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  1. soatlast

    Anyone similar stats?

    I love Minnesota and miss it so much! I grew up there before moving to the South. Anyway, back on topic... I think your goal is definitely attainable!
  2. soatlast

    bypass surgery

    I believe the average rny bypass surgery is 1 hour 15 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes. Of course that is dependent upon the surgeon and any issues they may run into (scar tissue, fat around the liver, etc). My surgeon told me it would take him about 1 1/2 hours during my last pre-op appointment, which was about 10 days out from my surgery date. Have you gone to see a surgeon yet? Do you have a surgery date? Welcome to the boards
  3. Mine said to wait for clearance, but usually around 6 weeks post-op. My fitness specialist at the weightloss center told me that I should continue doing stretches about 3 weeks out, but nothing that would get me down on the floor or crunching my stomach.
  4. soatlast

    Clear-liquid diet must-haves?

    My favorite is straining the Progresso chicken Noodle Soups, I just toss the noodles and veggies. If I do broth, I add a small amount of Caldo con Sabor de Pollo, it's the granulated version of Knorr's chicken bouillon cubes. It comes in a 35oz jar and can be found with the bouillon cubes or in the International aisle at the grocery store. sugar free Gelatin and SF popsicles have been a lifesaver! Just don't eat anything with red or purple dye 24 hours before surgery, it can look like blood to the surgeon.
  5. soatlast

    Starting pre-op on 9/13/15

    Krissy, how is your pre-op diet going?
  6. I'll be having RNY on 9/24, always good to have friends going through this together Good luck with everything! Are you having to do a liquid diet? I'm on day 5, my major cravings have finally subsided.. I see the light!
  7. soatlast

    Surgery date

    Woohoo!!! Congratulations!! Keep us posted on your journey!
  8. soatlast

    Cheating on preop

    So much of our pre-op diet hunger is mental, I am going through it with you and totally know the struggle you are going through. But I believe in you, you CAN do it! Just tell yourself that you are 100% in, not 99%! If you end up cheating during your liquid diet then your surgery may be postponed, and no one wants to see that happen. Your healing process will go much smoother if you follow it correctly. The first place you lose weight is the layer of fat around your liver. Your liver sits on top of your stomach. This pre-op diet makes it easier for the surgeon to move the liver out of the way and perform the surgery, it helps him see better. You’ve got this girl! PS I have found that freezing my Meal Replacement shakes makes it soooo much easier to gulp it down, and if its frozen solid it is kind of like eating ice cream? Haha Might be a stretch but helps with a little bit of the crunch craving.
  9. @@Knitchic The craving for the crunch is so real, popsicles kind of help haha @@toasty glad to hear your positive experience and that you’re loving the other side, can’t wait to join you! @@India928 I was told you just take one or two small sips for the swallow test
  10. soatlast

    Consultation tomorrow morning

    That is GREAT news! I too didn't have a PCP going into the process and was able to get a referral from my surgeon. I am so happy with the Dr. I ended up choosing out of the two, he understands the entire process as he has had several patients go through the surgery with my surgeon. I didn't do the sleep study, but I went through everything else and it was all a breeze. Good luck on your process and keep us updated!
  11. soatlast

    Caffeine withdrawals

    Caffeine withdrawal is the worst, add to that the aspartame withdrawal from diet drinks and it's awful! BUT it is temporary!! Two days, maybe three of headaches and maybe a little dizziness but then you'll be over it and feel so much better. Make sure you are hydrated, drinking lots of Water helps to flush the system. Good luck!!
  12. soatlast

    Seeing my Surgeon 9/15/15

    Hopefully you're on the road to having a surgery date! Keep us posted on how it went!
  13. soatlast

    Surgery tomorrow!

    Thinking of you today!! Congratulations!
  14. soatlast

    Pre diet

    You can do it! The first three-four days are the hardest, then your body is pretty much adjusted. I am on day six of my full liquid diet, I must have 5 Meal Replacement shakes each day, plus I can have broth, sugar free popsicles, sugar free Jello, and crystal light/mio (or any drink that has zero sugar and zero caffeine). The first three days I was HANGRY, it's a real thing! You just have to remind yourself that you are doing this for YOU and to be healthy, so you can live the life that you want. I have found that no one understands what we are going through, unless they have done it too. Friends, family, and coworkers can say they understand, that they "get it", but they have NO idea the physical and mental challenges we can face during this journey. But seeing people on the other side, a few months out of their surgery and dropping pounds left and right, it is so going to be worth it. If you are having trouble with the way you are feeling and it lasts longer that a couple of days, call your doctor! They may recommend a slight change or may be able to offer some advice about what is normal to expect during the pre-op diet. PS The dizziness and shaking that some may experience can be from caffeine and sugar withdrawals, those can be awful but only last a couple of days. If you drake diet sodas before your pre-op diet, aspartame withdrawal is also not fun to go through. Just remind yourself of what's on the other side!!

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