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    1 week till surgery

    I was revision sleeve from lapband. I am 6 months post op and down 30lbs. I started at 240lbs. Day if surgery i was 215lbs and today I am weighing in at 185lbs. REALLY SLOW LOSS. Definitely gets me depressed about it sometimes, but at least the numbers are going down! My ultimate goal is 150lbs (I think!)
  2. Day 2 was the absolute worst for me. But then I got better every day after. For sure take your pain meds and make sure to get up and stretch your legs on that long flight. Goodluck!!!!
  3. Caela88

    7 weeks post op

    I am also a revision from band to sleeve!
  4. Depending on the surgeon you choose in Mexico versus where you would be having surgery in the US (some cities have much higher costs than others) you can expect to pay about 1/3 to 1/2 of what you would pay in the States. I had an extended tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast lift with implants, fat grafting to my butt, and all-over lipo in Mexico in 2011 for about $11,000 (including the recovery house stay). Where I live in the US, I would have paid probably a little over $30,000 and would have been sent home a day or two after surgery to fend for myself! wondering if you you would be willing to share before and Afters privately of course? Sending you a message!
  5. Hello Everyone! I had my lapband surgery back in April 2010. I am now scheduled for revision surgery to Sleeve on January 25th. I am so excited. I am not nervous about the procedure or anything like that... what I am nervous about, is waking up and being told my doctor was not able to revise me due to scar tissue. His intention is to do it in one surgery. He does not do a second, so I feel like this is my only chance. I feel like I will be mentally defeated if I wake up without a revision. I have spent the last two months getting all my classes, labs, and weight loss in order. I am praying I wake up with a revision. Any personal stories of others who have dealt with this? Anyone know my chances of having way too much scar tissue? Thanks
  6. Caela88

    Weight loss

    Hello Everyone! I was revised from lapband to sleeve on 1/25, so today I am one week out. I have lost 5 lbs since the day of surgery. I know everyone is different, but I feel like it's a very low amount. Especially because I lost those 5lbs. within the first 4 days. I dont see anymore coming off before my 2 week post op appt on Friday. (That's would be 5lbs. for the first 2 weeks) Anyone lose a small amount their first 2 weeks... I am 27 yrs old. 5,5" and currently 210lbs Thanks
  7. Caela88


    I go into today for my 2 week appt. This is the appt were they usually clear you for soft foods. Like eggs, deli meat, tuna, etc.
  8. Caela88


    I would be interested in long term effects as well. Too much acid for our small stomachs? Just questions I wonder about...
  9. That's awesome! How has your weight loss been? CONGRATS
  10. I have my surgery Scheduled on the 25th, and all I can think about is if I will wake up sleeved or not... it seriously is draining me that this is all I think about!!! I have two little ones, and preparing for this surgery has been one hell of a process. I feel like if I wake up and they weren't able to Sleeve me, I will feel defeated and just frustrated. Don't get me wrong, I understand the whole idea of two surgeries and of course want what is safe. Just praying one and done is what is in my future!!!!!
  11. A year? Wow that is a long time. The longest weight I have heard of is 6 months. My only issue is my doctor says he does not like to go back in. So if he can't do it, I may have to find another doctor! Anyone gone in to get the sleeve and come out without it done?
  12. I just don't know how to go about finding a different doctor cause I have Kaiser. There are about 4 surgeons at my hospital, and I am sure they are all close knit... Guess I will just have to ask! THANKS
  13. my doctors excuse was to prove that I was serious about losing weight and if nothing less for him to have more room while doing the surgery. (which kind of irritated me)....

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