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    Which Exercises?

    Was told by my doctor to do weights to help tone and not to much cardio and to walk
  2. Yes the people that did this and went home the same day. They are strong! I do admire them! But please don't be afraid, I tend to get a little worked up before things like this and try to back out , change my mind you name it! Educate yourself!! From good sources! Ask questions!
  3. as you are reading I am sure you see everyone is different. I have had 2 surgery's on my stomach area, so this was not my first. I had a lapband and a few other things done in 2003. 2012 i had a partial hysterectomy and a bladder sling. and now July 1 ,2015 had band to sleeve revision and Hiatal hernia repair. all 3 were about the same, big big thing! WALK, as soon as you can and like someone else said walk as much as you can and don't stop walking (well to rest ) I had never had the gas pain until this surgery. and I had bad shoulder pain from the Hiatal hernia repair. and the thing that made them both better was walking! and getting in your fluids! listen to your body and your doctor and you will be fine. don't get scared! I have let people do that to me in the past, don't be afraid because of things people tell you. Listen to your doctor , ask questions and educate yourself. You will be good and remember to walk and sip , walk and sip! I was in hospital one day and back to work in 7 days, I am 28 days out, and I do get tired sometimes. but pretty much have not stopped since 3 days after surgery. I am going on and moving forward! One step at a time! good luck!!!!
  4. One night for me! band to sleeve revision. had my Lap Band for 12 years! I also feel like I can't wake up from surgery. I had surgery at 1030am and finally was awake around 430pm same day, I got up walked about 20 feet and went back to the bed for a nap, that went on for quite a while, up walk a bit and right back to bed, i couldn't hold my eyes open. I finally asked for them to completely stop my pain meds, and then I was able to keep my eyes open. The next day I was up and walking much better!! Doctor came in at 11 am said you can go home and I openly said NO. I don't think I can. He gave me 2 shots, one was a steroid the other I am not sure, and he said I bet when I call back at 3pm you will be ready to go home. I thought he was nuts!!! Well guess what, I went home at 5 that day. I wanted my bed, and he was right I felt so much better! I was afraid to go home so soon and I was fine, there was no reason to be afraid, I went home , i followed directions and I was fine. My BFF had the same thing band to sleeve the year before she stayed in hospital 2 days, and she said she could have went home the next day as well. with all that being said, I am glad i stayed 1 night. Because of the pain meds. I couldn't stay awake or listen to directions. That is the other thing, the pain was very manageable! and I have NO pain tolerance! I am a cry baby I wont lie! Good Luck!!
  5. ReaderGirl


    Nylaj, I do use pinterest and have found a few things on there, I tend to get stuck in a rut and eat the same thing over and over! So just looking for what everyone else does! for a varieties or things I have not thought of? I will check the this blog, I just need to see or hear ... then of course I say " why didn't i think of that" thanks for the information!!
  6. Any other ideas ....??? I am in need of high protein high fiber low carb things to get, not just the same ol same ol stuff.. any other people have anything? love to hear what you eat?
  7. ReaderGirl


    I have a question. I recently was told by my NUT to try the Fairlife Milk, I finally found it at the store. I got skim milk as that is what I drink to begin with. I checked the date before I purchased and of course it is good for many weeks. My problem was when I opened the container it smelled really bad. I checked the date. Poured into a glass, ok really doesn't smell. Tasted it. Tasted fine. I asked my husband to taste as my taste buds have been all over the place since surgery. he said nope its good. then I got him to smell when the container was opened! it is so bad the smell... is this just me? Is it just the container?? Has anyone else noticed this? I was using a cheap blender too! The only thing driving me nuts is I am washing it all the time, so I purchased a Nutri Bullet because it has many small mixing \ blending containers with it! I tried it out last night it works pretty good. I use unjury and premier shakes and unflavored Protein powder! I do like blender bottle's for shakes too, and that way I take them to work with me and on the go. and I love the containers that go on the bottom of the bottles that hold your protein powders or Vitamins etc. I need food idea's so I am hoping more people reply. Good Luck!
  8. We have always talked about how many pill commercials there is, but now I have too been realizing just how many food commercials there are. And my husband told me to stop torturing myself , and when I told him "man that looks good" he changed the channel on the TV.. He said you don't even like that kind of food! And I didn't but before on the 2 week pre op liquid diet and the after surgery diet, I wanted just anything at that point. I am now 27 days out, my weight loss is very slow. I had the Lap Band for 12 years, and I am pretty sure my system is like WTH is going on right now! That is what I keep telling myself anyway, I pray that things will keep going and progressing forward. I pray this works and I finally lose my weight and get to goal! I am now learning to eat again, things I was unable to eat for a long time with the Lap Band even. I want to eat everything still but not letting myself! I am enjoying the things I can eat right now, as the liquid diet has taught me things can be worse! I could still be on liquids! I am watching less and less of TV, I find something to do! Something that requires me to move! Good luck everyone!
  9. ReaderGirl

    Fitbit Users

    i need the motivation Jefferypatricia@aol.com
  10. I have BCBS in Texas of course wouldn't pay for my revision so I did self pay.
  11. ReaderGirl

    VSG after long term band removal?

