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    I believe what he meant was since I have not had a slip, or something medically go wrong with my lapband he doesn't want others to feel they can come in and get revised. I personally have had a hard time with finding a sweet spot and it's always toot tight or too open. I believe after having my babies everything got moved around. I have been successful with the lapband, but am so ready for it to be gone!
  2. I have my surgery Scheduled on the 25th, and all I can think about is if I will wake up sleeved or not... it seriously is draining me that this is all I think about!!! I have two little ones, and preparing for this surgery has been one hell of a process. I feel like if I wake up and they weren't able to Sleeve me, I will feel defeated and just frustrated. Don't get me wrong, I understand the whole idea of two surgeries and of course want what is safe. Just praying one and done is what is in my future!!!!!
  3. How long had you had your band before having the revision?
  4. A year? Wow that is a long time. The longest weight I have heard of is 6 months. My only issue is my doctor says he does not like to go back in. So if he can't do it, I may have to find another doctor! Anyone gone in to get the sleeve and come out without it done?
  5. My only concern is that he goes in and says WAY TOO MUCH SCAR TISSUE and doesn't do the revision... all I can do is pray
  6. I am currently 235bs and my doctor has told me he will not even consider a revision until I get down to 210lbs. My lapband is empty as of now (just had a baby and having problems finding that sweet spot) fill/unfill/fill/unfill. My question is, has anyone else ever had to lose weight before being considered for a revision? THANKS
  7. May I ask what went wrong with Dr. Le? My normal doctor is on leave at the time and I am honestly not a fan AT ALL!!!! I also have been reading that many others have had issues with his "attitude" per say... TIA
  8. I just don't know how to go about finding a different doctor cause I have Kaiser. There are about 4 surgeons at my hospital, and I am sure they are all close knit... Guess I will just have to ask! THANKS
  9. I understand that everyone is talking about a two week pre op diet and that makes sense, but My doctor wants me to lose 25lbs. (in no set time) before considering the revision... just frustrating to me. Thanks for everyones responses
  10. my doctors excuse was to prove that I was serious about losing weight and if nothing less for him to have more room while doing the surgery. (which kind of irritated me)....
  11. Well that's a big difference than 25 pounds. At least that's how I feel. I obviously got the band to help me lose weight since I have had issues my whole life and now I'm being told I have to lose 25 pounds. I am all about trying and showing that I am serious, I just feel that it's kind of a lot to put that on me
  12. Hello Everyone! Quick overview.... Started with my highest weight at 328, and was banded at 280 on March 30th 2010 in Mexico. I got all my fills and aftercare from Kaiser North Bay. Lowest weight was 190 in 2014 right after having my first baby. Now after my second baby I am up to 235. I am having problems with my band and finding a "sweet spot" for getting back on track. I am sure my pregnancies did a number on moving things around. I just went to a bariatric doctor yesterday in South San Francisco (my normal one is on vacation, so I saw his colleague) He was unable to fill be due to not finding the port and saying I was too heavy. I was very frustrated since I have NEVER had a problem having a fill even at 260+. My original doctor has told me before when I have asked for a revision that they do not take lapbands out unless it is an emergency situation. The doctor I saw yesterday told me he would take my lapband out anytime without question, but the revision was a different story. He said to even consider it I would have to get down to at least 210, and then we could go from there. I guess I am just wondering if anyone has gotten a revision from Kaiser South San Francisco or Richmond, voluntarily. My doctor keeps saying scar tissue will hinder him from doing anything.... Thanks everyone
  13. I have Kaiser insurance
  14. Thanks for your reply. With two babies 2 and under, I can't really imagine two separate surgeries. Obviously if that was the only way then ok, but reading so many people having it all done at once would obviously be more ideal!

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