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Natasha S.

Gastric Sleeve Patients
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    29 year old pre vsger
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  1. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    Good luck @@thinkingthin15 I pray your surgery is quick and safe and your recovery is smooth sailing. Best wishes honey ????
  2. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    @@LaLaLucy same here. Tea and hot soup seem to make me feel better.
  3. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    I had a really rough few days too. I just wanted to come home. I was tired of being with an iv and being injected. My hand was so swollen. The gas pains were excruciating. Something I would never wish on my worse enemy. I'm feeling better today thank the good Lord. And i too was regretting my decision. I cried and cried from the pain. And no pain med were really working for a long period of time.
  4. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    @@LaLaLucy @@mizzlane13 How are you ladies feeling?
  5. Natasha S.

    20 hours post op vsg

    I am ok. They had to change my pain med from dilaudid to morphine because it wasn't lasting long. I'm not on ibuprofen every 6 hours which is the only thing that has been helping with. I have not thrown up blood since last night. I did throw up today but it was broth. No blood thank God. I'm really really sore and I'm drinking hot broth to bring the gas up. Thank you so much for asking.
  6. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    Thank you my luv. I appreciate the love ????????
  7. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    so hoping that it gets better .. stay positive. .this too shall pass..just think of how good your gonna feel in just a few weeks Thank you so much
  8. Natasha S.

    20 hours post op vsg

    He is coming to the hospital to see me
  9. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    I'm in so much pain. I'm throwing up blood. I'm Starting to regret this
  10. I've been having such pain in my belly. When the pain comes it makes me nauseous and i throw up blood. I'm starting to regret my decision.... i pray this goes away soon. ????????
  11. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    @@LaLaLucy @@mizzlane13 We're sleeve triplets!!! Just a few hours left! You ladies ready?
  12. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    Me too!!! But my goodness I have the worse headache right now from this liquid diet
  13. Natasha S.

    All August Sleeves

    Omg. How do you do it? What are you drinking? Aren't you starving?
  14. Natasha S.

    4 more days!

    Mine Is Just_so_tasha. I think I added you already. I dm'd you too

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