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  1. Pescador

    Hair Loss

    five years post sleeve. I started losing my short thin hair at 5 months. It lasted two years before some regrowth. I was forced to buy a wig, lifesaver two years. I did everything right with Biotin, vitamins, protein, quit coloring my hair, used the fiber crappy thing to sprinkle in your hair. Lost hair at my temple which never came back. My hair is manageable the past two years, but still fragile. I lost 18 lbs. in the at 6 months. My hair is now coming out like crazy again. I don’t care what you do, it is the luck of the draw. You might never have this problem and wave it off, but some of us will always have a hair problem. I wear a visor a lot, and have my wigs handy.
  2. Pescador


    Staying away from any form of bread is the best thing you can do for yourself. That includes pasta and potatoes of any kind.
  3. That would be a joke calling your car insurance for permission to drive. So long as you aren’t under the influence of opioids or liquor make your own decisions. You are more likely to get MRSA or Staph in the hospital, so thankful our surgeon made everything super simple, surgery went well. We had a surgeon we trusted implicitly. Also at our age we make our own decisions based on our health and good judgment.
  4. Pescador


    Winter in Florida, walk the mall, walk the beach. Read by the pool. Enjoy the yard and outdoor work. Too much to do, just look around. Paint the inside of your house, currently doing at my pace!!!!
  5. Pescador

    Hospital vs Outpatient

    8 hours at the hospital. Wonderful. I took l pain pill at home. I never even felt I had surgery. I was more worried about getting MRSA or STAPH and stressed to my surgeon get me out ASAP. Too many things go wrong in hospitals. Thankful Inhad an easy surgery and hardly any recovery time.
  6. I had gout beginning 30 days after the sleeve, for FIVE MONTHS, rotating to toes on both feet. I was walking with a cane, and crying with pain. My Bariatric doc said wasn't his problem, my Internist recommended two deadly drugs, one was indomethacin I think, deadly to sleeve patients. I had no choice. I could not stand the pain. The drugs put me in the hospital, deathly ill. I recovered, stopped the drugs, and suffered. I went to a compound pharmacist friend, hobbled in with my cane. In a one hour consult he prescribed this. Eat only vegetables and fruit for 2 weeks. Take tart cherry caplets, about 3 a day, celery caplets, use Tumeric on my food With salt and pepper the rest of my life, which you can google. Find tart cherry juice in a health food store if you can. Eat lots of celery! I swear to you in four days I was easing up on the pain. Five years later, I have all these caplets in my house. I have not had gout since. That is the worst pain ever. I am living proof of this natural cure when the doctors and meds nearly killed me.
  7. Pescador

    Cold after surgery

    Very very common. Just cover up. It will pass. Many posts on this.
  8. Pescador

    Someone help me.

    Distract yourself, walk a bit, crochet, clean the toilets! Seriously!!! Oh, I heard those Listerine strips work too cecause they are strong!!!!
  9. Pescador

    Ideas on what to tell work

    Say Hernia. My husband and I both had hernias. My husband and I were sleeved and told no one not even his 30 yo son. We lost weight slowly, ate healthy, ate less, and were watching what we ate. Four days after the sleeve I drove to and walked the mall. I was in the hospital 8 hours and needed no pain meds at home. So no one had any idea. Now we have people gushing on and on about the weight loss, and God forbid I had to listen to them tell everyone about our sleeve. My husband has taught me you don't owe anyone an explanation and it sure uncomplicated our life.
  10. Pescador

    Alcohol for Bariatric Vets

    I have two times had a glass of wine at dinner, went home and had a rum drink and was so intoxicated it was awful. Both times it hit me like a ton of bricks. Just beware, especially single girls!
  11. Pescador

    Chest Pain After Eating

    I am not sure why it happens. Seems it would be lower down. Just resting or walking relieves it. I feel it in the middle of my chest, even 4 years post sleeve.
  12. Pescador

    1st restaurant experience post op

    We stay away from pasta and buttery dishes. If we go out to dinner, I order grilled fish or a bun lessburger, and my husband orders a salad and we share with no explanation to anyone. I don't think we ever leave without a go box. My husband being a long time diabetic, potatoes, pasta and carbohydrates are never eaten. My husband has kept off 100 lbs for four years, but if we strayed into certain restaurants like yummy Olive Garden, it would be disastrous. I lost sixty lbs, regained 30, even though we rarely eat out and have no trigger foods in our house, I struggle daily. I eat less than my husband but nothing works. Two years post sleeve I started regaining. I envy people who get the weight off and it stays off. This sleeve wasn't so magic like it was in the beginning. I am still dieting and having vitamin deficiencies.
  13. For four years I see that most people had a hiatal hernia, so I don't see it as a cause.
  14. My husband and I were sleeved Nov and Dec 2013. Very happy.
  15. Pescador

    Cruise "Mocktails"

    We only cruise about every 5 years. It is the ultimate vacation as you get older. I do worry about food poisoning. We avoid any Buffet.
  16. Pescador

    Packing for hospital??

    Til the anesthesia wore off I just slept. I went home thinking I would be recovering and I felt like I never even had anything done. I was bored to death and drove to the grocery store to browse labels. I had stocked up on so many things thinking I under be unable to shop, and cannot begin to tell you all the shakes and powders that expired and went in the garbage. Honestly the first three days I did nothing special. I remember sitting in my closet cleaning out clothes and reorganizing. I felt so great. I wish you a great experience!
  17. Pescador


    Only your surgeon knows. You don't want to be under anesthesia being sick!
  18. Pescador

    Weight Regain

    We hardly have any restriction at all. I went back on protein shakes. I eat l meal a day. We have no bread or pasta in our home in 4 years. No carbs. My husband lost 100 lbs and can eat anything. Our age is 70. I just bought a treadmill so hoping I can get moving since we can't get out and walk. Some nights we have steamed cabbage for dinner. Lots of fish. I will not give up!
  19. I had the sleeve at 66. The struggle is still real four years later. No matter how little I eat, no matter no more diet soda, bread, carbs or sweets. My husband has restriction, I do not.
  20. It would never show in your feed without you allowing it. Move on. People won't notice. All you say is I looked at eating plans if someone asks. Good luck. No one except our daughter knows we were sleeved 4 years ago and we like it that way.
  21. Pescador

    Pain meds

    I took one pain pill at home. I never even felt like I had any procedure done.
  22. Pescador

    Recovery timeline?

    After 8 hours in the hospital for the sleeve I took one pain pill at home. I drove to the grocery store after one day and walked a large shopping mall four days later, of course driving myself. I was raring to go!!!! I was 67 then.
  23. Yes. It passes. Good luck.
  24. Pescador


    I have seen many,, many posts about gallbladder surgery after the surgery.
  25. Pescador

    Avocado soft food

    Avocado has healthy fat and is a great treat, even four years after being sleeved.

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