great, no burned skin necessary. Yeah, I know :blah:
  18. HunnyBun

    Chicago friends

    I dont know to be honest, I still eat most things I want. I just quit drinking soda and stopped fast food.
  19. HunnyBun

    Prom Night

    Cute! Definately handsome... and I would know I'm in boycrazy stage
  20. HunnyBun

    What Grinds your Gears?

    I have my phone on all the time and I will answer in the movies if it is my mom. When I go out, I leave my son at home with my mom. If there is an emergency, she needs to be able to get ahold of me no matter what I'm doing.
  21. HunnyBun

    Adult Content XXX - Intimate problems

    Are your periods regular? Calendar and condoms would probably work. Just dont do 'it' during the time you're ovulating. You can also use ovulation tests. I personally don't take birth control pills and don't think they are very healthy.
  22. HunnyBun

    Adult Content XXX - Intimate problems

    If he always wears condoms, why not just stop taking the pill?
  23. LOL I'm seriously laughing out loud here. Thanks for cheering me up!
  24. HunnyBun

    Child Abuse - what do I do?

    When I was a kid there were a few times that I pushed my dad to the point of him really giving me a good beating. He used a belt or a tree branch and beat my butt black and blue. I tried to use my hands to cover my butt and got hit on my hands and arms too. It happened on only a few occasions. I'm glad noone reported it. I got a beating, learned to stop messing up and went on with my life. If someone had called child services and my family was messed with, or if I was interviewed by social workers etc, I would probably be really stressed out. Too much drama for a kid. I'm not saying its ok for the guy to hit the girl, I don't really hit my son, but if the girl really screwed up and pushed him over the edge then she might have deserved it. I remember that every time my dad beat my butt I always screwed up BAD. There is only so much a parent can take before he really wants to just hit. I know there were instances where it took every last drop of strength to stop myself from giving my son a beating, like the time he threw my money out of the bus window and the driver wouldn't stop until the next busstop. I lost a bunch of money and I was poor... Not defending the dad, just think that if he was never abusive in the past maybe he's just been pushed over the edge. I think everyone out there has a limit to how much they will take before they snap.
  25. LOVE that smiley TriciaK!!! lol