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  1. 150.0 for me this week-thank you!
  2. sorry I'm late! 150.6 this week
  3. 152.6...I am going the wrong way!
  4. Bean80128


    I was happy to crow about my loss in the beginning but now I am down 54# and i don't want to tell anyone because i don't want them to start doing the math and realize what i used to weigh. I hope we aren't destined for a life of weight shame!
  5. Bean80128

    Sisters's "Concerned" Speech! LOL

    I think the speed of the weight loss can freak people out too. She's seen you lose so much so fast, if that same trend continued-you would waste away. It can be alarming. Perhaps you need to tell her about how you will level out out soon and the weight loss will stop. I'm glad you have an LOL about this rather than being annoyed or discouraged. Congratulations on your progress!
  6. Bean80128

    Support needed

    sounds weird but take a LONG warm (Not hot) shower. You can get some hydration through your skin. it won't fix but, it will help.
  7. 150.2 for me this week-thank you for doing this, it really helps me be more mindful.
  8. I'm in please! Current 153.2 goal of 149.0 Thank you!
  9. Bean80128

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    154.2. Merry Christmas everyone!
  10. Bean80128

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    156.6 for me-Thanks Stephh!
  11. Bean80128

    Holiday Weight Loss Challenge!

    158.0 for me this week...Thanks Stephh