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    lab band and pregnancy

    I had the band and was pregnant with it. I recently got revised to the sleeve but while I was preg I had the bad. It was perfectly fine. Didn't have a lot of saline in so I gained a lot of weight. My OB wanted me to get w fill but my old surgeon wouldn't do it and I didn't want it. Otherwise I didn't really feel anything weird bc of band.
  2. amyg80


    I've had a slice about 8wks out and a month later just had another slice. I'm not beating myself up over it nor am I here eating a whole pizza pie like I would have in the past. If it slows my progress so be it, but at least I at it and got it off of my mind. To me the calories are worth it and I know I'll work it off. Will my progress slow...probably but doesn't mean it won't stop.
  3. It depends on your personality. I did weigh stuff for the first couple of weeks on the general diet but then I learned to visualize. I do checks here and there but I'm pretty good about eyeballing something. However I'm def not obsessed with food. If I go out to eat I can pick healthy food for the most part. If I have a drink I don't beat myself up bc I work hard most days out of the week. Would I lose faster if I obsessed? Probably, but my personality is that I can be obsessive about something new and then get bored or exhausted after a few weeks so I go back to old patters. I give myself some wiggle room, and just continue plucking away. I see it as a lifestyle change, not a change for 6-9mo. On the other hand I do know people who are obsessive about food and they go in viscous cycles of being obsessed with eating healthy foods and working out and then other cycles of binge eating crap food and never working out. So it's pretty much a personality thing and how you look at this journey.
  4. amyg80

    Slow loss, eating more

    I'm pretty much the same as you but only 3 months out. 20 the 1st month then 5 Jan and 6 this month. However I slacked off for about 2wks this month and have gotten back on track. But I'm good with it. I'd rather lose slowly and have a chance to fill in my skin with muscle then losing so rapidly that i have so much loose skin. I'll have loose skin anyways but I want to lose at a healthy rate. 1-2lb/week. It's going to come off eventually, so if I keep plucking away I'll accomplish both losing the way and practice living a healthy lifestyle for life. It's not a race. If you work at it, you will get there. At your pace. No one else's.
  5. My surgeon who has been doing WLS for over 20 yrs and is the director of the Bariatric program doesn't require one if your BMI or weight is under a certain amount. He's the one I did my band to sleeve revision with. Love him and trust him very much. My 1st WLS was the band and I weighed the same I did for my revision and they required one. My sleeve has been much more successful than my band ever was. I'd trust your surgeon. He knows you weight, BMI, etc. he's the one doing the surgery. If you want to get a jump start on weight loss by all means go for it, but otherwise I'd trust what ur surgeon said.
  6. I actually like it. I never regret a workout after I'm done. Do I have to talk myself into it many time. Yes. With that said, I despised working out too. For so long it was like a chore. Every time I started a new routine I'd quit after a few weeks. Then I'd try to get back on track but dreaded going to the gym so I'd quit altogether. What I've realized is that I actually didn't despise the gym, I despised me giving up all the time. If I ignored the gym, I wouldn't have to worry about starting something new, quitting it, and disappointing myself. I was so tired of disappointing myself. After I got the sleeve I knew that i had just done something drastic and I better make the best of it. So I let go of the idea of hating the gym or working out, and told myself that I would not give up again. That I would set out to do one program at a time and finish it. And this is what I've done. I'm one week away from finishing my 1st c25k programs which I have tried many times in the past to complete but would give up. So ask urself. Do you despise work or do you despise the constant disappointment of not accomplishing ur workout goals. There's a difference.
  7. So 40 mins of cardio a day? Is it the same routine? If so switch it up! Add some strength training and that'll really speed up metabolism and burn calories! Are you eating the same diet, if so switch it up. You have to shock ur body. I'm a huge fan of carb cycling. Most days I eat just Protein and meat. When I add in a carb here and there I notice still I lose weight and even more. You need to trick ur body otherwise it adapts and u get stuck. Find new workouts and new eating plans. Good luck!
  8. I'm in the last week ok C25k. I used to run a little before at the current weight I am now and would do HIITs at faster speeds. I'm older now and I've had a child so I'm slower now but getting faster. My focus is to finish. That's why they have to OR options later on in the program. It'll say run 2.5mi (or 25mins). The program is designed for you to try to accomplish a 5k in 30mins. Well that's pretty much a 10 min/mi pace and that's about the pace of 6.0 on a treadmill. I have short legs and I don't run that fast. I used to run at 5.6 but now I run at 4.3, and walk at 3.5. Like I said I'm almost done with the program and I set what I view as my realistic goals for myself. I'm happy I'm almost done! Not as fast as everyone else but I'm still doing it! U got this. But take it easy since ur just out of surgery. My doc approved only walking and swimming the 1st month.
  9. Can you correct mine? It's suppose to be 215.0 not 215.6.
  10. 215...6 more lbs to go. I'm cutting it close.
  11. amyg80

    A good birth control?

