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  1. Band2SleeveGurl77

    30 lbs away!

    Thank you that’s great feedback! 🥰
  2. Band2SleeveGurl77

    30 lbs away!

    I was sleeved in September but i still have a ways to go - I’ve only lost 25 lbs - can i ask what you are doing? Are you doing low carb? Just wondering if i can do anything to accelerate my loss - congratulations on your success!
  3. Band2SleeveGurl77

    What does full feel like?

    I’m about 6 weeks post op from a band to sleeve revision- I’m wondering what full feels like for most with the sleeve? I notice it feels different and usually I’ll hiccup or burp and that’s a signal I’ve been reading. Looking for guidance tho from successful people out there!
  4. Band2SleeveGurl77

    Stomach Flu

    I actually did but didn’t think anything of it bc my daughter was sick as well. I spent 48 hours with stomach issues and couldn’t eat anything. I was really weak but back to normalish by 3rd day
  5. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September surgery buddies!!

    I am also week five and I’ve been getting the Ivs for the last two weeks and it has helped - it’s not like a magic energy pill but it does a lot to ease the fatigue. I find that on the weekends i have to just fully rest and i pushed myself last Saturday but doing too much and spend the next two days in bed. I’m hoping this gets better when i start eating normal?
  6. Band2SleeveGurl77


    I bought a wedge and slept with no less than 5 pillows - that worked for me
  7. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September surgery buddies!!

    I’m 5ft on a good day I started at 196 and am at 179
  8. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September surgery buddies!!

    I’m pretty short so I’ll probably have lots of skin but that’s another problem for another day lol. Hope you are doing good and thank you for responding- it’s so nice to share this journey
  9. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September surgery buddies!!

    I think it’s the silly things we put in our heads - thank you for sharing that it makes me feel much better
  10. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September surgery buddies!!

    Congratulations on all your progress, that’s amazing!! I am officially 4 weeks out and can’t complain bc I’ve had very few issues. I also have one incision that is healing slow so that made me feel better to read that. My energy has improved this week and I’ve been doing IV vitamins to help. The one thing that has been disappointing is how slowly I’m losing - i was expecting to be down at least 20+ by now. I haven’t had much energy to workout or exercise so that could be it - if anyone has any feedback I’d love to hear. This group has been amazing so hopefully we keep it up!
  11. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September 2022 surgery buddies

    My doc told me to take it easy and now i know why - I’m taking a ton of vitamins but still find myself super low energy- I’m hoping once I’m on regular food it will help. Are you on soft foods yet?
  12. Band2SleeveGurl77


    Congratulations!!! Any advice for the newbies?
  13. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September surgery buddies!!

    Congratulations!!!!!! I ended getting a vitamin iv treatment and not sure if it's the placebo effect but I have had way more energy this week. You are doing amazing!
  14. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September 2022 surgery buddies

    Checking in and would love a buddy that had gastric sleeve - my surgery was on 20th and I’ve been pretty lucky with no issues. I’ve definitely been more tired than normal but not too bad. I’m down about 15 pounds which is way less than i expected but still excited to see the scale moving in the right direction.
  15. Band2SleeveGurl77

    September surgery buddies!!

    I have avoided restaurants bc it’s Just easier to stay focused at home. I do find that without eating my feelings, I’m having to learn to handle stress and other emotions without food. That makes me feel things in a deeper way so there have been a lot of emotions - not sure if that helps but good luck, you got this!

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