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  1. UalreadyKnow

    Same girl, much more confidence

    Almost 2 years post op and thank you
  2. Too bad, just kidding. I'm ok with water but I'd rather have a flavor. I miss juice more than anything in this world but we all know juice has more sugar than soda! Honestly, it does! Cranberry juice has 50 something grams of carbs in it! This stuff saved my life! I can drink all my water when I have this on hand and it taste exactly like apple juice!! Hope it helps!
  3. UalreadyKnow

    Almost 2 years out

    Unfortunately, no. I wish it would!
  4. UalreadyKnow

    Almost 2 years out

    I honestly and shamefully haven't been doing much exercise. I have my moments when I'm all for it, then I stop. I have done a little Zumba here and there and some jogging when it's not a zillion degrees in Miami, but all in all, not much. I'm actually trying to lose these last 30lbs so that I can confidently go in for a skin removal consultation. Thanks!! All the best to you in your surgery!!!
  5. UalreadyKnow

    Almost 2 years out

    Restriction only works if you teach it too. For example, I can eat 3 ENTIRE donuts, but I cannot eat an entire chicken breast!! Why? Because carbs turn into mush, please eat all your dense proteins first, and your restriction shall never fail you!!
  6. UalreadyKnow

    Almost 2 years out

    yay me!!!
  7. UalreadyKnow

    Almost 2 years out

  8. UalreadyKnow

    Before and After Pics

    almost 2 years out, still want to lose another 30lbs, but I'm slowly getting there!!!
  9. UalreadyKnow

    VSG & autoimmune diseases?

    @VeggieMonster just read your response, hope all is better for you! How long have you had Menieres for? It gets better, I promise!
  10. UalreadyKnow

    2 years later and loving dressing up

    Girl, playing dress up is what we do best!!! Get rid of the old stuff and get new stuff ASAP!!! New alert, you will STOP losing weight, and then there will be no excuse to go shopping as often, so.do.it.now!!!!!! Enjoy!
  11. UalreadyKnow

    Almost 2yrs post op

    Same boat!!! Soooo frustrated with myself!
  12. UalreadyKnow

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Had VSG almost 2 years ago now. I'm down from a size 30/32 to a 12! I must admit within these past 3 months or so, it has been a war fighting against weight gain, and now my 12's are a little snug. I am determined to lose the 15lbs I've gained!! Ugh the fatgirl life!
  13. UalreadyKnow

    Post your progress pics

    Yup!! Still looking fly!! Jk jk..,but I do LOVE my comparison pics!!!!
  14. UalreadyKnow

    "Cheap" Protein Shakes?

    I'm drinking body fortress right now! I like the strawberry flavor. There are soo many different kinds of shakes. I like different brands and sometimes go for the isopure clear drinks when I need a change. Body fortress runs about $17 a tub and I can get it at my local Walmart. Isopure is about $4 for an individual bottle (20oz) and has 40gms of protein I believe. All in all in my case at least I try to have different cheap ones all the time!
  15. Reaching goal is a gift all by itself!! But a new tatt is cute
  16. UalreadyKnow


    So I had my sonograms done and Thursday I will know the results. At this point, I don't care what the answer is as long as there is one!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  17. UalreadyKnow


    Ok so I'm 1.5 years out and not actively losing like before (even though I'm trying) but my period is off the chain crazy!!! Sorry guys I did say ladies! I'm in the middle of my BC and bam Aunt Flo makes a surprise visit and with a vengeance!! So I'm retaining Fluid and bloated all the time! Doc says it's normal after surgery?!?! wtf? This sucks. Are the ladies here experiencing something similar? BTW ovulating whenever is NOT COOL!! I don't want anymore babies!! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App