    I am sorry I think I would go to a different doctor. With questions and those kinds of answers, I would go find a new doctor that will answer with real answers. Sorry just my opinion. I am past the point of asking doctors and getting terrible or no answers. After my mother having cancer last year and passing away, I have learned to not be afraid to ask the questions and get answers or move on.
  12. HI VDLT, Just a summary, I was banded in Sept. of 2003. Have had my band for 12 years. I am 5'3, I get you on the short thing! Would do anything to be 3 inches taller! anyway, I just read your post and I totally get you. I was 241 when I had my lapband, I did at one point make it to 185 after going thru a very bad divorce, which will make anyone loose weight and then put more weight on. I have been filled and unfilled so many times it was unreal. I felt like just give it to me I can do my own fill, that's how many I had. I never got the "sweet spot" I just threw up everything thing that went in my mouth, good , bad or ugly for the last 10 years. 2 years ago I went to my doctor(actually a new doctor, my doctor had moved away and referred us to a nearby doctor, which now I see was a good thing.)anyway I had him take all my Fluid out. I was having a surgery and wanted to be able to swallow pills and eat. The new doctor said you just need this out , it doesnt work you need the sleeve. I went home and said nope I can deal with this. so I did that. at that point I was up to 225, after 2 years of unfill I gained 5 pounds up to 230.i was throwing up less, still unable to eat beef pork or white meat chicken. and still getting sick about once a week, well that was better than I was used to. so I dealt with it. I was actually thinking I can do this without surgery, I tried for 6 months, doctor approved diet etc etc. well 6 months later I weigh 231. I said that's it. I went back to the surgeon's office in April of this year and said. I want this. I am ready. and he had no problem at all. after the scope he found, I had a hitatial hernia, he can't prove but pretty sure it is from the band. I had gastritis, I also had the infection called h pylori. my throat and stomach was bright red, it was not pretty.so I went thru everything he wanted, test , talked with the NUT's and all the test. I did the 2 week pre op diet. I had surgery on July 1st .... 9 days ago. he removed the band, fixed the hernia and did the sleeve. all at one time. he said I had some scar tissue but it wasn't bad , and was glad I got the band out. He is very sure that I will do great , his office and staff are a great support system and are very encouraging and want you to come back and if you have problems they are there. I also was cash paying! my insurance paid a little bit for the hernia to be repaired. but honestly I paid 14,362.00 for my surgery. and that is ok. I am worth it. My health is worth it. save the money, take a loan do what you have to do. you will not regret it. the first 2 days were hard, and I got nervous, but I did what they told me and now I am 9 days out. and I am actually at work right now on my lunch break. today was my first day back to a desk job. but you can do it. and should do it. I do not regret this! and you will not either. my best friend and I were banded together me in 2003 and her in 2004. she did her sleeve July 2014 (all one surgery too, she used a different doctor than me. she actually used DR Garth from my 600# life the tv show) and I did mine this July 2015. and we both do not regret it at all. there is no reason to live like that with the band. I am not sure where you are located, I am near Houston Texas and we have great doctors here. I have seen people talk about doctors not doing this at one time. unless you have a lot of other problems I don't get it. it was easy and things went smoothly. Find a doctor you like, and do it. you won't regret it. The band worked for some but not for everyone, I recently read some where on this board a link to a medical report that said the band had a 80% failure rate. its not you its the band, get something that works. and talk with a good doctor, and get your health back! hope this helps at least a little bit!!!!
  13. ReaderGirl

    Eating 8 days out?

    I am out on Day 9. I also had a lapband ( I was banded in 2003) and was revised to the Sleeve. I am on 14 days of full liquids and then 2 weeks pureed food then 2 weeks of soft food, then on to real food...I hope! I don't think the doctor is strict I think it is smart. and I also did a 2 week pre op liquid diet. I am able since Day 6 to know drink up to 64 ozs of Water a day. and can drink about 6 to 8 ozs of liquid before I am full. I am wanting some real food, but also having been thru all of this before with my Lapband, I know it will come in time and no need to rush. But I am dreaming of the day I get to try a piece of steak....being I have not had steak , pork or white chicken meat in about 12 years! but I have waited this long, I can wait a little longer. be patient and give your body time to heal.
  14. ReaderGirl

    Liquid Diet

    on day 8 ... last night was the toughest ever! its better today, I am just sticking to it? At least the days seems to be going by pretty fast. I was staring in the pantry last night, thinking oh lord I want something, then I would go find something to do and then my head would tell me "its time to eat" and I was just going around and around last night. Its in my head, I wasn't starving, I just wanted to chew something! the head hunger can be bad, but I am not hungry, I think if I had something besides liquids it would be better of course. But only a few more days and surgery will be here. I keep telling myself I made it this far! Good luck everyone ... Keep it up!
  15. ReaderGirl

    July sleevers?

