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  1. sleeve4086222015

    Current sleevers in Alabama?

    Mobile alabama
  2. sleeve4086222015


    I love your motto: "only choices"! This means, I am fully accountable for what goes into my mouth. I alone bare full responsibility for my actions.
  3. sleeve4086222015

    Severe left side pain 17 mnths out any ideas?

    I have the same thing. Please let me know what is..... I'm going on Nov 15 to my gastric guy, I think my diverticulosis b/c of the peanuts I've been eating.
  4. sleeve4086222015

    June 24th Surgery Date

    I want to keep in touch but I don't know how to check replies.
  5. sleeve4086222015

    Losing 85% of your stomach 4ever

    . What if you get diabetes, cancer, heart disease, immobility, depression because of where you are now? I thought the same thing. Truthfully, I was up to 435 at my highest weight and waited 20 years for something better. At the time, I was 300 lbs. I didn't want to be rerouted, but with the VSG I am getting my life back. Just weigh your options carefully. I am 339.6 and three months out from 408.
  6. sleeve4086222015

    I can't believe this is me! (Boudoir pics)

    Oh my God! You look amazingly thin. You were strikingly beautiful before. Sometimes we forget that because we've been in our fat suits so long and we can't even begin to see our old self as pretty.
  7. sleeve4086222015

    Post op

    Ripe one.....this a journey! You are going to have ups and downs. The end of the road is death. Until then you can and should fight. You took a leap of faith when you had the surgery. Take a leap of faith, a return to the protein, read labels. [no more that 80 carbs a day, no more than five grams of fat in a single item, and no more than 15 grams of sugar in a given item] but forgive yourself for food transgressions and move on! You can do it. My email is sequau@me.com. Let me know how you're doing. You can do it! I'm in the middle. This was taken 4 weeks after surgery at a convention. This is my best friend. She and her husband had weight loss surgery. We are struggling to leave habits that have been ingrained.
  8. sleeve4086222015

    Need vitamin suggestions please

    Anton thank you so much! I hate the Multi-V's stinking all of them. Anton thank you so much! I hate the Multi-V's stinking all of them.
  9. sleeve4086222015

    Is this to much?

    I'm afraid of the same thing. How do you know? I at this last night for dinner. 1 tablespoon each of turnips, rice, sweet potato and 2.5 ounces of pork tenderloins. I'm 10 weeks out.
  10. sleeve4086222015

    First restaurant meal?

    Spinach artichoke Asiago dip w/ tortilla chips, sour cream and salsa. I ate three bites. 1 tortilla skimming the sour cream and salsa. I order a loaded baked potato that never was touched. I gutted it and took it home with the spinach. It took me a week to finish all of that. Oh, I left the chips away along with the the sour cream and salsa at the restaurants.
  11. sleeve4086222015

    Before and After Pics

    You don't! The kind person you were is still there, I'm sure.
  12. sleeve4086222015

    Fell HARD off the wagon ????

    You go girl! Get it for you!
  13. sleeve4086222015

    Ability to Exercise

    Stop! We are all different. We all have one thing in common: food and our relationship. I always love to exercise. So walking 2-3 miles right after surgery was a no brainier. I am exactly 4 weeks out and I took a water aerobics class that had me huffing and puffing before was actually surprisingly easy. So I'm gonna have to bump it up. Don't judge yourself by others' progresses. As one friend says on Fitbit, "Go get it". Get it for you! This is your journey. Increase what you can do at your pace. Don't get discouraged.
  14. How many weeks/months out ?
  15. sleeve4086222015

    Hate chewable multivitamins!

    I'm three almost 4 weeks out.
  16. I detest the "chewables." I've bought several swallows but they are to big. Any suggestions?
  17. sleeve4086222015

    Hate chewable multivitamins!

    All of the above. I just want to swallow at pill. It's easy.
  18. sleeve4086222015

    Fell HARD off the wagon ????

    My mom used to say, the reason why erasers are on the end of pencils and now pens.......because people make mistakes. Keep moving! It was a bump. Make your surgery, your energy, and time count. Girl, you got 45 lbs to slay! Rrrrrrrh!
  19. sleeve4086222015

    When your BFF doesn't support you...

    Maybe your bff needs time to process your decision. Your relationship WILL change, but not necessarily for the worse. Who wants or likes change. We are usually forced into change, right? Since you are both nurses, she also sees the "possible" complications, pitfalls, and pain that these types of surgeries entail. Don't write her off. She is your bff!

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