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  1. Hey All, I am a few weeks from my 3 year anniversary of having my sleeve surgery. Sometimes I have the feeling that there is food stuck in my esophagus or I get heartburn. I never had heartburn prior to surgery. Any thoughts about why this might be happening and what I can do to get rid of these problems? TIA!
  2. ForLfKlovr

    feeling of food in esophagus and heartburn?

    Thank you for sharing! I will contact my surgeon to see if they can do anything. All the best!
  3. Hey Beth, I agree with you 100%! Other than the meeting with a therapist to fill out required questionnaires and reviewing it with the therapist (she then gave the OK to my bariatric surgery office), there was no emotional support. Oh, and they do offer a monthly bariatric support group. I think the emotional support piece is a majorly important part of the surgery process. I mean honestly, there is an underlying reason why we are obese and if we don't deal with the core issues, (in my opinion) we will regain the weight.
  4. I started seeing a new therapist to continue to work on my eating issues. I really enjoy working with her and think she has a lot of great insight. She asked why I focus my meals on high protein/low carb. I told her that the high protein helps the body to heal after surgery and my small stomach doesn't have room for much else, so getting some vitamins through veggies is next and if I am still hungry then to have some healthy carb. She said that if I had surgery almost 3 years ago, isn't my body healed? And if so, why do I continue to eat the high protein, low carb? Other than this type of eating leads to weight loss/helps to maintain weight loss, is there any other reason to continue to eat this way? Can't we get proper nutrition/maintain our weight through healthy eating and not having to follow the "rules" so rigidly? Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Patricia
  5. Hey All, It has almost been 3 years since my sleeve surgery. I am curious how many of you go to your bariatric annual appointments? I am going this year to ensure my bloodwork is still good. Please share if you still go, how may years out you are and why you still go/don't go. Thanks! Patricia
  6. ForLfKlovr

    Still seeing bariatric for annual appointment?

    Thanks for sharing, y'all!
  7. I love reading all of the different (but in lots of ways similar) responses! Thank you for sharing what is working for you, what you may have struggled with and your thoughts and suggestions!
  8. I have had a similar experience - I had the sleeve in August 2015. I weighted 225 and have lost 60 pounds and have stayed at this weight for about a year. Although I would like to lose more, I am so happy with the amount I have lost and am grateful to have had the surgery. I know that I could have never lost the weight without the surgery. I don't always make the best food choices and know that I need to kick up my exercise and track my food. I would be happy to share what my NUT and I talked about recently to help me get back on track - just let me know.
  9. ForLfKlovr

    Breakfast help

    I can't remember what you can/can't eat 7 months out but I usually have Kay's natural cereal (buy through Walmart.com) with Fair Life milk. I wasn't a big egg fan prior to surgery but I love a frittata now!
  10. ForLfKlovr

    Rice/pasta alternatives

    I was so excited when I found Birds Eye vegetable made pasta in the frozen food veggie section. It is very tasty - high protein, low carb - nice with some baked chicken!
  11. I eat Kay's Natural Ceral (I order mine from Walmart.com) with Fairlife milk or Light and Fit Greek yogurt with 1/4 cup of chopped almonds or low fat cottage cheese with blueberries.
  12. Has anyone used vyvanse to reduce binge eating episodes? How about post sleeve surgery?
  13. Thank you for sharing!
  14. In order to get extra protein, has anyone ever simply sprinkled unflavored protein on a meal?
  15. Thank you both for sharing!
  16. ForLfKlovr

    So angry today!!

    Same thing happened to me. My husband was eating tuna fish and crackers (of all things) - I had to leave the room.
  17. ForLfKlovr

    Plant Based Diet After Bariatric Surgery

    Thanks for sharing, Brittany!
  18. ForLfKlovr

    Plant Based Diet After Bariatric Surgery

    Brittany - Did they give you any plant based high Protein low carb recipe ideas? If so, would you mind sharing? Thanks!
  19. ForLfKlovr

    Making Excuses

    I personally would just wait a bit to see where the relationship goes...and then if things do become more serious you can always share when you feel more comfortable. GL!
  20. I have become more and more interested in finding out what Dr. Garth Davis recommends (eating plan/daily nutritional goals) to his WLS patients after surgery. I have read his book, looked at his clinic's website and checked out the rebel dietitian (mentioned in his book). My NUT has very specific recommendations for the amount of Protein, carbs, calories I should have daily. Looking at the plant based Proteins - I am not sure it is possible to meet those expectations. I know that Dr. Davis states that we don't need as much protein but... Would anyone who has had WLS surgery done by Dr. Davis or at his clinic be willing to share his nutritional recommendations and examples of meal plans? TIA! Patricia
  21. Thanks everyone for sharing! It is awesome to have a way to discuss things that come up for us during this journey!
  22. Prior to surgery, my dr. and I discussed responding to questions about my weight loss. I felt sure I would tell everyone who asked how I lost weight. But that hasn't been the case and I feel somewhat like a poser. I shared with my family and close friends before surgery or just right after. I have also shared with a few co-workers when they asked but don't always. We all know how difficult losing weight is and when folks ask me how I did it - especially folks that are overweight and express their desire to lose weight - I feel guilty when I don't share the whole truth. I tell them that I am focused on eating Protein, then veggies and exercising. But, I know that for me I couldn't have lost this weight just by doing those things - surgery was a HUGE factor in my weight loss. I am unsure why I am hesitant to share - and now I don't think that I could go back to those folks and say - oh by the way...I wasn't completely honest about how I lost all my weight... I know it isn't my "responsibility" to spout the benefits and share the idea of WLS with those hoping to lose weight but can't help feeling guilty for not being honest about my success. Has anyone experienced the same? If so, how do you deal with "guilty" feelings?
  23. ForLfKlovr

    1/4 of a pepsi

    I was a Diet Coke freak! Then a few weeks before surgery I decided to give it up. About 5 months after surgery I tried a sip of Diet Coke and hated it! Then I had a craving for something bubbly so I got a Sprite Zero - nope! Even though I know these things are frowned upon, I find that sometimes I need to revisit some of my old favorites to either satisfy a craving or discover that I am no longer interested.