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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. No beach today, rain =[

  2. Feeling pressure in my stomach and esophagus....blah

    1. Daisee68


      Ugh. Sorry. Hate that!

    2. MissKit


      Do you get that often?

  3. Feeling pressure in my stomach and esophagus....blah

  4. You are doing great girl! Don't get frustrated the stall is a normal thing. Your body is regulating so it can loose more =]

  5. I want normal food!

    1. iamjamilyn


      Hi Kit!

      I see you have recently had your sugery and I can relate, but I caution you to becareful. I was sleeved on Oct 8th and I remember eating just a few bites of bread on Halloween and few weeks later...it was Hawaiian Bread with spinanch dip and it was delicious, BUT it was also super painful once it hit my stomach. I was not ready and I just can not forget that feeling...it keeps be so far away from bread these days - which is a good thing, I guess. You will heal and you will be able to expand your diet...it takes time.

      Hang in there, it gets better faster than you think. I had a hard time remembering that this is pretty major surgery, that takes time to heal and I make some mistakes during my recovery. Thankfully nothing major but I did overdo it a bit a few times.


      Good Luck!


    2. MissKit


      Thanks Jami!

      I know that I have to take it slow but that doesn't mean I'm not sick of the same handful of things lol. It will be worth it in the end =]


  6. I want something other than liquid!

    1. jjbowersock


      Chew some gum maybe that will help a bit.

  7. Hoping for a better day!

  8. Wanting the stomach cramps when drinking to GO AWAY!

    1. BLERDgirl


      Try drinking slower and/or adjust the temperature of your water. Some tummies prefer ice cold, some hot, some room temperature.

    2. MissKit


      Thank you for the comment! I drink slow and throughout the day and have tried a number of temps but nothing seems to work, I guess just time.

    3. BLERDgirl


      Sometimes it's just a matter of the new tummy healing. If it persists, or gets worse, contact your doctor to make sure nothing else is going on.

  9. I feel ya sister!!!! Your doing so great though Kate, be proud of yourself!

  10. I'm struggling to get all the water in

    1. jane13


      try using a timer and figure how much up need to skip to finish a particular container. I use the ride to work(45 min) and relatives at 8, 11 and before I go home as markers.

    2. jane13


      don't know how "relative" got into msg. should have been "breaks"

    3. MissKit


      Thank you Jane! I downloaded the app called HY as in hydrated and it reminds me =]

      Good luck girly!!

  11. Craving food that's not liquid!

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    2. Daisee68


      Completely understand your pain but don't give in! Your stomach is healing and you don't want to risk messing that up. Broth was definitely my friend in the very early days. Yummy pureed foods will be here soon enough! ;) You are doing great! You can do this!

    3. MissKit


      I know you are right Daisee, it's pretty bad when I'm really looking forward to, even craving the full liquids lol. I'm vegetarian and the veggie broths just don't have a very satisfying taste.

    4. Djmohr


      I also remember this stage and felt like I had not chewed anything in so long. Then the puréed and soft food stages came. It will get better soon and you will satisfy those cravings. Like Daisee said, don't rush it and you will have great success. Too many people try to jump ahead and their tummies were not ready. Then they gave bigger problems for a lot longer. It will happen soon. Hang in there!

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