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  1. That isn't true for everyone. I was not commanded to be walking 30" a day from Day 1. My calorie target during my weight oss phase is based on my measured RMR. I'm not to go below 1290/day. My surgeon's general recommendation is for 700-900 calories at weeks 6-8, and 900-1200 by week 12. I actually had my RMR tested and it had slowed, so the exercise physiologist and my surgeon don't want me going below my RMR so I don't slow it down even further. I'm losing 6-8 lbs/month, inches as well as lbs., maintaining my lean mass, and feeling great. I'll take it!
  2. No, your reason for healing perfectly has nothing to do with your preop shower. There is nothing magic in any soap. If there were, there would be no postop infections, and everyone would need to use whatever the magic soap was. It's a longstanding truth in the business that postop wound infections start in the OR.
  3. 2goldengirl

    Anthem Blue Cross: A Resolution In Sight?

    Preferred will know who you're capitated to. Ask Preferred IPA the question - who is in-network for bariatric surgery at my capitated hospital? Preferred will be doing your authorizations. For now, forget about asking for a variance, you are not the only bariatric member they have, and they undoubtedly have a system for routing bariatric patients. Your PCP's office ought to have done this much for you. They also probably have one person there who deals with bariatrics - that's the person to talk to.
  4. 2goldengirl

    Sugar free ice cream?

    You mean a lactose free one? If the info in your profile is correct, you're three months out. Your sleeve should be tolerating a lot of different foods by now. The question is, if you "can" have something, should you? We don't know anything about your surgeon's postop instructions - whether you have Protein, calorie, or carb targets and/or restrictions. We don't know what foods are craving triggers for you. So honestly, this is a question you have to ask yourself, and be prepared to ask for the rest of your life: Is this choice on my plan? Will my sleeve tolerate it? How will I feel after I make this choice? Will it get me closer to my goal(s)? Then you make your choice based on that, not what a bunch of strangers on the internet say. We aren't the food police.
  5. @@Deuel30, the elimination of the waiting period is only for CA H M O plans, it doesn't hold true for other plans in other states.
  6. 2goldengirl

    Building a Post-WLS Wardrobe

    @@Lynne5767, I hear you - but the truth is, especially in the early months, we shrink out of our clothes at what can be an alarming rate. And we all know that the seasons and what is found in stores don't always coincide. As a for instance, two months before my surgery, I ran into some end-of-season sales on some basics I knew I'd be needing - black trousers and dressy jeans for work, my favorite knit tops (Talbots). I got two pair each of black trousers and work jeans from Haute Look, and black and white tops from Talbots. They were in two consecutively smaller sizes. I'm in the smaller size of them all now, and so glad I did this, because I've had basics to wear. I've gotta get busy, though, cause these won't last me forever. I just got rid of another two big bags of clothes that are hanging on me, including almost all of my summer capris and crops. I've just got time to get a few summer things in before everything is all fall and winter in the stores. I live in northern CA, and we get some of our warmest days between September and mid-November. I have to plan ahead!
  7. 2goldengirl

    Please say it ain't so!

    At 11 days out, keeping up your fluids is first, Protein is second, calories third in priority. Don't sweat it, just keep sipping - and know that your newly refashioned stomach may well be cranky for a few weeks yet. Mine certainly was, but at 11 weeks (rather than 11 days), the only thing my gut (not stomach, gut) didn't appreciate is caffeinated coffee. I'm a bit more than 12 weeks now. Hang in there!
  8. 2goldengirl

    Stalled for months

    From what you describe, you likely aren't eating enough to keep losing. I know it sounds counter-intuitive, but you need to eat enough to lose.
  9. It's different for everyone. It isn't a race. it isn't about how much you can lose in X amount of time. Especially for the rift month to six weeks. your body has one overriding goal - healing from the trauma of surgery. Weight loss is secondary to that as far as your body is concerned. Follow your postop instructions, and you will be successful!
  10. With a very active job AND hitting the gym, 600-800 calories is WAY too low. You simply need more than that. I've gotten slammed for this, but your metabolism will slow down the longer you stay under 1000-ish calories a day. Period. And you are still healing. Your body needs REST in order to recover. Back off at the gym and eat more. How do I know this? I had my RMR (resting metabolic rate) tested. I also had a session with a PhD in exercise physiology who works for a major university medical center (that means she knows what she's talking about). I am over 60 with a desk job and in three months of calories not greater than 800/day, my metabolic rate dropped forty percent. So I have been directed never to eat less than my RMR per day (right now, that's 1290 calories a day). That's what my body requires at complete rest, and I've recovered from my surgery. Anything less than that will slow my metabolism further. For now, I'm not to do any intense workouts until I can keep my calories at 1290 (and it's a challenge at ten weeks out). Walking is fine, I'm to increase both calories and activity. I had this testing done on Wednesday. I was stalled. I've lost two lbs. in two days by upping my calories as directed.
  11. 2goldengirl

    Sutter Nutritionist In Sacramento Area?

