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  1. Hang in there. I'm 10 months out and had two bouts of sadness. I regretted the surgery, was afraid, had no energy, lost hair...was just funky. That has all gone away and I feel great. You're going through a lot emotionally, physically and mentally. You'll pull through this! ????????
  2. Totally normal. A nurse friend told me to get drops for my water that contain magnesium and electrolytes. I got mine at Sprouts. I had terrible calf cramps. Good luck.
  3. TJBintheOC

    Going in for the chop!

    Welcome to your new life. You'll have a few rough days, but you are going to love your new body. I'm so excited for you. Good luck.
  4. TJBintheOC

    Scared bmi was to low

    Mine was 32. I was 200 at 5'6. I'm now 130. Go for it. ???????? Insurance did not cover my surgery. ????
  5. I'm 10 months out and can eat 1/2 cup or more of everything. Sometimes I'm scared that I can eat so much. But I haven't gained any weight and try and keep the carbs low.
  6. TJBintheOC

    No Energy!

    It's totally normal and your energy will go up in no time. Your body is adjusting. Congratulations on your 40lb loss!
  7. I am 10 months out. I got sleeved in June 2015. I am 44 years old. I was 200 and now I'm 130. I starting losing in October, November and December. I lost 50% of my hair. Literally clumps fell out. Because of this site and all of the hair loss posts, I didn't freak out as much because I knew if I was going to lose hair it would start around the 4th month and last 3 months...which is exactly what happened. I abruptly stopped losing hair after 3 months and now it's all growing back. It's the rapid weight lose and hormones. It's not about getting more protein or certain shampoos or supplements. If you're going to lose hair, it's going to happen. You'll be so afraid it won't stop and then it just does. I didn't get bald spots, but it got very thin and I lost about 6 inches in length. It does suck, but it was worth the weight lose. Good luck!
  8. TJBintheOC


    I had my first drink around 6 months. I can slowly drink a few whisky and ginger ales. Your belly will let you know. ????
  9. TJBintheOC


    Milk of magnesia. It always helped.
  10. TJBintheOC

    Is there a limit on protein?

    Your weight X .003= protein grams. It depends on your age and fitness level too. You can get too much protein. I've seen posts where people say they are eating 100 to 120 g of protein a day. That can cause problems too. For a woman, who lightly exercises, which I assume is most of us, 40-60 g is good. ????
  11. TJBintheOC

    One year in

    I am almost 10 months out and I could snack/eat all day. I notice at night I could eat more. I tend to pick slider foods. I fluctuate between 132-134. If I ever go over, I'll do a protein day. I will never risk gaining back the weight. I would have to try really hard to gain weight...eat frequently and make poor choices consistently. I will always be a food addict and I still crave the same foods, but I can only eat them in small portions. Congratulations on your weight loss. You rock.
  12. TJBintheOC

    loose skin

    I've lost 70 pounds and my upper arms are a little jiggly, a little extra skin on my stomach, and a little bit of loose skin on my inner thighs. Not too bad. I've been using weights for the past couple of months and it has gotten better. I use a lot of firming lotion, which I don't know if it's helping, but I'll keep using it.
  13. TJBintheOC


    I drink a cup every morning with vanilla creamer. It helps me poop! ☕️
  14. TJBintheOC

    Hair Loss

    Basically that hair loss happens to some sleevers and not to others. It is par for the course. I am 44. My periods are still not consistent. Even if you feel great, lots of things are going on inside your body. I lost 60lbs in 6 months. I take the herb maca for my hormones. It helps. I think whatever helps. Some swear by biotin, more protein, vitamins....I started with lots of curly, thick hair and it got thin. Lost about 6 inches. Everyone that's posted about hair loss seems to be like me...lost it for 3 mos then it tapered off. Washing it less often helped. Clumps literally fell out. It's so nice that it's stopped. Hope I helped.
  15. TJBintheOC

    Hair Loss

    Just curious, what did the doctor say about hormones? I know that surgery has it's impact. But is it also related to age? Did he recommend anything, or is it just part for the course? Dawnie_doo
  16. TJBintheOC

    Hair Loss

    I started losing hair at month 4, 5 and 6. Lost 50%. At month 7 it stopped falling out and it's growing back. Seems like month 4 is when the hair loss starts for a lot of us. Doc said it's not protein, it's hormones. I just accepted it and got through it. It was scary. But it's growing back great now.
  17. TJBintheOC

    Menstrual weirdness

    Yes. Sometimes I get it before my actual period and then after my period. Our hormones are adjusting. I told my gyno and he didn't seem concerned. I'm 44 so maybe it's pre menopause too.
  18. Yes! My first meal is always small then as the day goes on I can eat more. This isn't good...but some days I think I ate way too much and there is no way I didn't gain weight. I stress and berate myself and I don't gain anything. If I do gain a few ounces, I'll lose it with in a day. If I eat lightly for a few days...my stomach definitely gets smaller.
  19. I got sleeved in June and in Oct, Nov and Dec I lost 50% of my hair. In January it started growing back. I get it wet every day, but only wash it twice a week. My doc said it's not protein, it's hormones. My periods are all wacky too. I take Maca herbs for my hormones. Seems to be working. I also take Bosley vitamins...just to cover all my bases.
  20. TJBintheOC

    Protein shakes ?

    Coco Libre Protein Coconut Water in chocolate, Vanilla, coffee and Almond. It looks like a juice box. They're on the shelf at Sprouts. Put it in the fridge, shake it up....sooooo good.
  21. TJBintheOC

    Protein shakes ?

    Fairlife milk jugs, Unjury chicken soup, Coco Libre coconut water with protein.
  22. TJBintheOC

    Almost 3 weeks post-op

    Do you have anti nausea meds? It's totally normal. It can come on suddenly then just go away. It can last a few days or a week. Zofran helped a lot. I'm 8 months out and had 2 episodes that lasted a week. It will pass. Good luck. ????
  23. That is so awesome. Congratulations. ????????