    Sunshinetinaz where are you having your surgery at ? I am in houston? Ib Dobt think I had seen nelse with our date either? Are you on a pre op liquid diet right now? I am and on day 6 of 14!!!
  16. ReaderGirl

    Liquid Diet

    Roseluv3 how are you doing with your liquids? I am on day 6 and everyone is still alive here, it did get better at the end of day 33 and day 4 got a lot better. Iam very tired of shakes all ready I am getting like in but lord they are not wonderful...but iam doing them and yes the unjury chicken soup is such a good one to switch up all the sweet with! Good luck everyone!!!!
  17. ReaderGirl

    Liquid Diet

    I am on Day 3 of 14 day liquid diet. And I have to say I am very proud, I have not been ugly to anyone and I have not chewed their arm off for their food! Really it isn't too bad, some of it is habit, I am now realizing how much food was playing a part in my every day activities. So like others, I stay busy during the day at work, it is when I get home, lucky for me it is just my husband and myself and he doesn't care what he eats, he will happily eat a sandwhich. So I don't have to cook when I go home, but I have a lot of extra time in the evenings so I have to find things to do. But I am getting a lot done! that is a good thing!
  18. ReaderGirl

    Liquid Diet

    Rosev3, well I have made it to 1:15 pm on Day 1 and I have not chewed off anyone's arm or taken there food , here at work! but I am following my plan drinking as it states, trying to stay ahead of the starving feeling. Day 3... let me know if in the next day or two if things get better on the liquids...that's what I keep hearing! Good Luck!
  19. ReaderGirl

    caffeine withdrawal

    I just had a coworker read me her spark label, it is sugar free but has caffeine.
  20. ReaderGirl

    July sleevers?

    Love your quote Kate!!!
  21. I just had my last meal... I didn't do it because I won't be able to eat them again. I did it because I know I am not going to have solid crunchy food for a while. a good long while! I have not lost any weight just a few pounds back and forth, but I didn't gain anything! But I just had Mexican food at my favorite place, I made my hubby brave "Tropical Storm Bill" so I could go , and tonight for the first time, nothing tasted good and I ate even less than normal. I have a Lapband, have had it since 2003, so I have been unable to eat a meal for 12 years without getting "sick", tonight was no exception! But I am looking forward to not doing that any more!!! And I so looking forward to eating normal! So I did have a food funeral in a way, but I am looking forward to making my goal this time. Making a life style change, and getting healthy once and for all!!!! Enjoy your food funerals and don't go back to that way of eating! Or only in moderation, I have been changing the way I eat due to health problems. And the fact I want to live a long and healthy life! Good Luck everyone!
  22. ReaderGirl

    caffeine withdrawal

    I am having problems with coffee already ... I have tried to have only decaf for the last 4 days, and I have not had a headache, but I am so super tired, and sleepy without my little boost of coffee in the morning, I am not a coffee fen but have 2 cups every morning, and this is hard, I decided to have a drink of black coffee today, very strong at work, and just the sip, was enough I didn't want any more. i normally have cream and splenda, and that straight strong, was enough it was gross! I was hoping it would stop the craving and it did!
  23. ReaderGirl

    Liquid Diet

    I believe I was truly meant to see this post, I start my 2 week pre op diet first thing in the morning, and I just finished my last meal, came home and packed my "lunch" for tomorrow and decided to see what I could read before I get ready for bed. My husband and I live east of Houston, and I just made my husband go out in the "storm" so I could have my favorite thing Mexican food, for my last meal. I have not and did not pig out tonight, matter of fact I did really good, except for the chips and green sauce I had. That was my cheat. I have the Lap Band and I am being revised to the sleeve on July 1st. I have had my band since 2003. So I did a 3 day liquid diet before my band, but no where as strict as the liquid diet I will start tomorrow! I do am very worried about the next few weeks, but my BFF did this same thing last year and she keeps telling me after the first 4 days it gets easier, and I can believe that, just worried about those first 4 days!!! Now that I am done rambling, I just want to say, thank you... Just reading your post encouraging Roseluv3 and others, has also made me feel like I can do this! Here we go!!
  24. ReaderGirl

    July sleevers?

    Hi, I am also having the sleeve on July 1st , here in Houston, Texas. I have the Lap Band, I have had my band since September 2003 and have now decided to get the sleeve. After reading a post on this thread, I realized I am closer than I realized to my date! And ready to get this done!

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