    I had the mirena and I loved it but I grew to hate it. I could not lose any weight with it regardless what I did. I had the band at the time and I would workout, eat right, and that scale would not budge. Right before having it I was losing weight. Then it stopped right after I got it. I got it taken out and bam, down 10lbs a few weeks later bc the progesterone had to get out of my system. I also have PCOS, and now I have a sleeve instead of the band. I'd do some research 1st. A lot of people claim that it causes u to gain weight. I'm going to go for hormone free IUD in the future
  12. amyg80


    I waited about 4 weeks and had drinks on nye. Not many just a few. I have one maybe once a week. You just get buzzed fast. My doc said I could drink but didn't give me a timeframe to refrain nor did I ask. My NUT said I couldn't drink at all after the surgery with is total bs and unrealistic.
  13. I'll weigh in today bc I might forget tomorrow. Current 216.8
  14. amyg80


    I finished Wk2 day 3 today! The furthest I've gotten was week4 day1, so I'm looking very forward to finishing what I started this time! I love running and it really seems to shed he weight a lot faster for me. I'm also adding 2-3 weight training days in between my running days. Good luck!
  15. amyg80

    Post op 6 weeks...

    I'd agree with this but I also do a lot salmon, ground turkey, chicken (shredded), roast pork tenderloins, and black beans. Love black beans. I usually do one Pure Protein shake first thing in the AM to get 35g of protein in right off the bat.
  16. amyg80

    Tofu noodles?

    My sister introduced me to them and is she warned me about the smell. My sense of smell is prob off bc I could hardly smell anything. Lol. I have tried spaghetti squash and I like it but like these way better. I'm going to be trying those zucchini noodles and also cauliflower rice. I've done the cauliflower mash and those are tasty. Gotta mix it up to keep it interesting.
  17. Has anyone tried eating tofu noodles after gastric sleeve? I'm almost a month out and would love to eat these again after I get into the general diet! I ate the b4 I was sleeved! It quenches my desire for Pasta. They only have 3carbs, 2 which are Fiber. And 10 calories per serving. Just curious. And of course I'll ask my NUT, but just wondering if anyone's had them after sleeve.
  18. Weight today is 219. Ughhh it won't budge even after working out all last week. Lol. Oh well
  19. I had band to sleeve revision on 12/1, and have lost 20lbs so far. With the band I only lost 25lbs and then got preg and gained 50. For me the sleeve was my personal choice and I couldn't be more pleased. I have about 95lbs total to go, but I think with any surgery/diet plan you have to be compliant. I know people who have had the bypass and 5yrs later are heavier then when they had surgery. For me cutting out my stomach is drastic enough. I don't want to mess with my bowels. If this fails it's my own doing. It's a personal choice, and one you need to decide after research and self analysis. You know what you can handle. No one else does. Good luck.
  20. amyg80

    Tofu noodles?

    I asked my doc and she said its ok to try. I'll try then out abs see afar happens.
  21. The gym will prob get things going! If u just started will prob take a week to see results. If ur food intake, Water, and exercise is on point...then don't sweat it. Relax and go with it. Ull see results soon enough! At least that's what I tell myself. Lol. Good luck.
  22. amyg80

    Eating not fun

    Id rather have fun trying on smaller clothes.
  23. amyg80

    Am I losing too slow?

    I had my surgery 12/1, and have lost 19lbs and couldn't be happier! I weighed 238.6 then, so we pretty much started at the same weight. We can't be compared to someone who weighs 100-200lbs more than us. If you want to compare, which you shouldn't, you could calculate the % lost. Anyhow plus I don't want to lose too fast bc I want a chance to gain muscle which will counteract the loose skin. The faster u lose the more loose skin ur likely to have. Of course it depends on ur skin elasticity but for me that is true. Don't rush things, and just focus on what ur doing to get the best results possible. Good luck!
  24. Ok I'm in! Not sure if it's too late. Current weight: 221.8 Goal weight: 210.8