    You should be able to see any RD who sees outpatients at any Sutter facility. Sutter Memorial is where most of the WLS is done up there. You could call either Dr. Shadle or Dr. Eslami's office and see who they use for RD.
  12. 2goldengirl

    Losing hair/hope/everything but weight

    How did you have your RMR tested? I went to the UC Davis Sports Medicine Clinic. If you Google "RMR testing" and add your geographic area, you should be able to get places that do it.
  13. 2goldengirl

    Slow Motion After Stall

    Whoa. I think you'd be wise to manage your expectations. You've lost 43 lbs in less than two months. That's amazing progress. I've lost 24 in ten weeks and I'm thrilled with it. Why would you think you should be losing 5 lbs. a week? How much are you supposed to be eating according to your surgeon at this point? My surgeon wants me at 900-1100 and it's hard to get in that much. I know that I stall out eating too little. If you're hitting your Protein and Fluid targets and you've lost 43 lbs, I'd say you're doing great!
  14. I looked at the book on Amazon, and one telling feature (or lack thereof) for this book: I can't find in the table of contents any indicator of footnotes, endnotes, or other citations. Unless a book that purports to be using science contains citations, be wary. Second - not all who are obese are insulin-resistant, which seems to be key his approach. His findings appear to be based on his work with diabetics who developed some degree if kidney disease. This is not true of the bulk of the obese population. His approach may work for some, just remember, one size (or approach) does not fit all.
  15. 2goldengirl

    Weird - and wonderful!

    @, it was SO amazing, I felt like dancing on air. However, after coming home and spending more time packing, my feet don't feel like dancing at all Huz had me call in an order for him to pick up at the same place on his way home from work. There is a half-bag of those fries out in the kitchen that preop would have called me like a siren. No interest at all. Thrilling!
  16. 2goldengirl

    Craving! Help!

    Seriously, if cravings were that easy to "turn off", you think any of us would be here?
  17. 2goldengirl


    It's an all in one pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow cooker, and steamer. You can also make taco chicken in a slow cooker, but in the pressure cooker, it only takes 15" (plus I refrigerate it overnight so I can take the fat off). six or eight skinless, bone-in chicken thighs a pkg of taco seasoning a jar of salsa That's it. I cook down the sauce a bit while I'm pulling the chicken off the bones the next day. Pressure cooking is exceptionally sleeve-friendly, everything gets very tender.
  18. It absolutely does. Botox is used to treat migraines. I had a client who got botox for his migraines regularly - and his Medicare H M O pays for it, too.
  19. 2goldengirl

    1 Year Post Op Failure

    Yes, it does. Water weighs 1 oz wt. per oz of volume.
  20. 2goldengirl

    Post op week 4

    At two months out, I am noticing occasional hunger - as in "empty". Not at all the same feeling I'd get when hungry preop. So when you say "all I want to do is snack", what do you want to snack on? Are you craving a particular texture? Bored with the choices you've been making? Is something else driving the snack attack?
  21. Brilliant post! Now, what will you do to Celebrate this wonderful milestone? I'm a believer in owning them by doing something you wouldn't ordinarily do.
  22. 2goldengirl

    Red stuff?

    But red Jello is the only kind worth eating. The others are all nasty.
  23. 2goldengirl

    Trouble getting in more calories

    Excuse me, but these are the recommendations from my surgeon. I DO happen to know that I stop losing at 600-700, have no energy, and can barely get through my workday. I'll thank you to not tell me not to follow doctor's orders! I am NOT asking for criticism of my surgeon's recommendations on this thread. If you can't swing with that, feel free to join another thread.
  24. 2goldengirl

    "That's on your diet!"

    It isn't about shame, it's about personal privacy. Huge difference.
  25. It doesn't work that way. Denials have to be based on the criteria. If the criteria doesn't specify no loss or gain, then that isn't grounds for denial.

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