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  1. Mary Ann H

    Any Georgia sleevers?

    I was sleeved by Dr. Macik on 9/30/15. I go to the Thursday evening group next to Northside Hospital.
  2. Mary Ann H

    Any Georgia sleevers?

    Dr. Macik did my sleeve a week ago today. He is wonderful!
  3. Mary Ann H


    Saw my surgeon for the first time on August 6. I met the dietitian and she cleared me on August 12. My pre-op appointment is September 28 and my surgery is September 30.
  4. Mary Ann H

    Pre-Surgery Diet - What's yours

    My diet is two weeks of super low/no carbs; less than 20 carbs a day.
  5. Mary Ann H

    Anyone use Dr.Hart in Ga

    I'm glad you had such a great experience with Dr. Hart. He seemed like he really knows what he is doing and is very good. I actually ended up going with Dr. Macik at Northside in September.
  6. Mary Ann H

    Sept date I am all set

    I'm September 30.
  7. Mary Ann H

    Fitbit ?

    I have the Charge HR model and love it!
  8. Mary Ann H

    Surgery in September

    I'm in Atlanta, GA and my surgery is September 30.
  9. Mary Ann H

    Any Georgia sleevers?

    It's official--I'm getting sleeved by Dr. Macik at Northside on September 30. I can't wait. I was born at Northside, and here I am getting sleeved there 37 years later.
  10. Mary Ann H

    Weight Loss

    I am self pay and my instructions say not to gain any weight before surgery or my surgery will be postponed.
  11. Mary Ann H

    Share your profession

    I'm a real estate agent.
  12. Mary Ann H

    Pre op Diet

    I don't start until September 16, but my pre-op diet is two weeks of super low carb, and I have to stay under 20 g carbs a day.
  13. Since I live alone, and just four miles from my parents, I am planning to go to their house for a few days, at least, when I am released from the hospital. I don't mind being by myself right after, since I am so used to living by myself and doing everything around the house, but my mom is insisting on me staying with them right after, which I am totally with doing.
  14. Mary Ann H

    Secret sleever

    I'm six weeks away from surgery and so far only my immediate family (parents, sister & family), my three closest friends, and my minister at church know. My dad told me that he did tell my aunt too, so I'm now going to assume that not only does my aunt know, but both my uncles and other aunt now know too. My trainer at the gym also knows too--we've been working out together for 3 years, so he knows me well and will need to be able to adapt workouts for me when I am cleared to exercise again until I am at full strength. I don't know yet if I'm going to tell people at work or what I'm going to tell them. It still seems so personal to me.
  15. Mary Ann H

    Gummi Vitamins

    I'm still pre-op but I talked to the dietitian yesterday, and she told me that the adult gummies were fine to take post-op too. I also take the Costco brand.
  16. Mary Ann H

    Premier protein shakes on sale

    I just happened to be at Costco this evening and saw the sale. I really like all the favors. They are also one of the shakes my dietitian recommended.
  17. Mary Ann H

    Protein Shakes

    I like Premier vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavored.
  18. I'm in Atlanta and I'm self-paying for my sleeve. I'm paying $14K-$15K for surgery.
  19. I saw the dietitian today for my pre-surgery consultation and clearance. She gave me my pre-op diet instructions and went over the phases of the post-op diet with me. One more step checked off the list...
  20. Got my date this morning: September 30. I guess that makes me a September sleever.
  21. I am self-pay and am aiming to schedule my sleeve for the last week of September.
  22. Mary Ann H

    Cash pay?

    i got the pricing information from the surgeon I am hoping to use today and it's looking like it's going to be about $15,000.
  23. I'm seeing my PCP for a medication/blood work follow-up (totally routine) on Tuesday and want to discuss the idea with my PCP since I know that in order to move forward, I will eventually need to have his clearance. I don't know how to bring it up with him, or his views on the idea of any kind of WLS. Every time I see him, he says I'm healthy and every time I have blood work done, it comes back normal, with the exception of my cholesterol being a little elevated. He has me on a small dose of a BP med and that's it. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!
  24. I have a few: Taking flights where I was too embarrassed to ask for a seat belt extender and then spending the whole flight with an open magazine over my lap to hide the fact that my seat belt wouldn't fasten, and then ordering my own extender online as soon as I got home Not being able to kayak on our family lake vacations because I can't fit in the kayak Having to buy and take my own life jacket to the house where we spend our family lake vacation because none of the several already there would fasten or fit around me Sitting in a wooden chair at someone else's house for book club and hearing a crack when I sat down I could go on and on, but those are just a few.