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  1. I got an incomplete roux-en-y gastric bypass on 9/10/15. I was in surgery for four hours, instead of the usual 90 minutes (apparently). My surgeon said he could not see, because of my anatomy, to continue the surgery and he was getting tired. Basically, the wall to make the pouch was only half-completed. He also said if he continued he would have risked killing me. There is some leakage into the old part of the stomach, though it all ends up in the intestines. He said it was not because I was too fat, so I am left wondering why he could not see? Far more importantly, has anyone experienced this? What can I expect? Surgery was only 2 days ago but I am fearful for my life abd health. Every time I sip water I get a painful hiccup after. Thank you
  2. Yep I went all liquid for 2 weeks before surgery. Now I am following my post op diet. All liquid for two weeks. Im clearly able to drink more fluids than I would be able to if it had been possible to complete the pouch wall.
  3. Just to update, the painful hiccup after drinking water seems to be gone and the pain is subsiding
  4. Thanks everybody. It seems like my surgeon did the best thing possible but that doesnt make me less scared. Just looking for guidance on what to expect
  5. Near Philadelphia, PA. I would really like to know if anyone ever heard of this before and what I should expect.
  6. Should the surgeon have had a backup surgeon ready to take over? I dont know if its common to even have a second surgeon available ?